Holt Renfrew Style Rules with David Donohue


After the Philip Sparks Spring 2010 show, I headed over to Holt Renfrew for their Style Rules event. The guest speaker was David Donohue, a professional car racer. We were also introduced to the new four door Porsche sedan, the Panamera.


I’m a huge Porsche fan. My dream car is a Porsche 911 Targa. It’s been my dream car for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, I’m not an owner yet. When I heard the Panamera was a four door, I was a little skeptical. However, after listening to David and Porsche Canada’s president talk about the car I began to change. The unveiling sold me, it’s not too bad. It’s larger than the two door models but smaller than the Cayenne. It has all the bells and whistles anyone with money could wish for.


They opened the car up and let the guests take a look inside. It was drool worthy. In the end, my favourite car is still the 911 Targa. The Panamera is nice, but not the kind of car I would buy if I had the money.



There were so many men at this event.  It was refreshing as I don’t normally see that many suits in a room outside of my usual haunts, the financial district. It was also nice that there was plenty of Moet . 🙂


Fame! I’m Going to Live Forever


So, I received an invitation to the Fame movie premier after party. The Bathurst Theater was setup to resemble the school from Fame. Dancers and actors occupied different rooms of the theater that represented singing, dancing and theater. The rooms had various things to keep the guests happy.


In one room you could make a music video, just like Canada’s Wonderland. They tried to get us up to sing and act silly, we chose not to.



Another room had this awesome mobile flipbook creating studio from Party Impressions. You had 7 seconds to make a video that would be recreated flipbook style. It was so much fun. Most people stuck to the dancing around theme, but some got creative. I like to think the flipbook Natalie and I made was pretty damn good.


The appetizers going around were old high school classics like mac and cheese, grilled cheese and meatloaf. The organizers did a great job of keeping the atmosphere correct.








I never did get to screen the film as the screening was “sold out”. I’ll wait till it comes out on TMN.

FASHION Magazine’s Men’s Fall Style Special Event

FASHION Magazine's Men's Fall Style Special Event
FASHION Magazine's Men's Fall Style Special Event

I attended the FASHION Magazine’s Men’s Fall Style Special Event last week. I brought The Grumpy Owl with me since he sometimes concerns himself with fashionable things.


The party was to celebrate the launch of the FASHION Magazine’s Men’s Fall Style Special supplement. It’s a magazine created by the Fashion Magazine team dedicated to men’s fashion. There were cigars and a small cigar lounge setup outside. The Grumpy Owl bought a nice cigar and enjoyed it on the patio.



There were canapes and drinks at the party but we were also treated to a Hugo Boss Fall 2009 fashion show.


The Men’s Fashion Fall 2009 supplement is pretty good. I love the product offering and the way they are displayed. There is also a long article demystifying men’s grooming by Andrew Sardone. I LOVE the men’s editorial though. Here are two images to get your hungry to find it.

Men's Fashion Fall 2009 by Fashion Magazine
FASHION Magazine's Men's Fall Style Special
Men's Fashion Fall 2009 by Fashion Magazine
FASHION Magazine's Men's Fall Style Special

Holt Renfrew Launches Vignettes


Holt Renfrew Launches Vignettes was their TIFF party this year.

The launch party for Vignettes will take place on Saturday, September 12 from 9 PM – 1 AM at Toronto’s Burroughes Building with a performance by The Stills and a special introduction by Coco Rocha. Holt Renfrew is also very proud to announce that the host of MTV USA’s IT’S ON Alexa Chung will be the special guest DJ for the evening.

What the hell are Vignettes? Well Holt Renfrew created some short films for their men’s and women’s collections this season.

The night was also the debut of my custom made leather dress from Mi Concept. It was a hit. I paired it with Luxury Rebel booties, YSL clutch and a Fizz Amethyst Ring borrowed from the Swarovski lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel.


It was a fun evening and I got to reconnect with a lot of fashion friends I missed while away. I didn’t take a lot of photos. I didn’t talk to Coco but I stared at her a lot. She’s flawless. I also managed to snap this photo on my blackberry of Coco talking to Philip. That’s about as close as I got to her. She was wearing Greta Constantine, a sneak preview of Spring 2010 from what I’m told.


There are some photos on the Fashion Magazine website and I’m included too.

