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Le Chateau’s Model Behaviour Windows

Le Chateau's Model Behaviour Windows

Way back in October I was asked to appear in a TDot TV spot which talked about the Model Behaviour window display at Le Chateau. The tagline is “Famous Runway Icons Immortalized as Mannequins.” The windows are a tribute to those women who broke ground in the industry and changed things like Pat Cleveland, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Tyra Banks and Erin O’Conner. Le Chateau are one of the few retailers in the city that still produce window displays. Thank god for that.

Le Chateau's Model Behaviour Windows - Erin O'Conner

I find retail visuals fascinating. Yes, the Holt Renfrew Blogger Windows helped push that fascination to the edge but I had a genuine interest before that. I really would like to see how a project gets put together from beginning to end. It sounds like a lot of fun, looks like a hell of a lot of work and is so creative. I got to speak to senior members of the visual team at length during the shooting. I was enthralled learning about mannequins and one of my favourite photographers, James at Mannequin Display.


And here is the TDot TV spot. The picture quality is unbelievable but watch the sound, it starts a little loud.

Slideshow of all my photos.

Far, far superior photos of the Le Chateau Model Behaviour windows are found at James’s site. They are stunning.

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