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TEFW – Barbie by David Dixon Spring 2010


After the David Dixon Spring 2010 collection was Barbie by David Dixon. I’m gonna be honest, Barbie and I don’t get along. I don’t have the same connection to here that many people had. She awakened no particular love of fashion in me. I didn’t go in thinking that I would walk out a fan. I was right.



I liked the first set of black and white looks and the sequined stuff. But overall it was too pink and too many polka dots. The pocket details didn’t grab me either. It was very accessible and lots of people loved it. It’s just not my style. David used coated tyvek, cotton, wool, organza, jacquard, bengaline, silk, taffeta and chiffon fabrics in the collection. The colour palette was black, white, grey, and pink of various shares. The men’s looks threw me for a loop. I liked the first look and thought the model was really beautiful. So out of the two collection I like the signature one more. It was directional and interesting to me.




Prior to both David Dixon shows there was a little press conference for the launch of the new articulating limb Barbie. I find them kinda weird and like Barbie more with stiff limbs. To celebrate the new freedom the doll has a new dance called The Barbie was created and we had a demo. It music, Barbie Girl by Aqua. I hate that song and wasn’t a fan of the dance either to be honest. I did like the full sized Barbie displays though.