Now, isn’t this the cutest picture of Philips Sparks and I.


images: courtesy of Holt Renfrew, Paul Baik, me

The Last Gay Bash

It was the end of an era, the final Gay Bash was held on June 28, 2009. Gay Bash was the party where everyone from the House of Helder got together and danced, drank and ate. It was always fun seeing what the kids were up to style-wise and catching some impromptu dance routines. The last installment was no different. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

IMGP4044 IMGP4045 IMGP4098 IMGP4050 IMGP4051 IMGP4126 IMGP4058 IMGP4067 IMGP4081 IMGP4053 IMGP4120 IMGP4049 IMGP4124 IMGP4102

Eleven Opening with Fashion Magazine


Eleven Boutique and Fashion Magazine teamed up to put on an official opening party for the newest women’s fashion shop in Yorkville. There was an official ribbon cutting ceremony a few weeks ago. I was invited but couldn’t attend. Eleven carries Lundström, Joeffer Caoc and Thien Le. The selection from the Lundström collection is massive, so this should be your first stop when looking for anything Lundström.


I got to meet Linda Lundström for the first time, as well as Thien Le. At this point, I had not seen any Thien Le gowns in person. I saw his golf collection at SS08 fashion week. Upstairs there were a few women playing dress up in Thien Le and Lundström. After chatting with Thien Le he twisted my arm and I decided to play dress up in a few of his dresses.



Eleven has a great selection of jewellery. I was very impressed with the offerings.

IMGP3799 IMGP3795
IMGP3804 IMGP3815

Eleven Boutique
116 Cumberland Street
Toronto, Ontario

SOL(e)D! aka Anita’s Birthday Party

I’m celebrating my birth with one of my favourite magazines, the Worn Fashion Journal. Join me and the Worn Team celebrate the closing of the ART & SOLE exhibition.

SOL(e)D! aka Anita's Birthday Party

The ART & SOLE exhibition (May 21 – June 6) will feature twenty-four interpretations of that understated fash classic, Keds. The exhibit will close with a v. fashionable gala (cocktails! hor d’oevres! 1960s Motown/Stax/Hi Records music courtesy of Shake a Tail DJs!) and live auction fundraiser which will give our readers the chance to bid on these wonderful creations, with a portion of proceeds supporting Fashion Cares (in support of ACT).

The animated image above displays some of the shoes in the collection. Attendees of SOL(e)D! will also have access to all exhibits in the museum, cheap drinks and free food. Tickets are $28 and also include 2 year subscription to WORN. Tickets can be purchased online SOL(e)D! Tickets or in person at the following stores:

  • Winkle, 1107 Queen Street East
  • Left Feet, 88 Nassau Street
  • Frou Frou, 1616 Queen Street West

If you see any shoes you like there is an auction and you can try to get them for yourself. Out of the ones I’ve seen these are a couple of my favourites:

SOL(e)D  dollie

SOL(e)D threads

SOL(e)D platform

The Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor St. W
June 6, 2009 – doors open at 7pm, Auction at 9pm, Dancing from 10 – 1am.

Hopefully you can join me celebrating shoes, Sonia Bata, Worn Fashion Journal and me on Saturday.

images courtesy of Worn Fashion Journal

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms presented Platinum: Live at the Red Bull Gallery Space. The event was hosted by Nelly Furtado and celebrated the band’s forthcoming release *Greatest Hits*, which comes out on Furtado’s newly launched, Nelstar Music on July 7, 2009. The party was billed as:

an intimate, invitation only event that will bring together the best and the brightest in music, fashion, television and other media. The showcase will be hosted by Furtado and feature a live full concert performance and installation from FH&TP featuring stage costumes by Greta Constantine and all-star pre (and post) shows with surprise special guest DJs. “Platinum Edition” will also feature a concept boutique with designs by the band’s favorite local design talent. Designers confirmed to participate in creating these one-of-kind pieces are: Greta Constantine, Jeremy Laing, Tommy Ton (of Jak&Jil.com), Oligarchy, Label, Nada Designs, Franke for Chasse Gardée, Jaime Galindo and Hoibo. Fritz Helder &the Phantoms will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the limited edition garments to the *Fashion Cares (Aids Committee of Toronto) fund. This event also serves as a showcase for the great work of ACT Toronto/ Fashion Cares as well as its on-going relationship with the fashion and music communities. (See more about the designer collaboration.)

