Fashion Magazine Fall 2009 – 2010 Trend Event


While I was on vacation from my day job I attended the Fashion Magazine fall 09 trend preview event. This was the magazines take on the key trends for the upcoming fall 2009 – 2010 season. I awlays find it weird to hear about the season during it’s execution in the market. By this time I’m already over the trends and just want to see the merchandise in person. Sometimes I get re-inspired or opinions change about collections after touching the garments. Prada fall 2009 collection is a good example of this effect, I’m totally gag over the collection now after seeing pieces in the store. Time helps to ease initial perception of a collection.


The preview took place at the the beautiful Andrew Richard Design Loft in the east end high end furniture shop mecca of King Street. The space was beautiful and we were treated to drinks and canapes. There were a few Canadian Designers with samples for viewing in the space: Ezra Constantine, Miss Rowe and Mercy.


The presentation was well rounded and included all the trends affecting fashion and beauty. It wasn’t just clothing and accessories, they also covered makeup, hair, fabric and colour trends. I rapidly took down notes and here they are put into the most readable form I could come up with.

Clothing Trends

  • Sharp Shoulder
  • 80s and 40s influenced the season – strong and structured tailoring
  • Bedazzled – sparkly everything
  • Grecian looks – one shoulder, urban warrior, leather armor and studs
  • Superheroes – Look to the Linda’s to work trend, Linda Evangalista, Linda Hamilton and Linda Carter
  • The New Power Suit – strong shoulder, crisp tailoring, strong edge
  • Brocades, tapestry, Rococo twist to things
  • Leather – Leather leggings, huge 80s influence, #1 fabric of the season
  • 90s Grunge twist – plaid, hunter and camping influences
  • Menswear – boyfriend jackets and dresses
  • Sci fi influence
  • Monsters Inc – fur all over everything. Last of the real luxury items that can’t be replicated by fast fashion. Fur sleeves

Must have items: Biker Jacket, Leather leggings, thigh high boots, sheath dress, black pencil skirt and white dress shirt, neckwarmers in fur and knit, gloves



  • Black – including matte and textures
  • Reds – all colours and hues
  • Pink – the more shocking the better
  • Navy – new black of this season apparently
  • Metallic gold and bronzes
  • Rusty browns
  • Neon


  • Velvet
  • Tweet
  • Suede – shoes, bags and boots. Taking over patent
  • Lace



  • Buns – used to bring prominence to 80s makeup
  • Pompadour updo – 80s hair, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls
  • Ponytail – again for 80s makeup. long, messy and curly
  • Glamour Curls
  • Rich Girl Hair – I wasn’t sure what this was all about. We made jokes about how this is the style where you stick money to your hair
  • Texture
  • Accessories in Hair – bobby pins, tassels, clips, bows
  • Headbands
  • Braids and twists – used for buns, wore loose
  • Obi – wrapped hair. I thought this was a terrible analogy and that Du Rag hair would have been more accurate. Obi’s are for the waist.
  • The Bob
  • The Half up Half down
  • Colour – blue, pink, red


  • New Wave – 80s makeup
  • Valley Girls
  • Goth
  • Contouring – Major cheekbones
  • Red Lipstick – all colours
  • Naked Eye – barren of colour, no mascara or eyeliner. This really isn’t a make up trend to me. It’s the Tilda Effect according to Fashion Magazine


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