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Ask a Geek: Places to buy tights in Toronto – Updated December 26, 2009

I want – I got reader Valerie commented on the post Fashion Trends 2009:

i liked the link about tights. can you recommend places to buy them? (not online)

The link Valerie is referring to is Tightsplease Autumn/Winter Hosiery Trends for 2008/09.

In Toronto/GTA your best bets are:

H&M – Eaton Center is the only H&M I’ve seen with hosiery.
Legs Beautiful – various locations
Holt Renfrew – Bloor Street is probably your best bet
Wolford – Yorkville
American Apparel – various locations
The Pantyhose Shop
Recently Club Monaco has fashion tights for sale
If you are willing to go to Niagara there is the Phantom Outlet
Click Klak – Various locations
The Bay – Various location
Accessity – Yorkville

I tend to troll Winner’s also, sometimes you can find some good deals.

Finding cool tights in Toronto unfortunately takes time.

EDIT: A note about H&M, if you see tights you like, buy in bulk. They are cheap and don’t last very long and their colours and styles rotate a lot, so a favourite colour and style might not be there the next time you go in.

Update October 27, 2009: I recently was in Fashion Crimes and they have a good selection of fun tights.

Update: Dec 26, 2009: Emma mentioned the Gap. I totally forgot about them as they’ve recently introduced tights to their store lineup.

Update: Jan 18, 2010: Urban Outfitters has been suggested too.

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