Getting prepped with Stephen
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

The planning for the event started a week ago when I got a message from Greta Constantine telling me I need to get GCified before the show. I certainly wasn’t going to turn that down. I wasn’t sure what I would be wearing but I was very excited to figure that out with Kirk and Stephen. Turns out I was going to wear the Anita dress sample, straight from the factory floor, to the studio and on my body.

Hanging at the Greta Studios Pre FH&TP
The Anita Dress in all it's glory

The studio is on the fifth floor and there is no elevator. It would almost be a complete death march until you realize that this is good for their curve hugging outfits. So you accepted it, grudgingly until you hit that fifth floor landing and it’s like heaven. I went in for a fitting on Thursday and tried on a similar dress to Anita but it has sleeves. It fit like a dream but that is standard practice in a Greta Constantine piece. I liked the version in sleeves which is called Jocelyn. The dress arrived Friday afternoon so i brought my accessories and makeup to the office and headed to the studio right after work.

Hanging at the Greta Studios Pre FH&TP
More of the GC entourage.

After the studio it was off to the Red Bull Gallery Space. I had no idea this place even existed. It’s above the Gap and it’s a nice little venue. My only complaint is that it was too hot with all the people. The patio was quite nice too, lots of wood and atmosphere.

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVEFritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

We were treated to a new type of Fritz Helder & The Phantoms. They have finally rounded out their sound with a bassist and drummer. Hurrah! As usual, FH&TP kicked ass. I’m a huge fan as many readers of this blog know. The Max Mad inspired outfits by Greta Constantine were amazing. I got to preview them during my fitting and I was jumping around like a school girl. Belts, leather, goat hair, codpieces, grommets, studding, denim and distressed tshirts oh my. Look at the slideshow, there are tons of shots for you to drool over.

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE
Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

We escaped to the dressing room upstairs halfway through the performance and watched it from above the stage. We missed the dance number but trusty Paul was there to get a bunch of great shots.

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: Platinum Edition LIVE

As a bonus I have the “Lagerfeld Lady” Dragonette Remix for your enjoyment. Download it here or hit play and enjoy.

The eclectic mix of Toronto’s music and fashion worlds have collided on Dragonette’s remix of Fritz Helder & The Phantom’s “Lagerfeld Lady”. Dragonette, the London-by-way-of-Canada quartet, substituted the band’s signature blend of pulsating synths with a lounge-inspired blend of piano, flutes and sax. It’s as though Lily Allen, Prince, and the Rat Pack made a baby.

images: Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got www.paulbaikphoto.com

SpinTO Wrapup

SpinTO May 15, 2009
SpinTO hosts flanking my outfit inspiration - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Say Yeah

SpinTO was a hell of a party. It a lot of fun hanging out with friends, drinking and dancing. The night also raised $15,000 for Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. Hurrah!

SpinTO May 15, 2009
Drag Queen, a muse and a friend - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Rannie Turingan

Here is my little wrap up post with photos care of Rannie Turingan and Say Yeah.

SpinTO May 15, 2009
The night didn't start with the wig, but it ended with one - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Say Yeah

First off my SpinTO outfit. It was a pain in the ass to figure it out. At first I had the idea of gold, going with the Solid Gold theme. I had some items from American Apparel all picked out thanks to The Oracle, but decided against it. American Apparel gold lame really makes me ill. I needed something else.

SpinTO May 15, 2009
Dancing with my inspiration - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Say Yeah

I didn’t have time to vintage shop and my choices for a good gold costume were dwindling. I finally talked to my friend Jaime Woo and he said he was going in a speedo. It snapped, the inspiration: I’m gonna wear a swimsuit.

SpinTO May 15, 2009
BFF - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Rannie Turingan

There were a bunch of incarnations of the swimsuit based outfit: the swimsuit and booty short combo; swimsuit and sarong combo; the swimsuit alone. The swimsuit is Matthew Williamson from H&M. I also bought the leggings at the same time. The intention wasn’t to wear them together, but as I was getting ready the idea popped in my head.

