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geekiviews: Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

Foundation garments are a staple in my wardrobe. The use slips, camisole and tshirts are a common practice in my fashion world. I’ve added a new must have item to my foundational garment roster, the Tickled Pink undershirt. It’s the perfect garment as it works as an undershirt and prevents sweat marks and pit stains without resorting to using those underarm adhesive pads. Saxton Chayse sent me a Tickled Pink undershirt to test drive last summer. It wasn’t something that I thought of using during that season so I didn’t look at it until the fall. I was in love after our first outing, it was a miracle worker. I tend to sweat a lot and avoid wearing long sleeves some days because of embarrassing sweat stains. With Tickled Pink I no longer worry about it because of the triple layered pad sewn into the armpits. It’s not bulky which surprised me as that was one of my initial concerns. The deep v neckline and short sleeves accommodates all kinds of outfits. The synthetic fabric is similar to my slips and shapewear so you can be assured that clothing with drape correctly over top.

Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

The amazing Tickled Pink undershirts are now part of my weekly wardrobe and I seriously can’t live without them. They are perfect for people that use natural deodorants instead of antiperspirants. The undershirts wash very well. I put them in the dryer and haven’t experienced any shrinkage or changes in shape of the garment. I’ve also gotten over my summer aversion to Tickled Pink undershirts and see the garment as a year round device.

Another benefit of Tickled Pink undergarments is reducing dry cleaning bills. I have a few dry clean only outfits that I usually end up wearing for a couple of hours at a party. It gets expensive drying cleaning after each wear but with foundation garments like Tickled Pink you can avoid this extra cost.

I loved Tickled Pink so much I ended up buying two more from the Toronto based online shop. They come in four colours: black, white, beige (I can’t call this nude) and pink. They retail for $39.99.

images: courtesy of Saxton Chayse

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