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So my day job has sent me to India. There has always been opportunities for travel since I work for an international company. I just never really thought I would have the chance. When I got word hat I would be sent to India for 2 to 3 weeks I was initially apprehensive. The thought of spending 17 hours in coach was not appealing to me. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve never gone to Asia. Coach was not to be had on this trip, it was business class all the way. Yippee!!! I really couldn’t believe my luck. I was more excited for the flight than going to India at this point.

At Pearson I had access to the Maple Leaf Lounge. What a treat. Alcohol was available in mass quantities. Everything was self serve. I helped myself to some Baileys lattes. I wasn’t even off the ground and I was already being spoiled beyond belief. I missed the initial call for business class boarding and by the time I made my way over there was a huge line. No worries though, I just went up the gate and presented my boarding pass, instant access, no line. Sweet! The flight left at 6:10pm EST Friday.

The business class pod was out of this world. Flat screen monitor that swiveled for viewing. The seat folded out into a bed. This was flying heaven. The service was impeccable. People called me Miss Clarke. It was disconcerting at first, but I think I could get used to this treatment. Muhahahahaha. The first leg to Brussels was me taking in the experience. I drank champagne, ate, wore the provided pajamas. That’s right people, pajamas. It was awesome.

In Brussels we had access to the Jet Airways lounge for business and first class passengers. The perks of business class is that everyone is working to make you as comfortable as possible. I even took advantage of the complementary showers at the lounge to freshen up for the next leg to Delhi. We arrived in Brussels at about 7am Saturday their time. Man, I hate flying eastward. I pretty much slept from Brussels to Delhi. I actually regretted ordering lunch because I had to be woken up for it. I was super tired at this point and just wanted to sleep through it.

I arrived at Delhi at about 10:15pm their time. At this point I had completely lost touch with what day and time it was. It was just bizarre leaving Friday evening and arrive Saturday night. I had strange interaction with a man at customs. He wanted to give me his phone number so I could invite him to the hotel for tea. Welcome to India, I said to myself. This went down as the man was holding my passport. I was wondering how this was going to go down. Would I be taken away by the army dudes with AK47s since I didn’t take the dude’s number. It was very unnerving but I got away with my passport and no phone number.

Waiting at the airport were drivers from the hotel. It was weird walking down this runway with many Indians standing on the sides with names. It was kinda like a movie. I spotted my name and my coworker and I got out ride to the hotel.

Ahh, the hotel. That’s gonna be post two in the India diaries. 🙂

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By Anita Clarke

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  1. Hi there!
    Love your story…hehe:)
    It’s funny how we are all the same…I’ve traveled business class a couple of times before and it’s the best! So hard to go back to coach after that.


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