i want: Debbie Pant by Ewanika

I’ve been obsession over the Debbie Pant by Toronto based designer Ewanika.

Debbie Pant by Ewanika

They look like a great convergence of style and function.  They got some room in the thigh and hips which I like a lot.  The pockets look like they sit flat, sometimes that style has a tendency to gape. I’m so glad that these roomier styles of pants are everywhere now. It’s perfect for track legs. 

I like that Ewanika uses customers as models.  This is Leslie Wormworth an Ewanika customer since 2001.

1083 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON

i want: An Ashley Rowe Limited Edition Splatter Paint T-shirt

An Ashley Rowe Limited Edition Splatter Paint T-shirt

I’m digging Ashley Rowe’s Limited Edition Splatter Paint T-shirt

The ASHLEY ROWE limited edition splatter paint t’s are the anticipated must-have of the FW10 season.
Choose from five unique styles, created by five guest designers and their unique inspiration & vision for the FW10 season.

Looking to customize your very own t? ashley@ashleyrowe.com for details

I also love that I know some of the five guest designers and I think they are pretty cool women. My favourite the bunch is The ALBANO. You can purchase them online for $125.

Corsage Project 2010

Corsage Project 2010

I learned about the Corsage Project way to late last year to post about it or volunteer. This year I’m on top of my game and I’ve volunteered already. I don’t know why this organization struck a chord with me so much. I went to my prom (I was one of those sole prom goers) and didn’t think much of it. Although it was fun talking to the teaching staff hammered out of my tree. Despite my ambivalent feeling about prom I knew I wanted to help out.

To provide formal gowns and accessories, free of charge, to Toronto area high school girls who are unable to purchase their own prom attire.

The Corsage Project was founded in 1999 as a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation. The founders believe that every high school girl should have the opportunity to celebrate the milestone of her high school graduation with pride and in style.

Students are identified through confidential referrals from school guidance counselors, Children’s Aid, youth, or social workers. Girls who are referred are formally invited to attend a ‘Boutique Ball’ in May where, assisted by a personal shopper, they select a gown of their choice, and shoes and accessories to match. This special day includes a make-up and hair consultation, a professional portrait, refreshments, and goodie bags.

Thanks to the dedication of our team, volunteers, community & corporate sponsors, we are now able to help 250 girls in the Greater Toronto area.

Are you Eligible?
You may be eligible for a free gown and accessories from The Corsage Project for prom night 2010. Check and see:

* You must be enrolled in a GTA high school and expect to graduate in the Spring of 2010.
* You will need to ask someone in your community (teacher, guidance counsellor, Children’s Aid worker, etc.) to act as your sponsor and put us in touch with you.
* You will need to provide us with your name and a way to get in touch with you.* Please note that the Boutique Ball is not open to the public or media and your privacy will be ensured.

You can apply to be a Corsage Girl on the Corsage Project website. They are still looking for Corporate Sponsorship for The Boutique Ball on Sunday, May 2, 2010. If you aren’t a corporation and still want to help out, you can make a donation to The Corsage Project.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I visited Fawn Boutique on the same day I visited Chasse Gardée. I went crazy with the Olympus E-PL1 and took a bunch of pictures of the spring 2010 new arrivals.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I talked to Kasha about the new items. She pointed out great pieces from newly acquired label SHIN, the Line Knitwear leather jackets, the new Complex Geometries and [Blank] denim.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I was drooling over pretty much everything in the store. It’s my favourite store in Toronto and I love Kasha’s buying. She is such a great curator of clothing.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I was wandering the streets with my friend Jaime Woo who captured some photos of me in Fawn .

967 Queen St W

i want: Celine Spring Summer 2010 Army Jacket

Celine Spring Summer 2010 Army Jacket

I was doing my regular rounds of Holt Renfrew Bloor Street with The Oracle a few weekends ago. We ran into Tommy Ton of JakandJil. I hadn’t seen Tommy since he started on his adventures during Men’s and Women’s fashion weeks so it was really good to catch up for a bit. I say this to everyone but Tommy is such a sweetheart.

The highlight of our catching up was me playing model in Celine for Tommy. I know, it’s pretty lame but simple pleasure right. I’ve always looked, touched and drooled over the Celine pieces in Holts but never dared to try anything on.   With Tommy Ton present I had the perfect excuse. He had me try on two army jackets and I’m posting about the one I really, really love. The jacket is “the sex”. There is something about well made designer goods that just feel like a dream on. If I had to cash to drop on this jacket, I probably would do it in a heartbeat, look at the back of it!!!!

photos: Tommy Ton for style.com

It seems Tommy is a little obsessed with the jacket as he snapped it a couple of times in his style.com post called JakAndJil’s Tommy Ton Calls Out His Favorite Off-Catwalk Trends. I honestly can’t blame him.

images: eastnews.ru, style.com

i want: Ruched Shoulder Dress by Lanvin ♥ Acne

I posted about the new Lanvin ♥ Acne 2010 collection for women previously on I want – I got. I really love the grey ruched shoulder dress the most out of the collection.

