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Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle

It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the Fall Winter 2012 Perfecto Mag Street Style video. I’ve been dying for it to come out and here it is. It’s amazing how it all came together. There was hair and makeup, styling, still shots and video clips.

Most of the clothing from the video is my own. I’ve taken some screengrabs to break it down.

Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle
Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle

80% of the time I’m wearing some kind of Prada sunglasses. Here I’m sporting the Minimal Baroque.

Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle
Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle

Ahh the pants, a random Versace x H&M find. They look great on camera.

Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle
Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle

One of my favourite clutches bought from my favourite (now closed) stores, Chasse Gardee. I can’t remember where I bought the ring, probably Obsessions. The Hermès bracelet is paired with one from Lia Sophia (courtesy of Lia Sophia). Nails are gold by Essie.

Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle
Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle

The shoes are my replacement Camilla Skovgaard’s. They look really great in the video. I was standing on a small brick wall in the Front and Church intersection at the time. It was funny shooting there with everyone gawking.

Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle
Perfecto Fall Winter 2012 Streetstyle

The jacket isn’t mine. It’s beautiful and it’s Greta Constantine. I love it. The white button up is from Joe Fresh.

Thank you so much Diego, May and Kristjan for asking me to be part of this Perfecto Mag joint!

Video: Istoica
Beauty Director: Kristjan Hayden for Aveda Canada / Plutino Group
Beauty: Aveda Canada
Production: Diego Armand, May Truong, Kristjan Hayden
Styling: Colleen Henman
Assistants: Abdi Omer and Jill Lerner
Music: “Let me Out” feat. Alixe Turner by Grandtheft (U-Tern Remix) // Plant Music

Clothing: Line knitwear, Jacflash, Topshop at The Bay, H&M, Equipment, Cheap Monday, American Apparel, Libertine Libertine, True Religion, Rich and Skinny, BB Dakota & Joie.
Models: Kate Corbett, Adrien Reynolds, Michelle Mylett, Tala Kamea, Anita Clarke, Nati Vanstone, Karen Roze, Nitasha Goel, Robert Weir, Michael Madjus, Sarah Colford, Stephanie Ayoub, Cheryl Kozoriz, Kristina Bozzo, Melanie Bozzo, Noriko Kasai, Ashley Rowe, Rui Mateus Amaral, Andrea Beechey, Mona Koochek, Amanda Lew Kee, Dwayne Kennedy, Beatrix Pausey, Leilanni Todd, Siena Pao & Colleen Henman.

TEFW – Dare To Wear Love at LG Fashion Week

Dare to Wear Love Pat McDonagh sketch
Dare to Wear Love Pat McDonagh sketch

I’m really excited about the Dare to Wear Love show on October 23th at LG Fashion Week. It’s one of my highlights.

Do you dare? For the first time ever, Hoax Couture and the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) are partnering with the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) to produce a fashion-forward, cause-driven and meaningful closing night show with Canada’s top designers at LG Fashion Week beauty by L’Oréal Paris. The goal is to leverage the power of the Canadian fashion and entertainment communities to raise awareness and funds for the SLF as it works to support communities that are affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Starting at 9 p.m. on Friday, October 23, a star-studded audience will experience the Dare to Wear Love show, full of beautiful fashion, dance and music inspired by Africa. The multi-faceted collaboration is the largest public dare of the SLF’s new fundraising initiative A Dare to Remember. Recently launched, the nationwide initiative challenges Canadians to take on dares of all kinds to raise awareness and funds for the grassroots organizations in Africa that are on the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic.

“The fashion and entertainment communities in Canada will provide a unique voice for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s new initiative with the Dare to Wear Love show,” said Jim Searle of Hoax Couture. “This show integrates high fashion and a truly important cause, and with the designers using gorgeous African fabric to create the garments, it promises to be a captivating evening.”

More than 25 top designers, including Lida Baday, Brian Bailey, Brose, Pam Chorley, Wayne Clark, Comrags, David Dixon, Evan Biddell, Farley Chatto, Greta Constantine, Izzy Camilleri, Linda Lundström, Lucian Matis, Ross Mayer, Jason Meyers, Price Roman, and many more, have committed to Hoax Couture’s dare to create luxe gowns made of rich, eye-catching fabrics sourced from African communities who work with the SLF. Each designer will be asked to have their own family, friends and supporters sponsor this dare with the goal of raising $50,000 for the SLF. Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell of Hoax Couture will also personally ask the fashion community to get involved by making a donation to this cause at .