SpinTO May 15, 2009
Loved, loved, loved the boys in Drag. The makeup on the left is perfect - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Rannie Turingan

There wasn’t many people dressed up for the party, so when I walked in the door of the Mod Club it was a shock. Oh well, I said to myself, this isn’t the first time I’ve made a spectacle of myself. Lets do this. However, there were some people who dressed up and I loved them for it.

SpinTO May 15, 2009
Rayanne goes menswear and we love it too - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Rannie Turingan
SpinTO May 15, 2009
We also love Bad Luck Boys - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Rannie Turingan

The night was debauchery with lots of drinking, de-panting and hookups. I managed to wrangle a wig at the end of the night. Oh, wait till next year! You can see more photos from SpinTO at the flickr SpinTO pool and Rannie Turingan.

SpinTO May 15, 2009
My inspiration and his coordinating female counterpart with the drag queen with awesome makeup - SpinTO May 15, 2009 by Rannie Turingan

The party is over and $15,000 was raised for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. It’s a great start, but the fundraising hasn’t stopped. Head on over to SpinTO.ca and donate. Fundraising goes until race day

Brunch at La Perlerie

Fruit Boat

I was invited to a unique brunch event at La Perlerie a bead boutique and flameworking studio in the west end of Toronto. It was a way for Susan Nagy, owner of La Perlerie to reach out to several tastemakers in the city and talk to us about what she does at the boutique.

Brunchers choosing their necklaces

La Perlerie bead boutique and flameworking studio features hand-made flameworked beads made in house, semi-precious stones, woods, resins, glass and Austrian crystal. They also do custom jewllery work where they work closely with the client to come up with the design for any occasion or use.

Susan Nagy sculptural neckpieces

Susan Nagy sculptural neckpieces

Susan has also launched her first collection of sculptural neckpieces using a combination of wireworking techniques and handmade glass beads.

Flameworking in progress

Flameworking in progress

La Perlerie also offers courses in Glass Beadmaking. Classes are taught by renowned Flameworking Artist and Jewellery Designer – Nadia Tasci. La Perlerie is working hand-in-hand with Sterling Silver Artist Karen Lamont of Citrus (www.citrussilver.com), to provide customers with a truly unique gift of a Sterling Silver Pendant, hand-stamped with words of the customer’s choosing.

La Perlerie necklace

During the brunch we were presented with a showcase full of necklaces and was told that there was one for each of us. We gathered around the showcase (very civilized too) and chose our necklaces. Karen then hand stamped words of our choosing on silver pendants to add to the necklace. I chose the words: Anita, I want – I got, geekigirl. They made sense as it represented the reason why I was at this lovely brunch and was receiving this beautiful necklace.


La Perlerie – Bead Boutique and Flamework Studio is in the business of creating treasures to last a lifetime. Offering high quality beads and materials, La Perlerie works with clients to design and create unique and fashionable jewellery and accessories. As of January 2009, La Perlerie is also the home of the West End’s only Glass Beadmaking Studio. With group and private instruction available, la Perlerie welcomes individuals, friends and parties. Requests for commissioned work are welcome. For more information, visit www.laperlerie.ca
La Perlerie is located at 401 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario M6S3Z6, just north of Bloor West Village.

See all photos from the event.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Launch at Jezebel

Alison  Joe and MJ
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - Alison Joe and MJ

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer held it’s launch last week at the new club, Jezebel. I attended to because I’m always interested in getting myself into Jezebel and see some fashion friends that would be in attendance. This year Joe Fresh Style is selling the shirts for $12 at all Joe Fresh locations.

Amanda and Kristin
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - Amanda and Kristin

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) began as the fashion industry’s response to breast cancer – a widely recognized effort that raises public awareness and funds to support breast cancer research, education and patient care. Inspired by Ralph Lauren in memory of his late friend Nina Hyde, The Washington Post columnist who died of breast cancer, the campaign centres around the sale of Target apparel reminding women to “target” their breast health. The target has been worn by such fashion icons as Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer firemen

Since its launch, FTBC has become the worldwide fashion community’s singular and most successful response to breast cancer. This incredibly simple and powerful awareness campaign has raised over $1.4 million in Canada alone over the past 8 years. Rethink Breast Cancer is the organization and inspiration behind FTBC Canada.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - The girls give us a show

Since Jezebel is a burlesque bar we were treated to a few dances. The girls were okay but they were no Dita. I think the concept of the bar is cute and I’m hoping that there are dancers in Toronto that will make us stand up and take notice.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - Getting interviewed
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - The cupcakes

My favourite part of the night was the cupcakes. I think I had five of them, LOL.

