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Gap Inc Canadian Online Shopping Launch

Haircalf mini chain bag

A couple weeks back I attended an event by Gap Inc for the launch of Canadian online shopping at, and   That’s right they finally fulfill orders and ship out of a Canadian warehouse.  No brokerage, no duties.  It was held at the Andrew Richard Design Loft. Each attendee was given a $100 Visa cash card to shop at any of the three sites during the event. It was a great way to get everyone to try out the new system and experience Gap Inc’s online shopping experience. All three websites offer irritation free browsing which is very easy to use.

It took me a long time to figure out what would give me the best bang for my buck so I ended up choosing the Haircalf mini chain bag from Banana Republic. It fits into my new hungry for animal print accessories and it would utilize most of the money on the card in one shot. Some attendees also got a lesson in Gap Inc fraud control when some orders were canceled automatically. Mine was one of them and it happened when I left the event. There was a bit of confusion but eventually the orders were restored. The next day I found out that it was the Visa cash cards that tricked out the system. They were all from the same lot and ecommerce system rejected some orders because it looked like fraud patterns. Good to know the system is in tip top shape.

Haircalf mini chain bag

Shipping was super fast for me and I had my bag in three days. I live downtown so mail delivery can be fast. The bag is super adorable and super tiny. I didn’t realize at the time of ordering just how small this $85 bag would be. It can hold a couple cards, my blackberry without the case, lipstick and a stripped down keychain (basically my house key and a ring). It’s hard to pack for this kind of bag when you’ve always been a big bag girl. The small bag trend comes with a hefty price tag. I don’t know how that is possible but time and time again I’ve seen similar pricing for these styles.

Canadian Online shopping is now available and you can get free shipping for any order over $50.  Free returns are included in this service and you can either head to the store or return the product via Canada Post.

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