I was send a digital package that contained some images of the prints that the designers will be using.

Dare to Wear Love PrintDare to Wear Love Print

Dare to Wear Love Print

Dare to Wear Love PrintDare to Wear Love Print

It also included some sketches from 4 of the 25 designers. I can’t wait to see these in person and what the others come up with.

Dare to Wear Love Ines Di Santo sketch
Dare to Wear Love Ines Di Santo sketch
Dare to Wear Love Hoax Couture sketch
Dare to Wear Love Hoax Couture sketch
Dare to Wear Love Comrags Sketch
Dare to Wear Love Comrags Sketch

The creations that the designers present will be auctioned off at a later time. The money will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

images: Courtesy of Rockit Promo

The Last Gay Bash

It was the end of an era, the final Gay Bash was held on June 28, 2009. Gay Bash was the party where everyone from the House of Helder got together and danced, drank and ate. It was always fun seeing what the kids were up to style-wise and catching some impromptu dance routines. The last installment was no different. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

IMGP4044 IMGP4045 IMGP4098 IMGP4050 IMGP4051 IMGP4126 IMGP4058 IMGP4067 IMGP4081 IMGP4053 IMGP4120 IMGP4049 IMGP4124 IMGP4102

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Fashion House From Runway to Hallway

Fashion House is a condo building that is located around Brand and King Street West. It has housed a couple fashion parties in the past. They asked 11 Canadian designers to create interiors for the floors of the building.

Celebrate the best in Canadian fashion in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District. Eleven of Canada’s premier fashion designers have added their personal touches to the floors of Fashion House and will be on hand to toast Toronto’s first, award-winning fashion / condo project. This is your chance to mix, mingle and immerse yourself in all that is made-to-measure and ready to dwell. Fashion House – impeccable style from the inside, out.

The party was a mix of designers, media, Holt Renfrew staff, unit owners and developer friends. The Holt Renfrew connection is through the Unit Holder contest. If you buy a unit you have a chance to win a $100,000 shopping spree at Holt Renfrew. That’s some serious coin to go through.

Beckerman Fashion House
Bustle - Fashion House
Joeffer Caoc Fashion House
Joeffer Caoc
Jenny Bird - Fashion House
Jenny Bird
Greta Constantine - Fashion House
Andy Thê-Anh - Fashion House
Andy Thê-Anh

I loved Andy Thê-Anh board. The dress is made from wood. It’s beautiful.

Jay Godfrey - Fashion House
Jay Godfrey
Jeremy Laing Fashion House
Jeremy Laing

I’m very intrigued by Jeremy’s print choice.

Smythe - Fashion House
Dean Davidson - Fashion House
Dean Davidson
Mikhael Kale Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Mikhael Kale

I also have a couple people snaps

Beckmans and Jay Godfrey
The Beckermans and Jay Godfrey

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Natalie and Me

I felt that Dean Davidson, Jay Godfrey, Jenny Bird and Greta Constantine boards were the most clear. Many of the others were very conceptual and I couldn’t get my head around how it would translate. I felt all the boards needed some labeling. It was hard to figure out whose was who and it was only after talking to some of the designers I figured it out.

The best part of the night was when Yasmine Warsame introduced herself and her son to me. I was in total shock! She’s amazing.

Check out the slideshow, I have some more photos of the designer boards.

I want – I got 4 years strong.


I want – I got is 54 years old today. It blows my mind that I’m still doing this. It’s a good thing of course and I’m still enjoying myself.

I thought you’d get a kick out of my first ever post which explains the concept of the site. It’s amazing to see what has happened in the 4 years since the concept I threw together without thinking has conceived.


Lot’s of things have changed since I wrote that. In 2006, I started writing for blogTO and that got me entrenched in the Toronto fashion scene. During that time I want – I got’s popularity was rising. In spring 2009, I resigned from blogTO to make I want – I got my number one priority. My writing for blogTO had been dwindling over the last year. Working fulltime and dealing with I want – I got resulted in a lot of priority changes. I knew it was time to move on.

