Drake General Store Rosedale Preview


I got a sneak peek at the new Drake General Store location in Rosedale. It’s so damn adorable. It’s very similar to the Queen location in the fact that reclaimed materials are used for store fixtures and antiques are peppered throughout.


The wood came from a barn that was built in the late 1800s. As soon as I found out, I had to rub my fingers over the wood. When I encounter an object that is old I always touch it (if possible). It’s like I’m trying to feel history or some residue memory of the lives the object has encountered. When I was visiting the Taj Mahal in India, I make sure I touched the marble and embedded gems. I still can’t get over that building, just wow, stunning.


I think the location choice is a brilliant idea. It fits quite well with the neighbourhood. I dare say I like this location better. The Rosedale location also has some items that are exclusive and won’t be found on Queen West. Both locations share the same charm and Canadiana spirit.


Carlo Colacci and Joyce Lo have a great eye when it comes to choosing collectible and cute items that are so much fun. I squealed over many things during my visit (Hitchcock Barbie). I kept noticing things I overlooked. There is a lot of product but it’s arranged it a way that makes it enjoyable to discover something new. The Drake General Store is a great gifting shop.


Here are a list of my favourite items, you could interpret it as a Drake General Store “i want” Gift Guide.


Fortune teller fish $1.25

Drake on the road travel kit $49

Japanese Espresso set $55 – There is only the single set. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Hitchcock The Birds Barbie $90 – Limited Edition.

Where the Wild Things Are Kubrick – $18

Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket – $275

Mountie napkins $4.50

Felt owl ornament $12

Red Canoe RCAF bags $150

Wizard of Oz Barbies $90

Cessna bag $90

Drake General Store Rosedale Preview Slideshow

Drake General Store Rosedale
1011 Yonge Street

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