TIFF 2011 – Alliance Films Party Red Carpet Photos by Paul Baik


The whirlwind that is the Toronto International Film Festival has come and gone. This year TIFF was very quiet for I want – I got. I wasn’t on vacation like last year and client deadlines at the day job resulted in a low-key festival. I did send my friend and photographer Paul Baik to hit the red carpet at the most hyped TIFF party hosted by Alliance Films celebrating the 21 films they submitted to this year’s festival. Huge celebrities were invited and expected to walk the red carpet for this event.

Michel Hazanavicius 3

It didn’t turn out that way and the major celebs didn’t walk the red carpet. That’s the way things go sometimes. Paul stuck it out for a few hours and he said he had a good time (it was his first TIFF!). Here are some of his shots.

Sarah Silverman 5

Evan Rachel Wood 4

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Paul Giamatti

Robin Wright

See all of Paul’s photos in the slideshow.

Thank you Paul for braving the TIFF scrum!

images: paulbaik.com

By Anita Clarke

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