Remember Now – Chanel Cruise 2011 Full Video

Chanel Cruise 2011

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Remember Now, the short film by Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel Cruise 2011 collection looked slick and the clothes were oh so pretty but it was empty. It was a 16 minute short film that didn’t evoke an emotional reaction from me that wasn’t related to clothing. That’s too bad. The film nerd in me can’t deal with the stupid continuity issues either.

I liked having all this media to consume from Chanel about the cruise 2011 collection. It’s always some grand spectacle to take a gawk at. The collection photos are up already and I’m loving about a quarter of the collection and going WTF for a quarter of it. The rest is meh. There are 80+ LOOKS!!! The first 8 looks put me in a good mood and then it when up and down. Some of the white and black stuff I liked and most of the 70s stuff I wasn’t a fan of. WWD has the full collection posted and you can see it on The Fashion Spot. I can’t wait for video.

Bravo for the best use of Crystal Renn on the runway I’ve seen lately. She looked incredible and the clothing looked stunning.

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