Month: May 2007

i want…

Beatrix Ong shoes I discovered Beatrix Ong through Cool Hunting post, who discovered it through the ever so cool, Refinery 29. Cool shoes are never sold in Canada, sigh. They are pretty much everywhere else in the world, even Moscow! This is one amazing summer sandal. I wonder if I can find something similar in Toronto.

i want: Rings from Boucheron

Rings from Boucheron I’m in love with these rings from the expensive French company Boucheron. I’m not quite sure of the pricing but I know nothing on this site starts below 380 Euros. Starfish Ring My favourite is the snake ring. I like snakes though. Hedgehog ring. No authorized retailers in Canada but there is a Boucheron store in San Francisco at 230 Post Street. images: Boucheron

Björk: Beauty Icon on

Check out the photos for Beauty Icon feature with Björk. This above pic is Bjork at 10. Is that not freaking adorable. Could you imagine that 10 year old belting it out, gives me shivers. You have to admit this picture of Björk in the swan dress is amazing. Look at those legs. Check out the Earth Intruders video if you haven’t yet. images:

I need a good tagline

I’m really crappy at creating these things. I still really like “I want this, I want that. I got this, I got that.” but that doesn’t really say anything. I’ve changed the layout a little bit and the tagline is one thing I’ve changed, but I’m looking for better. Can any of you think of something that covers all everything that I want – I got is in a sentence?

Kate Moss Topshop

Kate Moss Topshop Like most celebrity clothing lines I am bored with Kate Moss’s Topshop venture. I do like this dress though. What do you guys think of the line? It seems like a lot of hype for pretty boring clothes. And isn’t the midriff thing dead yet? EDIT: Catwalk Queen live blogged the whole event and shows us some of the outfits on real people. I’m not dissing the people here, I’m dissing the clothes, so let’s get that straight first. The dress I like (above) doesn’t stand up to the reality factor. Check out the other looks – striped hotpants and waistcoat, chiffon one-shoulder dress and halter mini and the floral dress & red jeans with video also. I find the formal dresses particularly bad, especially the one with the vest. ANOTHER EDIT: gives their verdict on the white one-shoulder dress. Susie Stylebubble adds her 2 cents on the line

Coach is coming to the Eaton Centre

I was walking through the Eaton Centre to see that a Coach *shudders violently* store is opening up in the Eaton Centre. I hate Coach with a passion but I’m sure a lot of my readers feel the opposite. I trolled the Coach website to find something I like for an image and the best I could do was this super cute turtle keychain. image:

Will you be buying Lululemon stock?

It’s finally happened, Lululemon is going public. I found a article from Yahoo News – Athletic apparel maker Lululemon to use IPO to fund store expansion. Lululemon will be registered in the US. They have plans to expand their menswear business in the near future and add more stores to the US and Canada. In 2005, owner Chip Wison sold 48 per cent of his stake in the company to a group of private-equity investors led by Advent International Corp.

i want… The Clothing Show edition – Moonrox

In honour of the Clothing Show (May 5- 6, 2007) I will featuring my favourite designers that you can find at the show. This special “i want…” features Moonrox. Moonrox jewelery has been featured on I want – I got previously and I also interviewed designer Monique Chan on blogTO. I’m in love with this bracelet, it screams summertime to me. All photos are from Monique’s new collection.