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I want – I got’s Hermes Scarf Reference Guide



A few years ago I was researching the Hermès Scarves I bought at the sample sale. I wanted to know the artist and year produced. It was during that search that I found my a few of my go to Hermès Scarf reference sites. Over time I’ve added some more sites to that list and I’ve decided to share.

HSCI Hermès Scarf Photo Catalogue – Want to know more about your Hermes scarf, this is your first stop. The Hermès Scarf Photo Catalogue has an extensive archive of scarves dating all the way back to 1937. Scarves are cross referenced by name, artist, year of issue, material, etc. A community of Hermès fans contribute photos to the catalogue and it’s updated regularly. – This is an online shop that sells new, used and vintage Hermès scarves. It also has a database that has a number of scarves from the Hermès archives. If you can’t find it at the HSCI this is your next stop.

Herm̬s Sub Forum at РThis is where the hardcore Herm̬s fans hangout. They have sections dedicated to authentication, shopping and reference library. I lurk this site for research and to find out about upcoming scarf collections as PurseForum members have the inside scoop. Pretty much anything you want to know about Herm̬s will be found here.

Hermes Scarf Guides Facebook Page – This Facebook page has a large number of photos for browsing.

The Official Hermès Pinterest page has a board called Hermès Silk which has images of the Spring Summer 2013 silk collection now but I hope they continue to add to it in the future.

MaiTai’s Picture Book – This is a look into the life of an Hermès super fan. It’s a personal style blog but she also has a number of scarf tying tutorials. The is searchable by knot. This woman is hardcore.

Les 3 Marches de Catherine B Pinterest РThis is a Parisan vintage shop and there are so many boards dedicated to Herm̬s silks.