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Equmen Compression Clothing

So, I was shopping with a male friend who decided to buy an Equmen Core Precision Undershirt. It’s goes by the male girdle when people are being snarky. The buzz about these types of products has increased in the last year and I was dying to get access to a user of the product.

Regular readers know I’m a fan of shapewear. It’s not about losing a lot of inches, but smoothing to leave clean lines. I had a feeling that the men’s version is similar in principle. I learned a bit more about the marketing from the website. There were three things the Men of the World need that Equmen delivers according to the website.

The weight angle:

Look and feel more fit with style. Equmen’s CORE PRECISION UNDERSHIRT will help to trim and tone your physique for a more tailored look.

  • Streamlines Torso. Targeted compression wraps around core to trim stomach and smooth love handles.
  • Straightens Posture. Pulls the shoulders back to deliver a taller, more streamlined, confident appearance.
  • Visibly Sculpts. Body response fabric enhances muscle tone.
  • Improves the Fit of Clothes. Classic styling and immediate slimming effect improves clothing fit, from business to casual wear.

Of course they gotta get the golf in here somehow:

Correct posture and a strong core play a vital roll in golf. The CORE PRECISION UNDERSHIRT can assist golfers at any level by providing essential bio-mechanical support for peak performance from the course to the range.

  • Improves posture Correct posture in golf creates an athletic setup and optimal swing angle, allowing for balanced, powerful and consistent ball striking.
  • Stabilizes core Supports a solid base, helping to transfer energy from the centre of the body out to the limbs more effectively as you rotate through the axis.
  • Reduces fatigue Targeted compression helps you maintain form from start to finish.
  • Regulates body temperature Ventilated, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable throughout play.

The fashion/beauty angle:

Discover the only sport-inspired undershirt that will dramatically improve how your clothes fit for a more tailored, polished look:

  • Improves posture
  • Visibly streamlines and slims
  • Enhances energy
  • Controls temperature and moisture
  • Immediately feel enhanced confidence from the moment you put it on. Your suit will fit better. Your appearance will sharpen.

Up your game in the job market today.

Equmen Compression Clothing

I think this garment will be as ubiquitous as Spanx is now. It will happen, give it time. I informed my friend during his purchase that I wanted updates on the garment and it’s performance. In exchange for his privacy I have some first hand accounts of what the Equmen compression clothing is like. My source bought the Core Precision Undershirt in black. He is a medium size. He wears a lot of suits so I was very interested in how the fit would change with the undershirt on and a dress shirt.

His initial test fit was a vest that had become a little to tight recently. I observed him with the vest on before wearing the undershirt and the results afterwards. The vest was looser with the undershirt on, he did lose some inches. He mentioned that the garment sucked everything in. He mentioned that getting of the shirt was a little bit of trouble.

I checked in with him a few weeks later and he was a new convert. He added the sleeveless version of the undershirt to his wardrobe. He mentions improved posture and better fitting clothing as major benefits. He wears the undershirt under dress shirts and sweaters and the tank under tshirts. The undershirt is better for posture than the tank but the tank is more comfortable. He mentioned that after a short period of adjustment they are comfortable to wear all day.

Equmen is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew and

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