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i want: Neff Zub ZenV 20 by Nooka

There is something about the Neff Zub ZenV20 by Nooka x Neff collaboration watch that I just love. I think it’s the little smiley face.  Nooka has gotten love from I want – I got back in the early days.  They are an innovative watch company that has an interesting take on the digital timepiece.  Neff is a California based headwear company focusing on the skate/snow/surf industries. The watch retails for $150US and can be found online at Toronto retailers for Nooka include the AGO. images: courtesy of Nooka

i want: Uniform Wares 300 Series Watch

Uniform Wares is an London based luxury watch company. Product designers Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles started the company in 2009. The company philosophy is based on classic British design that incorporates contemporary minimalism. Uniform Wares 300 Series is their first chronograph watch. My favourite style of watch is the chronograph and I’m enamored with the minimal face and strap design. You can also buy different coloured straps for the watch if you wish to switch it up. You can find Uniform Wares in Canada at stores in Montreal and Vancouver. However, there are ecommerce options at and images:

i want: Rado r5.5 Chronograph in White

Rado has introduced a new r5.5 Chronograph watch in a white ceramic finish. I’m a sucker for a chronograph watch and I like the simplity of the Rado.  The watch is part of the limited edition Rene Liu, Rado Global Ambassador collection.  Rene is a Taiwanese actress, singer and writer.  Of course, the watch is too rich for my blood at $3,100 but you can find Rado at Holt Renfrew and Birks. image:  Courtesy of RADO

i want: Chanel J12 Chromatic Watches

So, Chanel PR has started to email me about all things Chanel. I’m not going to lie, my nerdy blogger self thinks this is pretty cool. The latest release was for the new Chanel J12 Chromatic watches. I normally go for bright colourful watches but it’s always good to have something that is a bit classic.  The J12 Chromatic watches are made from titanium ceramic which is a new highly scratch-resistant material almost that is almost hard as sapphire.  I really like the silvery grey finish on these watches.  It looks like liquid metal.  The perfect alternative to your standard black or silver.  There are a number of styles with varying amounts of diamonds or 18-karat white gold bezel, crown and hands. There are two size options, 33mm (top photo) and 38mm. I’ve only posted the women’s options but there is a men’s collection also. The Chanel J12 Chromatic commercial plays on that liquid metal look. Loading the player… images and video: courtesy of Chanel EDIT: Forgot the link.  Enjoy the close up looks at the watches.  So …

ToyWatch Spring Summer 2011 Preview

My favourite watch company, ToyWatch came to town to show off what’s going on for spring summer 2011. I’ve been mourning my beloved Neon Chronograph Plasteramics in Atomic Orange since the clasp broke and render it unwearable. I’m awaiting a replacement and I hope it’s the same.  My wrist hasn’t been the same since. ToyWatch introduced a kids line this season. The new styles this year are solid black or solid white. This is a very big trend I’m noticing in watch land that is keeping in step with the bright colour trend. At the preview, I got to see some of the Missoni x ToyWatch collaboration. This was pretty exciting. They are a little hard to wear in my opinion but oh so very beautiful. They aren’t your everyday watch, much to pretty. Various retailers across Toronto and Canada carry ToyWatch, check the website for more info.

Alessi Watches Fall Winter 2010 – 2011

I love Alessi and in addition to quirky kitchen products they have two new watch designs for fall 2010. Space-bimba (top row) is a product of designer Miriam Mirri and retails for $163. It’s to look like an alien and I think that’s very cute. NEKO (bottom row) is designed by Pritzer prize winner, SANAA. It’s a very simple watch but I like to think those are devil horns. It retails for $173. You can get the watches at the Alessi store in Montreal(2085 Rue Crescent) or online at images: courtesy of Alessi

