Advanced Laugher classes now in Toronto

I want – I got reader Albert emailed about his new Laughter Therapy workshop on Toronto.
Laughercize class in Toronto

Don’t Agonize, Laughercize

Can we practice joy?
Yes, apparently.
That’s the idea behind a new form of Advanced Laugher workshops called Laughercize.
Laughercize is a new combination of Laugher-Yoga, Improv Theater and Martial Arts where laughter is practiced as an art. Laughercize relies on new science which claims laughter has remarkable and often ignored health benefits.

Laughing Benefits

Albert Nerenberg, the director who leads the 1 month workshop says he developed the method while working on a TV documentary about laughing while studying laughter yoga and that it’s a blast.

Albert Nerenberg

Laugher Yoga was developed originally developed in India by Doctor Madan Kataria whose innovation was revealing that even pointless laughter is really good for you. Advanced Laughter which combines Theatre, Martial arts and Laughter Yoga is Laughercize – it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Laughercize – Advanced Laugher begins March 6th at the Centre for the Arts and costs $150.

Contact: 416-926-8886
Or email –

By Anita Clarke

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