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Greta Constantine Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010


The Greta Constantine Ready to Wear Fall 2009 – 2010 show as held at The Courthouse. I had been hearing good things from Kirk and Stephen for months. I got a look at the fabric swatches in the fall, but I never saw the collection. I would have to wait to see this so called amazing collection. So, I’ve been on pins and needles for months wondering what the boys will come up with. I was hearing about dresses named after people I know and how freaking stunning they are.


There was some logistical problems getting into the venue due to all the people there. It’s an interesting venue but I heard if you didn’t have a seat you didn’t see anything. The room had high ceilings and it was a little dark. I was talking with one of the Holts crew and she likened the atmosphere to a Miu Miu show, which was very accurate. The runway was a problem too. There was a section where I was sitting that was wood and incredibly sticky with resin. Many a model got stuck there and we though we might have to save some from falling.


The collection itself lived up to all the hype in my mind. Kirk and Stephen broke down the jersey dress stereotype and added a lot of separates: hot kimono style jackets; fantastic slim pants in black and silver;structured jackets and architectural dresses. The jersey dress was there but now included a black sheer layer over top. The way they looked while moving was stunning. Then came the seatbelt based pieces, my pictures don’t do them justice at all!


They also surprised the hell out of everyone by throwing a small collection of menswear. My jaw dropped, they usually send the boys out in speedos for eyecandy. The best part, the menswear is awesome!

I loved the collection and want every piece. Well, almost every piece, I still don’t think I can do the gold leopard print jumpsuits. The Star did a great job with their video of the show. I was impressed and you should check it out. Now, if they only allowed embedding of their video, that would be awesome.

My photos can be seen in the slideshow. I also have a short video of the final pass with the guys that I will post soon.