Vivid Baby-G Square by Casio

This watch was my first foray into sample pulling. Coyne PR sent me this Vivid Baby-G Square watch by Casio to review for a month. I wore it around for a bit, pairing it with my bright orange Toy Watch. Eventually, I took these macro shots with the trusty Olympus E-PL1 for this post. I like the Vivid Baby-G Square. It’s a good looking watch with dual analog and digital display. It comes in a variety of bright colours like blue and neon green. I love that all watch companies are following this trend. It’s an easy way to incorporate a pop of colour into your life. It has most of the features you expect from a Casio watch: stop watch, alarm, world clock with 28 time zones, countdown timer and calendar. The analog arms of the watch glow in the dark but I’m not a big fan of the LED light. It doesn’t do that great of a job illuminating the digital face.  The analog arms can get in the way of stopwatch and …

i want: Fruitz Watches

I’m into watches these days. I love my Toywatch and you rarely see it without it. I covet the uberluxury of Rado watches. I relieve my youth with GShock. I like the look of these Fruitz watches and they remind me of fruit slices.  I love the colour schemes.    The watch bands are silicon.  Fruitz watches also have some kind of health claim that I don’t really buy into ask, I’m skeptical. The earth resonates at 7-9 hertz.  So does the metal Natural Frequency Technology disk embedded in a Fruitz watch. We have infused it with these key frequencies via a proprietary process. With a Fruitz watch, natural frequencies are delivered to your body through your wrist. That means wearing a Fruitz watch brings you more in in harmony with the natural earth than ever before.  The Natural Frequency Technology actually works with the individual biorhythm and energy field of the Fruitz watch wearer.  It is likely to inform your body to relax. It does so by exposing your bio-field, the Master energy field that …

i want: r5.5 White Jubile watch by Rado x Jasper Morrison

I love Rado’s incredibly expensive watches. The collaboration between Rado and and designer Jasper Morrison were some of my favourite things at The Interior Design Show this year. You can read more about the launch of the Rado x Jasper Morrison launch on designboom. The collaboration must have been popular because Rado has unveiled a new style, the r5.5 White Jubile. It’s a White High Tech Ceramic Bracelet, champagne colored sun brushed dial with 8 diamonds, sapphire crystal. It retails for, gulp, $3,000. Of course Rado can be found  at Holt Renfrew and others which you can find the website. image: Courtesy of RADO

G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010

G-Shock and G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010

There are a few items I associate with my youth: Neon, Oakleys, Converse and G-Shock watches. I loved my old G-Shock watch, it was a man’s version but I didn’t care. I loved it’s chunkiness and digital display. I think women’s watches are a bit to delicate; I need the feeling of the huge watch on my arm. I’ve been slowly acquiring these old artifacts of youth and now that these G-Shocks come in bright colours I think I’m going to have to buy in again. Casio created the G-Shock Mini for women. They feature the same G-Shock style in smaller size for women’s proportions.  They are cute too but I love all the bells and whistles that come with the men’s G-Shock. You can find G-Shock watches in Toronto at The Bay, Livestock, Solestop, Wal-mart, Sears and Little Burgundy. You can find G-Shock watches online at Zappos, Bloomingdales and Karmaloop. images: courtesy of  Casio

PlastiChic Watches

PlastiChic Watches and their Doppelgangers

I received a PlastiChic watch after being pitched by their PR. The simple digital display and shape peaked my interest.  I love colourful watches and I’m usually always wearing my neon orange Toywatch. PlastiChic seemed liked an accessible way to enjoy a colourful watch. A Toy Watch is $200+ and PlastiChic are much cheaper.  PlastiChic watches are made from silicone and come in 19 colours.  They weight 10 grams and are water-resistant. They are the kind of watch that would look great stacked on top of  each other in wild colours. The packaging of the PlastiChic watches is pretty slick. I had a bit of trouble getting the watch out but  I was really impressed with the test tube design. It’s easy to appeal to the science nerd in me. There are three sizes available. They will retail from $22 – $40. The Bay will be carrying PlastiChic starting July 1, 2010. They are available in Toronto at The Little Party Shoppe 2566 Yonge Street Ra Sun Spa 388 Richmond Street West There is a …

Hublot Depeche Mode Watches

Hublot Depeche Mode Watches

Way back in December I wrote a post called “I can’t wait to see the Hublot Depeche Mode Watches”. Luxury watchmaker Hublot is creating 12 “pop” versions of their very popular Big Bang series with one of my favourite bands, Depeche Mode. Each one of a kind watch will feature a different Depeche Mode album cover. They will be sold at auction with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. There were no images of the Hublot Depeche Mode watches at the time and I was suppose to check back when the auction happen. I forgot and it’s taken me this long to follow up, ha ha. So here are the watches. My favourites are Music for the Masses and Sounds of the Universe. images:,