Ruched Shoulder Dress by Lanvin ♥ Acne

Ruched shoulder dress with a beautiful, feminine fit. The ruching sits over the left shoulder, with pleats running across the bust. The right shoulder is sleeveless. A zipper runs through the back of the dress.(source)

The dress is available online at shop.acnestudios.com

image: shop.acnestudios.com

Lanvin ♥ Acne 2010

Lanvin ♥ Acne 2010
The Lanvin Acne denim collaboration that started with the Spring 2009 collection continues. It must be a yearly endeavor because I was wondering when the next update would be. It looks like they cut out the Men’s version of the line as I don’t see it on the shop.acnestudios.com website.

Lanvin ♥ Acne 2010

I really like the draped denim dress, they really look like Lanvin pieces

I don’t think Holt Renfrew will be stocking this season of Lanvin ♥ Acne after seeing how many pieces were left at Now or Never time and Last Call. But I will confirm for sure. You can purchase the Lanvin ♥ Acne 2010 collection at the Acne Online Shop.

images: shop.acnestudios.com

i want: Spring 2010 Danier Leather Jackets

Spring 2010 Danier Leather Jackets

Danier keeps stepping it up. They’ve created a more fashion forward lineup of jackets which really surprised and pleased me. I spent many years walking into The Path location wanting to buy a leather jacket and not seeing anything I would wear. Finally with Fall 2009, I filled my wardrobe with some leather staples from Danier. I love my classic black motorcycle jacket and leather leggings.

Spring 2010 Danier Leather Jackets

Fall was very dark and Spring 2010 at Danier is the opposite, full of colour. I’m craving the blue and the yellow leather jackets from Danier.  A great addition now that I have the standard black; it’s time to play around a bit.

Fall merchandise is being cleared out of Danier stores right now.  Expect to see the Spring 2010 items in the store by the end of the month.

images: courtesy of Danier Leather

Marni x Current Elliot Fall 2010

Marni x Current Elliot Fall 2010
Marni and Current Elliot have teamed up for denim collaboration for Fall 2010. Marni designer, Consuelo Castiglioni, was given free reign to design denim that fit with the Marni aesthetic. This is her first denim line

Dyes and washes span from light azure to indigo and from faded to saturated. A few styles will be sold with a black cotton belt that Castiglioni likes knotted as a ribbon. Other details include cloth borders, either press studded or piped in leather. Retail prices for the Marni-Current Elliott jeans range from $250 to $500 and will be carried in Marni stores starting in June.

This denim gives me visions of chunky boots and rolled up cuffs. I’d pair them with an oversized tshirt and my Final Fashion docs or any of the shorter boots in my closet.

via WWD.com

images: WWD.com

geekiviews: bamjamz sleep and lounge wear

bamjamz sleep and lounge wear Sweet Dreamz
bamjamz Sweet Dreamz print

bamjamz send me a tank top in the Sweet Dreamz print from their new line of sleep/lounge wear for review. The line consists of tanks, tunics, shorts, leggings, tshirts and pants. I was interested because bamjamz is Toronto based and they use bamboo fabric. I’m a big fan of bamboo.

bamjamzâ„¢ is the latest concept from GUATS Soft Goodsâ„¢ founders Brad Rudin and Adrian Kraizel, that has redefined the concept of “pyjamas” through a fun, sexy and adventurous concept designed to fit the lifestyle of the modern woman – urban, active and spiritual. Made from the softest, coziest bamboo stretch blend fabric, bamjamzâ„¢ delivers a new dimension in natural comfort and performance. This remarkable sustainable and easy to care for fabric breathes, regulates temperature, wicks moisture, controls odour and is hypoallergenic. Sourced from organic and FSC certified bamboo, bamjamzâ„¢ is an all-Canadian collection, having been created in Toronto, designed by Vancouver’s Carol Fergusson and manufactured in Vancouver, with fabric knitted in Montreal.

