The Creation Of Toronto’s Mille Femmes by Maraval

YouTube – The Creation Of Toronto’s Mille Femmes by Maraval

Making Of – Co-produced by Luminato and Lancôme, Toronto’s Mille Femmes by Maraval will capture the inner-beauty and unique personalities of the inspirational women who embody the passion, heritage and inspiration behind Toronto’s artistic community.

Toronto’s Mille Femmes is a tribute to 1,000 artistic, creative and inspiring women from Toronto and their protégés, who embody the passion and heritage of the city. Architects, actors, dancers, designers, journalists, musicians and others have been chosen in recognition of their achievements and leadership in their field. Joined together, the 1,000 portraits will become a visual network, a chain of recognition that celebrates not only an extraordinary community of women, but also the creative character and diversity of Toronto.

Video Directed By Stephane Cocke

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