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Toronto has a number of great jewellery designers and Dolorous is one of them. Danielle Singer, designer, uses brass chains and various vintage components to create her beautiful, minimalist designs. I’m really into her body jewellery right now.

Menat Broad Collar Body Chain
Menat Broad Collar Body Chain

Menat Broad Collar Body Chain is my favourite piece by Dolorous right now. It would make a great statement piece on a long gown for formal occasions. It also would be great more causally too. It’s $278.64 at here Etsy shop.

The Menat Broad Collar Body Chain, inspired by medieval accessories, is a modern style of body jewelry meant to be worn across the shoulders. This beautiful and flattering statement piece is made with two draping strands down the front and three across the back, connected at the shoulders with a section of ornate vintage copper chain from which several strands of brass chain are draped, creating a cap sleeve style look that allows the piece to balance comfortably across your shoulders.(source: Dolorous Etsy Page)

Crystal Lattice Body Necklace
Crystal Lattice Body Necklace

Crystal Lattice Body Necklace is another great piece that would make a great statement on a simple gown. It’s a cheaper option than the Menat Broad Collar Body Chain at $187.55.

The Crystal Lattice Body Chain is a versatile necklace featuring a large vintage chandelier crystal that is absolutely breathtaking in person.The vintage crystal at the center of the necklace is surrounded by layers of draped brass chain, interlaced with one another.
Its constructed to allow it to be worn either as a draped and layered necklace, or as a beautiful body chain with chain interlaced down and around the torso and creating beautiful back detailing.(source: Dolorous Etsy Page)

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By Anita Clarke

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