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i got: Totem Dopp Pouch by Bookhou

Totem Dopp Pouch by Bookhou

Totem Dopp Pouch by Bookhou

I almost walked away from the Bookhou Totem Dopp Pouch. I was visiting City of Craft for the first time with Monique from MoonRox and we both had our eyes on it. Why the hemming and hawing? Well, I really like cross body bags. They are my staples as they are versatile and easy to carry. Pouches and clutches are kinda a pain in the ass and I only really use them when going to something formal. That being said the Totem Dopp Pouch print was gold and I really liked the oatmeal linen it was made from. So, I spent the 30 bucks and picked one up, at that price it was hard to say no.

Totem Dopp Pouch measures W 25.4 x H 17.78 cm. It’s large enough to carry the essentials (Wallet, Smartphone, Keys, Gum, Mascara and Lip Balm) and it’s not bulky. The print placement varies on each pouch due to its handmade nature. The outer material is 100% linen and the lining is 100% cotton.

Wedding Outfit - ComplexGeometries, Aldo, Jenny Bird

Wedding Outfit – ComplexGeometries, Aldo, Jenny Bird

The Totem Dopp Pouch has served me well already. It was the perfect accessory to pair with a recent wedding outfit I put together. The gold dress is complexgeometries, the platforms are Aldo and the earrings are by Jenny Bird. You can see how the Totem Dopp Pouch fits in perfectly! And with that, the purchase was justified.

You can get your own Totem Dopp Pouch via the new One of a Kind Online shopor directly from Bookhou. On both sites the pouch retails for $30 plus applicable shipping.

Bookhou is a Toronto based company and all merchandise is handcrafted in Toronto.

images: me, oneofakindonlineshop.com

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