Photos by Tom Sandler provided by Rock It Promotions.

Bombay Sapphire Private Evening in Rosedale

Some of the spices that go into Bombay Sapphire. It's also etched into every bottle.

I have to admit, I get invited to some pretty cool things. I LOVE IT! The latest adventure was a little lesson in sophisticated entertaining by Bombay Sapphire Gin courtesy of Ian Barr of Rocket XL (I want – I got loves you Ian). The group was about 40 people including familiar faces from twitter (Rannie, Sass who is oh so sassy, Jaime Woo, Andrew Louis, Suresh, Marie) and the fashion world.

Bombay Sapphire Private Evening in Rosedale
The pool people. The pool.

The venue, 49 Nanton Avenue, the former home of Ted Rogers Sr. It was incredible to say the least. The Globe and Mail has a great slideshow from when the house went up for sale. It looks a little different with the new owners, it’s spectacular. The backyard area is the same and that pool is the most fabulous thing I’ve ever seen; non chlorinated and a lovely 80-85 degrees. Yes people, it was heated to perfection. I wanted to strip down and jump in.

Teaching the art of sophisticated entertaining was Merlin Griffiths, Master Mixologist and Bombay Sapphire Global Brand Ambassador. Merlin is English and of course, I was swooning over the accent. I’m such a sucker for accents.

Merlin Griffiths, Master Mixologist and Bombay Sapphire Global Brand Ambassador

Award-winning UK mixologist, Merlin Griffiths has the enviable role of global brand ambassador for Bombay Sapphire Gin travelling the world demonstrating the art of mixology and the many ways in which Bombay Sapphire can be used to create incredible cocktails.

On the food preparation side was Sebastien Centner, Senior Partner, Eatertainment.

Sebastien Centner, Senior Partner, Eatertainment

Sebastien Centner is the Senior Partner of Eatertainment Hospitality. Eatertainment has created and continues to operate some of Toronto’s most celebrated (and celebrity-frequented) restaurants including The Bloor Street Diner and Panorama Lounge, winner of Where Magazine’s “Best Bar in Toronto” award. In 2001, Sebastien launched Eatertainment Special Events & Catering, which has grown to be one of Canada’s top event planning and catering companies and was awarded ‘Best Caterer in Canada’ by the Canadian Event Industry Association.

Sebastien and Merlin brought us into the huge kitchen and created drinks and food. Merlin provided some drop dead simple recipes for drinks. Sebastien prepared some great party foods and included some presentation tricks to make visually appealing. There were samples of the food and drinks passed around to all to enjoy.

Sass stirring a martini

Bombay Sapphire has a YouTube page that has recipes by another Mater Mixologist who alas isn’t my fav Merlin. There is also a Bombay Sapphire Facebook page. I’ve been a Bombay Sapphire drinker for awhile now, ha ha, back in the Gin and Juice days.

View the slideshow for all the images.

Italy at Your Feet VIP Cocktail

I was invited to the “Italy at Your Feet” VIP cocktail, presented by Browns, the Italian Trade Commission (I.C.E) and ANCI (Associazione Nazionale Calzaturieri Italiani) by Fashion Magazine. It was hosted by Browns at the flagship Bloor street location. It was a great excuse to celebrate Italian shoes, drink Prosecco and eat delicious, delicious prosciutto.

Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
An attendee tries some some studded sandals
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Interviewing Browns Staff for Cosmo TV
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Tanya Kim and friend
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Me and Adrian Mainella
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Danielle of Final Fashion
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Models working it
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail by Paul Baik
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail by Paul Baik
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Andrew and Maha
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail
Italy at Your Feet, FASHION Magazine's VIP cocktail by Paul Baik

See the complete slideshow

Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got

LG Innovators’ Ball Femme Fatale Photos

I was invited to the LG Innovators’ Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue. The party was held at the Ontario Science Center and although the TTC ride back home was a complete disaster and took way longer than expected it was a really great time. I also ran into an old high school friend who I literally haven’t seen in like 15 years.

