Month: January 2009

i want: David Yurman Sunglasses

David Yurman Sunglasses I went to the preview of the new David Yurman eyewear line at Josephson Opticians who will be carrying the entire collection exclusively across Canada until end of March 2009. David Yurman is a famous jeweler who is taking the spirit of the jewelry collection and infusing it into the eyewear market. The result are really beautiful glasses that cost a pretty penny. The ones in this picture are about $1000.

Alexander Wang made me cry Oh My God aloud and breathlessly

I was browsing the Alexander Wang site for a video of the Spring 2009 collection. There were pictures of the collection but no video, so I decided to browse and found the accessories. I had to check out the shoes. I saw the video in February and the shoes looked insane. (The runway music is pretty kick ass in this show) The title of this post is pretty much link bait, but it’s actually true. These shoes are insane!!!!!

Ask a Geek: Where to get Hunter Welly Socks

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want – I got commenter, Deb wrote in the post Canadian supplier of Hunter Wellington Boots: Where I can I buy the Hunter socks for my wellies? I’ve seen the Hunter socks at Little Burgundy and Getoutside for sure in Toronto. I believe you can order them from the Getoutside site also. Good luck on the hunt. EDIT: Heel Boy carries Hunter socks also. – Feb 23, 2009

i want…

Swatch – Live And Let Die (1973) Swatch is doing watches with a James Bond theme. I love the Live and Let Die watch. About Baron Samedi The legendary figure of Baron Samedi is a mischief-maker who both tempts and punishes humans. Dr. Kananga employs a man who claims to be Baron Samedi to instill fear in his minions and to protect his thousands of acres of poppy fields.

geekiviews: Lancome Pink Irreverence Spring 2009

Before the holiday break I was send a package that contained the new Lancome Pink Irreverence Spring 2009 collection. I really did squeal when I opened the package, black and pink OMG. This is the first collection with the new make-up Artistic Director, Aaron De Mey. This collection is cantered on a radical duo of strong colours: pure fuchsia, in homage to the emblematic rose, and sparkling black, inspired by the volcanic sands of Piha Beach in New Zealand, from where Aaron De Mey originates. “I love opposites and extremes, the clash of colours and textures”, explains Aaron De Mey. “I chose this vibrant fuchsia as a tribute to the Lancôme rose. As for Piha Black, apart from the black-sanded beaches where I grew up, this colour also echoes a multitude of references which have influenced my work: the punk culture of London in the 70s, the smoky eyes of Marlene Dietrich who created her own black by burning a cork …” Price list from left to right in above photo: Le Vernis – Piha …

Market research – Tokyo, Monocle December, 2008

Market research – Tokyo Although not part of its cultural tradition, Japan fully embraces the fun – and commercial spirit – of Christmas. As the festive season draws nearer, Monocle’s house model hits the streets to fill his basket for a toasty night with an equally hot companion. Monocle’s male editorials are my favourite right now. See previous.

i want…

Raphael Young shoes How can you not resist a shoe inspired by Icarus. Spring 2009, inspired by the samurai, looks like it will be just as interesting. See more photos from the Fall Winter 2008 collection. images: and SS09 Preview images via Dazed Digital | S/S 09 Accessories Preview: Shoe Gazing

geekiviews: Diorshow Mascara

Diorshow Mascara You might remember my last run in with blue mascara. I bought the Cargo stuff in April and I promptly threw it out in the fall. I was left without for a few months and decided to give the Diorshow Mascara in Blue Azure a shot. I had received a tester of some kind of Dior mascara at a fashion event and loved it. Things I like about Diorshow The colour. It’s a great blue that’s not too bright The brush is massive It’s waterproof It doesn’t flake Things I don’t like It took 3 coats to achieve the look in the above picture It wasn’t easy putting the mascara on. You really had to wiggle that brush to get the product on the lashes. I really want Ôscillation by Lancôme to come in blue. Overall, I like the product and it produces quality results even though those results are difficult to achieve. If the Ôscillation comes out with Blue it’s all over for Diorshow; it lengthens and curls without the need of …

i got: A CDN Spirit Down Jacket

It was starting to get cold in Toronto and I needed a puffy down jacket. I have a lot of wool jackets that require way too many layers in the winter. I wanted a jacket that I could wear without a lot of layers. My ski jacket is down, but it’s not long enough. It happened to be Buy Local Week when I started to I decided that I would buy a Canadian made jacket. My choices were slim, Canada Goose or CDN Spirit. I decided on the Cdn Spirit because Canada Goose is just too expensive, double the price. I’m very, very happy with my purchase. The jacket is super warm and the fleece cuffs are a nice touch and keeps the wind from blowing up my sleeves. Cdn Spirit is carried by Sporting Life and Holly’s Fashions. I got mine at the Holly’s Fashion shop in the TD Centre. The picture isn’t the best because I’m pretty lazy right now and can’t be bothered to take one.

i want…

Jonathan Kelsey shoes These boots have a armadillo quality to them that I enjoy. When I was in NYC for the Spring 2008 collections I remember picking up a pair of Jonathan’s shoes to try on. They didn’t have my size and I had no idea how much they cost at that point or I wouldn’t have bothered. Jonthan Kelsey is available at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street.

I want – I got 2008, a year in review

Here are the noteworthy moments on I want – I got in 2008 according to me, your humble Editor, Anita. Chloe and I played in the changeroom of Holts. Vogue Patterns by Steven Meisel blew me away Blogging Whistler. Day to day updates with photos. Hoping to do it again in 2009. blog.mode the MET’s blog I saw some Spice Girls in Holt Renfrew Sasha in French Vogue Prada Spring 2008 James Jean Lookbook I scanned. I grabbed the lookbook from the Prada store on Bloor Street L’Oreal Fashion Week Fall 2008 and Spring 2009. I stepped up the coverage on I want – I got for the Spring 2009 shows. The Buy Design Ad Campaign and party. I was in Fashion Magazine, pretty cool. Italian Vogue – I wrote a few posts or three on the subject FAT 2008 Media days at the ROM.. The ROM loves me and I love it. Seeing Eleven Minutes with Final Fashion OMG, freaking VEGAS! DOUBLE OMG!!! Mille Femmes. I’m one of the Top 10 Toronto Style Cliques. …

geekiviews: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil

This edition of geekiviews features a guest blogger, The Grumpy Owl. He’s a guy and the Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil is for men. So it made sense that he review it instead of me. I hate oiling up my body. It’s the sort of the thing that one should have a person for. Preferably young, buxom and foreign. So, when Geekigirl gave me a plastic vial of Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil, I viewed the product with some trepidation. Oil is bad enough but shaving is worse. The last time I combined the two, I spent an entire weekend cleaning hair, blood and assorted perfumes from my sheets. It was not an experience I was looking to repeat. But geekigirl quickly explained that I was to use this product to shave myself. Specifically, my face. While alone. I might not like oil or shaving but I do love my face. So I decided to give this shaving oil a whirl. Having used it for the past few weeks, I now feel competent to review …