So, I’m hoping for continued success with I want – I got over the rest of 2009. You can check out my review of 2008. 2009 has been interesting so far with speaking at PodCamp and the upcoming FashionCamp, the Anita Dress and my upcoming window display at Holt Renfrew stores. June 26th people, take a look at your closest Holts – more info to come.

EDIT: Ya, I can’t count apparently, it’s only been 4 years. I feel like such a complete moron. I’m surprised no one noticed. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine held a Trunk Show in Toronto on Friday and Saturday. I stopped by Saturday and grabbed some snaps of the crew.

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup - The Greta Constantine Crew
Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup - Cutest photo ever.

Kirk and Stephen were on hand to meet with customers and fans. I’m told the event was successful.

Check out the back of this Greta Constantine dress.
Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew. Holt’s is also carrying the Anita Dress in Navy Blue and Red Belt.

I have a dress named after me…

Yes, you read that heading right. I do have a dress named after me. Joy!!!!!!

I was super honoured to find out, as I had no idea this was coming. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what the dress looked like. People were asking me about it and all I could say is that it’s Greta Constantine, it will be amazing. So, I get a nice email in my inbox with the Greta Constantine Jersey Dress Lookbook. There is also a little note letting me that the Anita is part of the group.

I present to you, dear reader, the Anita by Greta Constantine.

Greta Constantine - The Anita Dress

It’s part of the Fall 2009 – 2010 collection. It’s beautiful, it’s red, it’s totally me! Just that much closer to muse status.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart Kirk and Stephen.

Greta Constantine Fall 2009 – 2010 Lookbook

Greta Constantine Fall 2009 – 2010 Lookbook

Greta Constantine Fall 2009 - 2010 Lookbook

Since the lookbook has been out I’ve noticed a little bit of misinformation about the Greta Constantine Boys that I would like to clear up: Greta Constantine is not Project Runway Canada alums. Stephen Wong entered the contest as an individual not as Greta Constantine which includes his partner Kirk Pickersgill. Just clearing that up for you.

Breaking Down The Buy Design Outfit

I was very impressed with my Buy Design Outfit that I thought I should dedicate a post to it.

Buy Design 2009 - Post Party Pictures by  Raymund Galsim
Buy Design 2009 - Post Party Pictures by Raymund Galsim

This the best full body shot I have at the moment. I happen to love this photo also.

The fur caplet is Bear. Yes, you read that right Bear. I don’t own it. It was rented from a great vintage shop call The Refinery (588 Markham St.). I enjoyed every second wearing that caplet. It also was the focal point of my outfit.

The top is Greta Constantine. You can’t see the back, but it’s basically non-existent on this shirt.

The leggings are Member’s Only.

The shoes are Nine West, a Balenciaga knockoff I’m told. I lived in these sandals last summer and plan on doing the same this summer.

Purple Clutch is YSL.

Buy Design 2009 - Post Party Pictures by Gail McInnes

The feathered headpiece is from KC Hats (998 Bathurst St). I never imagined that the headpiece would work without hair, but I was proven wrong in the studio and I left the studio with it in a bag.

images: Raymund Galsim, Gail McInnes

Greta Constantine Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010


The Greta Constantine Ready to Wear Fall 2009 – 2010 show as held at The Courthouse. I had been hearing good things from Kirk and Stephen for months. I got a look at the fabric swatches in the fall, but I never saw the collection. I would have to wait to see this so called amazing collection. So, I’ve been on pins and needles for months wondering what the boys will come up with. I was hearing about dresses named after people I know and how freaking stunning they are.


There was some logistical problems getting into the venue due to all the people there. It’s an interesting venue but I heard if you didn’t have a seat you didn’t see anything. The room had high ceilings and it was a little dark. I was talking with one of the Holts crew and she likened the atmosphere to a Miu Miu show, which was very accurate. The runway was a problem too. There was a section where I was sitting that was wood and incredibly sticky with resin. Many a model got stuck there and we though we might have to save some from falling.


The collection itself lived up to all the hype in my mind. Kirk and Stephen broke down the jersey dress stereotype and added a lot of separates: hot kimono style jackets; fantastic slim pants in black and silver;structured jackets and architectural dresses. The jersey dress was there but now included a black sheer layer over top. The way they looked while moving was stunning. Then came the seatbelt based pieces, my pictures don’t do them justice at all!


