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i want: Combinaison Jumpsuit by Horses Atelier

I never knew I wanted a linen jumpsuit in pale pink until I saw that Horses Atelier created one for Spring Summer 2014. Now, that’s a bit of a lie, I’ve always had an interest in jumpsuits. A military flight suit is on my military “I want” list and has been for a long time. I haven’t pursued acquiring a flight suit very actively. When I do come across them they are either too weird-looking like this Soviet MIG flight suit or they are just too big and beyond the magic of alterations. Then there are the colour options which don’t really leave much room for light-hearted fun.

Combinaison by Horses Atelier

Combinaison by Horses Atelier

Combinaison by Horses Atelier provides a great fitting silhouette that looks slim fitting and roomy at the same time. The cotton linen blend will make it cool for the summer even though you’re encased in fabric. It’s got pockets which are a must. I love that it can be dressed up with some heels and a great handbag or it can be completely casual with sneakers and a baseball cap. I’m honestly having thoughts of this jumpsuit paired with my Danielle Meder Doc Martens. It’s really bringing me full circle into this 90s rehash the fashion world is obsessed with right now.

Horses Atelier also makes the Combinaison in black if you are looking for something more stain resilient. The Combinaison by Horses Atelier is made in Toronto. You can buy it via the Horse Atelier online shop for $400. Proceeds from all online sales go to the Clean Clothes Campaign which strives to improve working conditions in the global garment industry.

Horses Atelier is a Toronto based fashion brand by Claudia Dey and Heide Sopinka. Stockists in Toronto include Jonathan + Olivia, The Bay’s White Space and 6 by Gee Beauty.