When we arrived we were sent wandering around the Science Center before some nice man with a walkie talkie grabbed us and escorted us down to the check in desk. Danielle had forgotten her ticket but we didn’t need them. It was funny because both of our names were highlighted on the sheet. We were LG VIPs (very nice) and had access to the lounge. It was a raised area with seating towards the back of the main room with easy access to a bar. It was nice to sit down towards the end of the night because there wasn’t any seats otherwise.

It was a black tie event and most of the women wore gowns of some sort and the men were in suits. A few were in tuxedos which I loved. I wore a dress that is a knock off Lanvin and my Chloe bootie. I think I actually saw someone with

LG Innovators' Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue

LG Innovators' Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue
Sitting on glowing keys

See the version Danielle took.

The view from the LG VIP lounge
The Telus vault girls
Danielle and Carolyn
LG Innovators' Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue
Loved the napkins
I loved this woman's dress a lot. I had to get a picture with her
Acting silly in cutout characters
LG Innovators' Ball Femme Fatale: An Evening of Intrigue
Danielle, Alex and me

There is a collection of official photos from the event which you can view.

Take More Photos has a photo of me with Danielle at Innovators Ball among his set.

Buy Design 2009 – Post Party Pictures

Buy Design, the fundraiser for WindFall Clothing Service took place on Saturday.

The theme was Space, particularly Barbarella’s version of space. Think 60’s mod, block colours, go-go boots, short skirts and tights.

I decided to channel The Great Tyrant who was played by Anita Pallenberg.

Anita Pallenberg - the Great TyrantAnita Pallenberg - the Great Tyrant

This was the result.

Anita gets interviewed at Buy Design

Here I am getting interviewed for what I think is the Space TV show, The Circuit. It will air at 7:30PM on Friday, April 24, 2009.

I’m still fiddling with a loner camera and it wasn’t cooperating on Saturday. I’ve relied on photos from friends. Enjoy.

Buy Design for Windfall 2009

Buy Design for Windfall

Buy Design for Windfall 2009

BUY DESIGN, Windfall’s annual charity gala, is revolutionizing the party scene with a creative social media campaign and a night promising out-of-this world indulgences. For its sixth year, Windfall’s space-themed affair will have guests dancing to a supernova of ’60s mod music with host, Adrian Mainella of CBC’s Fashion File. Praised as a top Toronto event by BizBash magazine, BUY DESIGN is the universe’s best party since the Big Bang. Shooting down to earth Saturday, April 18th at 8PM in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District, BUY DESIGN supports Windfall, Canada’s only NEW clothing and basic-needs bank.


BUY DESIGN’s galaxy-renowned live and silent auctions bring in donations that will sate fashionistas, foodies and culture lovers alike. Earthly possessions up for bid include Jenny Bird handbags, a $1000 H&M shopping spree and gift certificates to the city’s best restaurants, spas, and salons. Be there for the curtained reveal and get first bid on items – from roundtrip Via Rail tickets to Montreal and autographed NHL and NFL jerseys, to one of a kind couture from Doll Factory by Damzels.

Stop by the sci-fi Beauty Lab and get glam amongst beauticians in lab coats and beakers overflowing with luxury beauty products from brands such as Smashbox, Boss, Cargo and L’Oréal. Satisfy your astronomical appetite and indulge in delectable mini beef burgers, herb crusted lamb chops and sweet potato fries courtesy of Encore catering. Top off the night with BUY DESIGN’s exclusive take home treasures thanks to the evening’s generous sponsors.


BUY DESIGN is harnessing super social media power to get Toronto suited up and ready for blast off. Intergalactic femme fatale BuyBarella is all atwitter about being the official muse of BUY DESIGN. Follow BuyBarella’s every move on Twitter and you will be automatically entered to WIN tickets for you and 3 friends: www.twitter.com/buybarella. With insider scoop on haute auction items and exclusive party details, BuyBarella is this planet’s best resource for up-to-the minute BUY DESIGN news.

Windfall, the evening’s beneficiary, is an award-winning charity that distributes more than $10 million (retail) worth of NEW clothing and other basic-needs items annually. Through partnerships with over 90 social services agencies – from shelters for abused women and their children, to reception centres for refugees and supportive housing for disabled people – Windfall reaches out to the Greater Toronto Area’s neediest citizens.

