Holt Renfrew interviews Victoria Beckham

The newly designed Holt Renfrew site now has content. It seems they are going for the Net-a-Porter model but without the online shopping aspect. Overall it’s a big step in the right direction, although there are some aspects of the website that I absolutely detest, that’s for another post.

Holt Renfrew: What was the inspiration behind dVb by Victoria Beckham?
Victoria Beckham: I’ve always collected denim and I could never find a pair of jeans that fit me particularly well. As a woman, you want something that fits relatively tight on the leg but big enough on the waist. [dVb jeans] are incredibly simple and basic: you can wear them with flip-flops or heels.

Perhaps there is a reason you can’t find jeans that fit you Victoria. Read the rest of the interview on

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