They also surprised the hell out of everyone by throwing a small collection of menswear. My jaw dropped, they usually send the boys out in speedos for eyecandy. The best part, the menswear is awesome!

I loved the collection and want every piece. Well, almost every piece, I still don’t think I can do the gold leopard print jumpsuits. The Star did a great job with their video of the show. I was impressed and you should check it out. Now, if they only allowed embedding of their video, that would be awesome.

My photos can be seen in the slideshow. I also have a short video of the final pass with the guys that I will post soon.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – geekigirl’s Top Collections

So I’m going to do what I never do, break down my top collections from L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009. This is of course based on the shows I attended. These are the collections that moved me the most. The collections that made me thank god for attending the tents that night. The collections that make me salivate at the mouth.

Denis Gagnon – This collection is really what my fashion dreams are made of. Hauntingly beautiful with that slightly dark twist I love. Box it all up and ship it home.

Morales – Architectural, sculptural, colourful. Something different from every day fair.

Evan Biddell – Streetwear done right. Finally, someone has me interested again. Streetwear has fallen off my radar as of late.

Greta Constantine – statement dress makers. While I’m not down with the colour palette, there’s no denying those shapes.

Lookbook – Greta Constantine Fall Winter 2008 – 2009

I get sent a few lookbooks. I’ll post the ones from the designers I like here. To make these posts more interactive, I want you readers to guess which of the looks are my favourites. Leave your guesses in the comments.

My first lookbook post is dedicated to Toronto based, Greta Constantine. Click the thumbnails to see larger images. Once the larger image is displayed use the arrows to move between images.

Where to buy:
Holt Renfrew


Henri Bendel
712 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019

268 Elizabeth St.
New York, NY 10012
phone +1 212 431 7866
toll free +1 866 239 6779

7374 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
phone +1 323 965 0098

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Holt Renfrew celebrates Canadian Fashion

After a season off the Holt Renfrew celebrates Canadian Fashion event was back on the LFW schedule. This is one of my favourite events of fashion week. It gives you the ability to see the clothing up close and meet the designers.

This season it was hosted by Adrian Mainella of Fashion File instead of the free for all type atmosphere that was present in previous ventures. A clothing designer was paired up with a jewelry designer to showcase the work. There was a little Q&A session with each designer pair conducted by Adrian.

First to show was partners in crime, Greta Constantine and Dandi Maestre. I’m a big fan of the designers work. They really complemented each other in the presentation, which was different from the runway show where I thought Danni’s accessories overpowered the clothing. Get rid of the handbags and what do you know, balance is once again restored. I had a bit of bias at the show too because I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Greta collection at their studio. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed so much if everything was new to me.

Next up was Dean Davidson and Jeremy Laing. I’m also a fan of both designers. Regular readers of my blog know that I love Jeremy big time. Dean’s signature brushed metal finish makes his jewelry a winner in my books too. It was great to see the green and yellow dress in person. It was my favourite of the spring 2009 collection.

The final pairing was Mikhael Kale and Jaleh Farhadpour. Jaleh is all about the diamonds and precious stones. The black diamond bracelet (pictured above) is quite beautiful. Mikhael showed three dresses which I found a little surprising. There wasn’t any of his rock and roll tough girl pieces. I loved the black dress pictured above. They actually appeared on the runway at the LG Fashion Fusion party.

I liked the new format as it gave the audience a chance to hear the designers talk about their inspiration and process. The audience, in typical Canadian style, was very shy and no one asked the designers any questions.

Slideshow after the jump

i want: Kidrobot Project MUNNY by Common Cloth

Kidrobot Project MUNNY Common Cloth

There were a lot of good MUNNYs but I liked Common Cloth’s the best.

This one-of-a-kind custom-designed 8″ MUNNY was created exclusively for the Project MUNNY charity auction by Canadian designer, Common Cloth. Debuted at a super spectacular event at CiRCA during Toronto’s L’Oreal Fashion Week, this iconic doll figure from Kidrobot is being auctioned to raise money for War Child Canada.

Name and Description
“Black Star”
The inspiration for this MUNNY are the following three statements:

Simple is enough excess
Common is uncommon
Love uncomplicated

Runners Up
Damzels in this Dress

Greta Constantine


Lucian Matis

And don’t forget the Karl Munny