Sorry about the lack of posts this past week

IMGP5962It’s been a crazy hectic week. I’ve been planning my vacation in Whistler (I am writing this from there now on my new Asus eee pc) and getting work commitments done.

However, since I’m now mobile you’ll get all the updates on my vacation in real time instead of a week later. It’s 1pm westcoast time and it’s messing with my head a bit. I still have a full day to do stuff.

The World Cup is happening on the mountain so there will be no skiing today as it’s quite busy. I’m hoping for a big dumping of snow while I’m here.

Look for more pictures during the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some ski style shots while I’m out here, but I don’t expect much.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.

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  1. that’s the problem, we can’t stay offline for even for a day, and even on our vacation.

    we just got to have another PDA, or a 14 generation of Iwhatever.

    Where are were the good old days where you had to carry a list of phone numbers in your pocket?

    don’t eat that yellow snow.

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