Bamboo is a soft fabric and it’s one of the reasons why I like it so much. I’ve never slept in bamboo so I expected the experience to be like my usual tshirt and sweatpants routine. It’s true the bamboo regulates temperature. This was the first thing I noticed after the first sleep. In the winter I’m either too hot or too cold. I didn’t wake up cold and sweaty with bamjamz, I really liked this about the garment. The small fit perfect too and then I washed it. I should have hanged it to dry but I threw it into the dryer and it shrunk a bit. I did want to see how the tank would stand up to wash and dry cycles. The tank was just as soft.

bamjamz sleep and lounge wear Bella Donna
bamjamz Bella Donna print

The only complaint I have is the Sweet Dreamz print. I reminds me of Ed Hardy and it really turns me off.  Even the use of z instead of s irks me.  The fabric, fit and function are great but I wouldn’t purchase anything with this print on it. I wouldn’t wear it outside my home either.  Ed Hardy is quite popular so my dislike of this print might just be a case of  I’m not the target demo. Thankfully there is another print called Bella Donna which I think is much superior when compared.

bamjamz is available exclusively at Holt Renfrew. The Sweet Dreams tank is $74. Prices range from approx $65 – $100.

images: bamjamz.com

DSQUARED² x Holt Renfrew

DSQUARED² x Holt Renfrew

Lots of collaborations coming out of Holt Renfrew. Just this week I posted about the exclusive Marc by Marc Jacobs tshirt. Today it’s DSQUARED² creating a limited edition Canadian pride hoodie. They are celebrating the collaboration in Vancouver during the Olympics.

DSQUARED², synonymous with trend-setting fashion and imaginative designs, will introduce a limited-edition fleece hoodie paying homage to Dean & Dan’s Canadian roots. An event to celebrate the exclusive collaboration between DSQUARED² and Holt Renfrew is slated to take place on Saturday, February 13, at Holt Renfrew’s Vancouver location, located at 737 Dunsmuir Street, between the hours of 5PM and 7PM.

The inspiration for this limited edition piece stems from Canadian pride. The hoodie, which retails for $350 CAD, captures Dean and Dan’s all-original and playful sense of style. “Keep it warm. Keep it real. Keep it Canada,” says Dean and Dan Caten, Creative Directors of DSQUARED². “And don’t ever let them see you sweat… in a sweatshirt!”

DSQUARED² x Holt Renfrew

I had a little sticker shock when I heard the price, $350. I don’t know why I’m surprised considering it’s DSQUARED² and I know their price points. The sweatshirt is available now at the Montreal, Bloor, Calgary and Vancouver stores.

P.S. Dean and Dan will also be running with the torch on the morning of February 10 at approximately 11:50 AM in North Vancouver. – Thank you for letting me know DSQUARED² PR.

images: courtesy of Holt Renfrew

i want: Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

Browsing cyanatrendland.com lead me to Christopher Raeburn. I love these spring 2010 jackets. They are so colourful and making use of the sheer trend.

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

Christopher Raeburn is a young British fashion designer, known for creating ethically-aware men’s and womenswear collections that are original in design. Utilising re-appropriated military fabrics, Christopher Raeburn creates garments that are functional, intelligent and meticulously crafted.

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

A graduate from London’s prestigious Royal College of Arts in 2006, Raeburn is fast becoming known for his pioneering work towards the future of ethical design.

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

Christopher Raeburn’s collections are highlighted for their intelligent design, high quality and extreme attention to detail. Staunchly British, all Raeburn garments are proudly ‘Remade in England’ and produced in East London.

Christopher Raeburn has jackets for both men and women. I’ve posted some of each here because I liked both styles. The colours are so vibrant. The jackets just scream fun times to me. I really like the way they pop in these trade show photos I found on the Christopher Raeburn blog.

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2010 Jackets

These booths would be magnets to me.  I would be drawn by the bright colour and fabric.  Of course, there are no Canadian outlets for Christopher Raeburn but you can purchase online at the webshop.

images: remadeinengland.blogspot.com, christopherraeburn.co.uk

Marc by Marc Jacobs Loves Holt Renfrew

A magenta bag was waiting for me when I returned home from work on Friday.  I love unexpected deliveries from Holt Renfrew.  I removed the grey and white tissue paper and was greeted by a black, white and pink box.  I saw the tell tale jumbled letters, it was Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Loves Holt Renfrew

I was right, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Holt Renfrew teamed up to create a limited edition tshirt celebrating the winter season.  I absolutely adore that the scene takes place on a chairlift.  It’s a pretty cute tshirt.  I’m wearing an x-small in the photo.  I would have preferred a small just for some extra room.  However, the x-small is comfy, soft and not claustrophobic in anyway.  Breathing isn’t an issue in this shirt.

The tshirts are available only at Holt Renfrew all across the country.  The box comes with it too but there are limited quantities available.  It’s pretty sturdy and I plan on storing some jewellery in it.  Danielle from Final Fashion tweeted about her package and asked an important question, Who is Marc’s artist?  Do you know?