Vivid Baby-G Square by Casio

Vivid Baby-G Square

This watch was my first foray into sample pulling. Coyne PR sent me this Vivid Baby-G Square watch by Casio to review for a month. I wore it around for a bit, pairing it with my bright orange Toy Watch. Eventually, I took these macro shots with the trusty Olympus E-PL1 for this post.

I like the Vivid Baby-G Square. It’s a good looking watch with dual analog and digital display. It comes in a variety of bright colours like blue and neon green. I love that all watch companies are following this trend. It’s an easy way to incorporate a pop of colour into your life. It has most of the features you expect from a Casio watch: stop watch, alarm, world clock with 28 time zones, countdown timer and calendar. The analog arms of the watch glow in the dark but I’m not a big fan of the LED light. It doesn’t do that great of a job illuminating the digital face.  The analog arms can get in the way of stopwatch and countdown usage depending on the time of the day.

Vivid Baby-G Square

The Vivid Baby-G Square retails for $99 and you can find it online at

By Anita Clarke

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