I love Pierre Hermé Macaron

Pierre Hermé Macaron
The Oracle always brings me back Pierre Hermé macarons when he returns from Paris. The macaron are the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It’s a small box of 7 macaron and you can’t have them sitting around for days. You have to eat them within a day or too for maximum freshness.

Pierre Hermé Macaron

Pierre Hermé Macaron

Pierre Hermé Macaron
There are all kinds of seasonal flavours so it’s always a different experience.

Pierre Hermé Macaron
I haven’t tried Foie Gras macaron but I would.

images: pierreherme.com

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By Anita Clarke

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  1. These look absolutely divine! I’d probably skip the foie, but that creme brulee – that would be a different story…
    I wish I hadn’t seen these at 4pm though – my stomach is rumbling now. 🙁

    -Lindy from FabulousSavings.ca

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