Moncler S Spring Summer 2012

You already are very familiar with myMoncler obsession. Why am I obsessed? Moncler combines luxury and function in a pretty desirable package. I know my Moncler S trench is going to be a staple for the rest of my life. I really should be focusing on getting a Moncler S winter coat but I love what is going on with Moncler S for the Spring Summer 2012 season.

Moncler S is my favourite of the Moncler collections. It combines Moncler design sensibility and function with the creativity of the amazing Japanese designer, Chitose Abe of Sacai.

Harnessing the futuristic and ultra-feminine creativity of Japanese designer Chitose Abe, of Sacai. The Moncler S project builds upon a rich heritage to spark a new aesthetic of flowing lines, airy shapes and formal purity. Each piece draws upon a deep-seated understanding of Moncler’s history, the collection offers a unique avenue of evolution designed to reinvent the Moncler world in an entirely modern dimension. The Moncler S project is part of the main female collection of the Maison.

The Moncler S Spring Summer 2012 line combines bright colours, gold chains, tulle and ultra-light nylon.