i got: My Lost Glasses Tights by Hansel from Basel

Wearing my Hansel From Basel tights I got from @robberstore

I was walking around on Queen Street West and decided to stop into Robber. I ended up getting some tights from Hansel from Basel.

Hansel from Basel is an independent legwear company based in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by the small and lovely details of everyday life, our goal is to create subtle yet beautiful socks, tights, leggings, and accessories.

My Lost Glasses Tights by Hansel from Basel

I like the tights a lot but they do run on the very small side. I bought the m/l size and I’m pushing the limits of the garment. Take it as a word of warning.

863 Queen St. West

image: myself, hanselfrombasel.com

Secret Fall 2010

Secret Fall 2010

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that summer is almost over and fall is starting up. I like fall but it leads to no good, namely winter. However my season package of tights from the Secret Fall 2010 collection arrived and I’m getting excited for fall. It means colourful tights and Secret has helped me in that regard for a few seasons now. Thanks Ashworth Associates for keeping my gams colourful all season long.

I really love this fall’s colours: Berry, Grey, Camel, Blue, Plum and Red. They come in tights and legging versions. I usually contrast my tights with a black outfit, but these colours make me want to go monochrome this fall. Tights and leggings are a great way for the colour-phobic to ease themselves into wearing colour.  To be honest, I just like being obnoxiously colourful in the office, it needs it at times.

I am a huge fan of Wolford but you can’t beat Secret’s prices and general availability. Tights are $7.50 and leggings are $7.95. The leggings have a control top panty, so I’m assuming that’s why they are more expensive.  They are long-lasting too.

images: courtesy of Secret

geekiviews: Kushyfoot Fishnet Tights, Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers and Flats-to-Go

geekiviews: Kushyfoot Fishnet Tights, Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers and Flats-to-Go

Brittany from Lipton Publicity send me some samples from a company called Kushyfoot. They create tights and hosiery based on reflexology.

The unique massaging sole relieves tension and discomfort in achy feet—and stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. Kushyfoot has the perfect sock for evey shoe in your closet, from foot covers and toe covers to trouser socks and sheer knee highs plus sports socks and tights. Check out our shoe-to-sock selector to get started finding the right sock for even your most uncomfortable shoe.(source)

I was skeptical but I said yes to the pitch. I received a huge media kit and some samples of the Kushyfoot Fishnet Tights, Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers and Flats to Go. It took me only two wears of both the foot covers and fishnets to become a fan of their comfort. In addition to dress shoes and heels, the foot covers were a perfect compliment to my pink Converse. The low-cut covers were low enough not to be seen and stayed in place unlike others I’ve tried. The fishnets were the best I’ve worn. They have a small fishnet pattern which is much more acceptable for the office. It also had a solid fabric patch on the sole instead of the fishnet pattern. This made them so much more comfortable than the traditional fishnet.

I’ve tried these this type of low nylon sock from other companies and they looked like they just cut the toe off of a tight. The seem would follow the length of your foot. This is extremely annoying. Krushyfoot eliminates that and provides extra cushioning on the ball of the foot and the heel. I underestimated how much these little pieces of fabric would make in the experience and I’m a total fan.

I received the Flats to Go but I didn’t like these much. I felt way to exposed to the elements in them. They have a very thin sole. I did discover a good use for them, house slippers. I felt the Damn Heels product does a better job. The package is a bit larger but I feel more protected in their flats. The soles are much more substantial and I could see myself walking home in them after a long night in stilettos.

There are no Canadian retailers as of yet, but you can purchase them online at the Kushyfoot website.

images: kushyfoot.com

Ask a Geek: Places to buy tights in Toronto – Updated December 26, 2009

I want – I got reader Valerie commented on the post Fashion Trends 2009:

i liked the link about tights. can you recommend places to buy them? (not online)

The link Valerie is referring to is Tightsplease Autumn/Winter Hosiery Trends for 2008/09.

In Toronto/GTA your best bets are:

H&M – Eaton Center is the only H&M I’ve seen with hosiery.
Legs Beautiful – various locations
Holt Renfrew – Bloor Street is probably your best bet
Wolford – Yorkville
American Apparel – various locations
The Pantyhose Shop
Recently Club Monaco has fashion tights for sale
If you are willing to go to Niagara there is the Phantom Outlet
Click Klak – Various locations
The Bay – Various location
Accessity – Yorkville

I tend to troll Winner’s also, sometimes you can find some good deals.

Finding cool tights in Toronto unfortunately takes time.

EDIT: A note about H&M, if you see tights you like, buy in bulk. They are cheap and don’t last very long and their colours and styles rotate a lot, so a favourite colour and style might not be there the next time you go in.

Update October 27, 2009: I recently was in Fashion Crimes and they have a good selection of fun tights.

Update: Dec 26, 2009: Emma mentioned the Gap. I totally forgot about them as they’ve recently introduced tights to their store lineup.

Update: Jan 18, 2010: Urban Outfitters has been suggested too.