I can’t wait to see the Hublot Depeche Mode Watches

Luxury watchmaker Hublot is creating 12 “pop” versions of their very popular Big Bang series with one of my favourite bands, Depeche Mode. Each one of a kind watch will feature a different Depeche Mode album cover. They will be sold at auction with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. One of the most influential bands on the international electropop scene, this will be Depeche Mode’s first ever concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The band’s members are thrilled at the prospect. Not just because of the prestigious venue, but also because of the cause they have chosen to support. The event will raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust, an organization which provides help to adolescents with cancer in terms of treatment, research, education, family support and specialist diagnosis ( To mark this special occasion, Hublot and Depeche Mode have decided to create a series of 12 unique watches, each of which will feature one of the band’s album covers on its dial. The watches will be sold at an auction at the …

Toywatch Spring 2010 Preview

I was invited to see the Toy Watch preview awhile back. I hadn’t heard of Toy Watch at the time of the invite so I did some investigation. Toy Watch started in Milan and came to North America in 2006. Their whole motto is combing high design with accessible materials, namely plastic, rubber and other non luxury materials. The preview was a vehicle to showcase the new Toywatch Jelly collection. The Jelly is made of soft, pliable silicone and the watch face is interchangeable. Every colour of the rainbow is available in super bright hues. You can mix and match with possibilities of over 72 different versions.  The Jelly’s retail for $250.00. I was super lucky for this preview and was given a Toywatch. It took me a very long time to finally decide on the Toy Watch Neon Chronograph Plasteramics in Atomic Orange.  I love Neon. I loved it in the 80s as a kid and still love it now.  I describe Toywatch to people as the Swatch of the 2000s. Check out the gallery …

i want: RADO Ceramica Watches

Some people are really into watches. It seems to be a big thing with guys. I’ve never been much of a fan but after seeing the RADO watches the Swatch Group Canada Media Preview in the spring. I had seen pictures of the watches before the preview. I liked the look of them and that turned to love when I was able to touch and try one the pieces. They are very sleek and remind me of a bracelet more than a watch. What really gets me is that they are made out of ceramic. In the mid-1980s, Rado engineers discovered a substance that fulfilled all these requirements, but had not been used in the watch industry before: high-tech ceramics. Extremely resistant, it had been applied in medicine, Formula-1 motor racing, and on the heat shield that enabled the Space Shuttle’s re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Our pioneering application of this material led to the iconic Rado Ceramica watch….The raw material is ultra-fine zirconium-oxide or titaniumcarbide powder with a grain size of about 1/1000th mm, …

Ask a Geek: Where to find Marc by Marc Jacobs in Toronto

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want – I got reader Annie wrote: Hi Anita, I’m desperately looking for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Grovee Dr. Q purse in the brown colour. My friend’s birthday is this weekend and she’s been yearning for it. Do you know of any other store in Toronto aside from Holt who sells Marc by Marc? Thank you! I hope you don’t mind me sharing your question Annie! Holt Renfrew sells Marc by Marc handbags along with the Marc Jacobs line and Bloor Street is your best bet for selection. Holt Renfrew also carries Marc by Marc Jacobs womenswear, footwear, watches and jewellery. I did some searching on the net and found out that David’s Footwear also sells Marc by Marc handbags and shoes. I believe those are the 2 major players in Toronto. …

i want: Nooka Zoo watches

Nooka Zoo V2 watch I just recently lost my Paul Frank watch, grrr. I lose watches a lot and I stopped buying them, except for the recent Paul Frank purchase. Figures I lose it. These beauties however might make me change my mind on spending a lot of money on watches. I promise not to lose you! I really like this version also Nooka Zoo [classic] Nooka is the ancient Amararunk’thuh word meaning “future is now”. Nooka is a contraction of “New Yorker” as pronounced with a native New York accent. Nooka is a the first part of “New York” and the last part of “Osaka”– expressing the global aesthetic of its creator. There are 2 retailers in Canada and they are all out west. designhouse 1100 Mainland St Vancouver BC 604 681 2800 616 Yates St Victoria BC 250 383 3569 Madekeines Home & Gift Boutique 18336 Lessand Road Edmonton, Alberta T6M2W8 CANADA 780 489 8009