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i want: Smythe Les Vests Coats

Many things by Smythe Les Vests I was reading Fashion Notes in Now Magazine and they mentioned Smythe because of their recent popularity. I decided to see what the fuss was about. They have some beautiful jackets (and a vest) that I have been salivating over. “Designer development We love a great Toronto fashion success story, and Christie Smythe ‘s and Andrea Lenczner ‘s tale of global blazer domination has just turned another fantastic page. Their Smythe line of just jackets has been a hit with hometown fashion folks and the Barney’s blonds set in New York City. This spring, London ladies hunting for smart oxford cloth waistcoats and shrunken double-breasted sailor jackets can pick up their collection at UK style mecca Harvey Nichols.“.(source)

Get out and Accessorize

There is a new British import in Canadian retail and it’s Accessorize. Open for about 2 weeks now I decided to take a quick look at their new Queen street store this morning. I was pretty impressed with the selection as it totally overwhelmed me when I walked in. It’s not a big store people, but it’s packed to the gills with product. I was also happy with the layout of the store. They organize items by colour combination, making it easy to find items that will work well together. They have a ton of handbags, scarfs, shawls, hats, earrings, and necklaces. Everything in the store is private label and you won’t find it anywhere else. The selection changes weekly so accessory nuts will always have something to look at. Accessorize is huge in Britain and Europe, and are doing well in Canada. I was told their expansion goal is 10 stores a year in Canada. So far the GTA, Vancouver and Ottawa are lucky enough to have stores. After some googling, I found out …

Oh Floria what a beautiful dress you have

I was browsing through the new Toronto Life today and saw Floria Sigismondi in the 24 hours with… column. I just love this outfit she is wearing. The article didn’t say who the designer was, boo urns to them. If anyone knows who this designer is please leave a comment. toronto, fashion, Floria Sigismondi

I’ve fallen in love again…

It’s strange how a small item can make you feel like a little kid again. That’s how I feel about the new Converse Chuck Taylors I bought recently. Chucks look soooo good on. I love them with a pair of jeans and a Threadless t. I purchased these from Get Outside – map it!!!. I tried a different colour combination, but I decided to go for the classic black and white version. They are a throwback to the first Chucks I ever had in Grade 7. Wearing these chucks for the first time reminded me of my family trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando where my brother and I were so happy with our new Chucks. We had the exact same pair. I also had a black and white hat to match my shoes. Sigh, memories…. shoes, fashion, converse, toronto

i got…

Montreal Madness part 1b Everything but the shoes in this picture was purchased in Montreal. I initially saw the jacket in the window of Bedo and I had to have it. I really love military clothing (real or inspired) and that attracted me to the jacket. There was no desire to own anything velvet in me initially, something just clicked. My buddy Jason helped me put together the rest of the outfit and I thank him for it. The skirt is a Boxfresh product which was from a store I really liked called Aritmetiks. The stores are very nice, but the website really sucks. The software tester in me didn’t want to link to it, but I gave in. The tank top (which you can’t see in the above picture) was from Club Monaco. Montreal, fashion, shopping

i got…

Desdemona handbag by etnies I was in Montreal from October 14 – 16. It was a great trip. I stayed at the Hotel St. Paul in old Montreal and it was amazing. I thought the service was excellent and I loved being caterer to. Sigh…memories. Anyways, I wouldn’t be a fashionista if I didn’t go shopping. I power-shopped with my lovely friend and stylist for the trip, Jason. He was great and helped me find some lovely items that I will post about in the coming days. This bag was something that I completely walked by, but Jason’s sharp eyes noticed it. The picture doesn’t show you the lovely lilac lining it has. It also doesn’t really show how big the bag is. It has 3 main compartments and a few little ones all over the place. I also didn’t get the little trinkets that are hanging off the key ring. I’m glad someone got use of it, I would have thrown those tacky things out. They aren’t a Prada Robot trick keychain, that’s for …

i got…

Threadless ts FightDark Side of the Garden Threadless, my favourite t-shirt vendor, had one of their “to die for” t-shirt sales. Everything 10 bucks!! I picked these 2 out of the bunch and I love them. Dark Side of the Garden is for the total geek in me. Not sure what fight is for, but I thought it was a hilarious t. Threadless, fashion, t-shirt

i want: An Anticon Hoodie

An Anticon HoodieI saw these hoodies on The Coolhunter and Coolhunting. I love it so. I think I’ll definitely be ordering one of these things when they become available. I think a post is relevant when the hoodies go on sale, so keep reading. fashion

i want: PLEAT Wellington Boots

PLEAT Wellington Boots. I have to admit I’m beginning to come around to the welly. I have a lot of shoes that I just don’t like to wear in rainy and slushy weather. I noticed these beautiful things on The Cool Hunter. Too bad they are an art exhibit and not available for sale, if they were I would have to buy them. Rachael Sleight, the artist, has some other very cool looking clothes/art on her site.

i got: Kenneth Cole Shoes and Paper Denim

Kenneth Cole Teal Shoes These cute teal heels are my first pair of Kenneth Cole shoes. I almost passed these up, but had to head back to Winners before someone else grabbed them. I have always been interested in a pair of coloured heels and these just called out to me. Paper Denim and Cloth Jeans 30 bucks for a pair of Paper denim. I had a hard time passing that up. They are a great length for heels but I still might get them hemmed a touch. I bought these at Five on Spadina – map it!!!

New additions to Queen Street

If you work around Queen Street you may have noticed that some stores have been closing down. Vice and Pegabo come to mind right away. However some new shops have moved in, Oakley and Stoneridge. The Oakley store I’m very curious about. I love their sunglasses (even if they are way to expensive) and their clothes look promising. Once I actually check out the inside of the store I’ll post a review. LOLStoneRidge (an Aldo company) is a good shoe store, much better than Pegabo. So I look forward to getting my Diesel finds from another store on the Queen street stretch. toronto, fashion, shopping

Fashion events in the T dot

I might as well mention some local fashion events that I have come across in my Internet travels. Made in Slovenia fashion showLocation: The beautiful CarluSept 14, 2005 at 5:30pm. On September 14, 2005, EuroBrand and Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia welcomes you to the “Made in Slovenia” fashion show. This free admission show features top fashion lines from Central Europe for the first time in North America.I just want to go to see inside The Carlu and for the free drinks, but it’s on my squash night so I can’t make it. Sign up quickly here as seating is limited. via Now There are many of events at Holt Renfrew at 50 Bloor Street West. Check the list out here. Some notable events are: Elle Macpherson unveils her new advertising campaign for Elle Macpherson Intimates, exclusively signing the campaign book & showcasing her new styles from the Fall 2005 Collection. Sept 10 1-2pm. Join u for an exclusive unveiling of the Balenciaga 2005 Holiday Bags and Made-To-Order Bag Collections. Sept 10 11am …

i want: Fall 2005 Handbags

I’ve come across some very cool handbags in the last few days.Missoni Velvet Satchel This bag is beautiful. I love everything about this bag. I love the colour scheme and pattern; the unusual shape and the hardware used for the clasp. This luxurious bag is made of black leather and velvet. Oscar de la Renta Embellished Suede Hobo This beauty is made of chocolate suede and has golden hardware. My favourite part of this bag is the engraved coins placed all over the body of the bag. It’s also big and slouchy, I love that. Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall Hobo Moss green nubuck with braided leather strap and top flap. Be & D Crawford Cruise Bag Here’s another slouchy hobo bag in cognac. I love the riveting on the leather shoulder strap. This bag comes in other colours like Chocolate, Oz Emerald/Lime, Plum/Cognac (next favorite colour) and Washed Apple Green Python. handbags, fashion

Personalized robot t-shirts

I’m a sucker for robots and all that kind of geekery. I discovered this website via web zen, that allows you to create your own cyborgname. Best of all you can get a cool looking t-shirt made and some icons for your website. I created a couple for my myself. Get Your Cyborg Name Get Your Cyborg Name I prefer the “geekigirl” acronym, it sounds better than the “anita” acronyn. A glorified help desk droid, come on now.

i want…

T-shirts from Threadless Threadless makes the coolest t-shirts. Some of my current wants are: The Family Portrait had to be rescheduled Water, just Water Fight The Brightlights Threadless looks to the public to submit designs. The Threadless Community votes for the T-shirts that will be printed and put up for sale. Threadless, Tshirts, shopping

Wanna Frock Grand Opening party

I was invited to a grand opening party for Toronto’s newest retailer, Wanna Frock. Situated in the Beaches, Wanna Frock carries only local designers. This was my first invite to a store opening and it was a fun time. The store space is fabulous and for you local film buffs it was a location in this movie. Here are a few choice pictures; you can view the full set here Wanna Frock carries accessories, clothing and jewelry. Designers include Amie Scott, Denise David, Bjoolz – Insanely Cool Jewelry and Untitled Clothing. I picked up 2 items that I will talk about later. Wanna Frock – map it!1378 Queen Street EastToronto, OntarioM4L 1C9 EDIT: Wanna Frock is closed

Gravity Pope, the place to get shoes…

While searching for a picture of my wonderful Luna’s, I stumbled across a Canadian shoe retailer out of Alberta. Gravity Pope is amazing! Their Diesel collection alone makes me drool. I have to admit Miss Sixty makes some great looking shoes. I had no idea, I hate their clothes but love their shoes, let’s check some out. Natasha – I would feel like seeing the Wizard in these shoes Sunset – beautiful short boot with a low heel. Low heels rock! River Buffalo – flat boot goodness Gravity Pope has reasonable shipping prices within Canada. I think I can see myself ordering from them in the near future. Other brands they carry include Adidas, Fly London, Camper, Keen, Puma, Fluevog, Gravis, Kenneth Cole, Kenzo, Tsubo, Vans, Marc Jacobs, Pucci, CYDWOQ and more. fashion, shoes, Miss Sixty

Diesel find of the year!!!

I love Diesel, especially their shoes. Today I was walking to a friend’s birthday party after a great game of squash. I had some time to kill so I walked through the Eaton Centre and then headed north on Yonge. The Aldo Shoe Outlet (map it!) was having a sandal sale so I decided to check it out. 20 bucks for sandals, you usually can’t go wrong. Well today I had no idea how lucky I would be. These beautiful Diesel mules were on sale for 20 DOLLARS and they were my size (in the purple, not green). I couldn’t believe my luck. I asked 2 sales associated just to be sure. Retail for these shoes is $159.99 (yes, that’s the real price). And yes, I got them for 20 DOLLARS, 20 FREAKIN’ DOLLARS. SCORE!!!!! I have 5 pairs of Diesel shoes currently (oops, 6 now) but these are my first Diesel heels, and I love them. I’m contemplating buying these beauties too Diesel shoes are very, very comfortable; you can walk forever in them. …

i want…

Purseket – Organize your handbag A Purseket is an organizer for your handbag. I carry a lot of things in my handbags. It’s always a bitch when it comes to find things like keys, wallet, lip balm…This handy insert however gives more pockets to put all your gear in. This is especially good in the “digital era”, as I often find myself carrying my digital camera, iPod, cell phone and sometimes my Clie. The only thing I don’t like about the Purseket is the colour options. However, I do like the cranberry. If you are interested in buying a Purseket (they are only available online) click on the banner handbags, purseket, organize

Shoppers get your hands on Toronto Life

A good guide to shopping in Toronto is published by Toronto Life magazine. I bought the 2005 Shopping Guide this year for the first time. You can find all kinds of shops to suit everyones style. For fashionistas, this guide is a must. It has a lot of entries and the catagories cover: fashion, beauty, home, garden, books and music. The guide should be available at your local magazine seller or online. There is an online version of the shopping guide, I am unsure of how much it differs from the print version. It is included in the City Guides section of the site. There is tons of great information that includes food, restaurants, fitness, kids, entertainment and getaways. I also just noticed a great little monthly shopping column on the site called The City’s best loot. toronto, shopping