Tickets on sale now: $75, or 6 for the price of 5!

image buydesignforwindfall.ca

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms – nuff said

Fritz Helder & the Phantoms performed at their CD release party last night and rocked the Great Hall with a flawless, awe inspiring performance. These guys are going to be big. If you weren’t there last night, you ain’t vogue baby. In my humble opinion this is the only relevant band in fashion right now, period.

I spotted a lot of fashion people taking part: my designer crush that I never talk to Jeremy Laing, Krane designer Ken Chow, one half of Juma and I want – I got fan Jamil, fashion hero Sonja Andic of TSF, industry insider Gail McInnes, the very sweet Shinan Govani of the National Post, stylist and birthday girl Jessica Tjeng and Project Runway Canada alum Michael Hatley. I’m sure there were others too, I either didn’t know who you were or I didn’t see you.

After the show was the after party at the Social where we were treated to another show Village People style. It was awesome. I want a big feather headdress now!


Their CD is out now and it’s awesome. Pick it up and then get you ass to the next live show. You won’t be disappointed.

Lagerfeld Lady – listen to it now.

Circa Nightclub


I got a sneak peek yesterday while they were finishing up. Today will be the grand VIP opening, what to wear?



Check out some other pictures at another T.O blog, Long Overdew.

We’ll miss you Hannah!

This past weekend I was invited to Hannah Melville of Wonderlust last pool party in Oakville. She is moving back home to Vancouver with her husband Jordan. It was an amazing time and I had a blast.
Wendy from House of Spy, me and Hannah

We were lucky enough to be entertained by DJ Jelo and DeadMaus, some of Toronto’s hottest DJs. Jelo is known world wide too. It was pretty awesome to have him spinning at such an intimate venue. It was like South Beach!

Thanks to Danielle for taking what is now my favourite picture of myself. The suit, by Vix Swimwear is one of my I wants from wayback.
Anita at Hannah

Have a safe trip back home to Vancouver Hannah and Jordan. I’ll be out West next year for my annual Whistler Trip!

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The camera loves me

I’m going to be on tv again. This has been the year of the television appearances for yours truly. People are even telling me that I should change careers, lol. I hate tv though, and after being on it I still hate it. Doesn’t matter what you do, you always end up looking like an idiot. I was glad they left the snorting laugh after the technosexual description in the Citytv International CK in2u clip, that was hilarious. I’m not nervous or anything in front of the camera but it’s surreal. That being said, I probably wouldn’t turn down another interview, what the hell is the matter with me? Opening Soon and Citytv International were two strange, out of the blue, random things that happen on the fly short. The filming of both clips took place over a 24hr period.

I will be on Opening Soon by Design on HGTV. It all stems from this article I wrote for blogTO on Aiyoku Cardio Lounge. In that post I write

It’s Thursday night and I’m on my way to Liberty Village for the opening of a new boutique gym. These types of specialized gyms are popping up all over the city looking to bring in people who don’t particularly like the environment Goodlife or YMCA offers. As I walk into the basement of the Carpet Factory building, I’m asked to sign a wavier before entering. It seems there is a television crew filming the opening party. I’m a little surprised to find this out and sign it, believing that I’ll keep myself out of sight during my stay.

My strategy didn’t work and I got surprised while I was salivating over the new Precor treadmills and ellipticals. It was a really great party and everyone was super nice. I can’t wait to see the show because I heard stories about putting the place together. I was chatting with one of the contractors and we bonded over world war 2. It was actually quite touching.

Anyways, here is the airing schedule.

Monday, March 26, 9:30 PM EST

Tuesday, March 27, 12:30 AM EST

Tuesday, March 27, 3:30 AM EST

Monday, April 2, 3:00 AM EST

If anyone has the ability to record this show and send it to me please do, It would be grand. (is it illegal to ask, eep :O)

Yes, that picture is of me. This post is about me, so I needed a picture of me. I decided to use the funniest picture of me I had. This is also one of my favourites of me. It was taken by my friend Paul Baik. Where the hell are the rest of the photos Paul?

Nike & Goodfoot presents Joga Bonito

Last night I attended a party at Goodfoot. A really cool Joga Bonito installation was done by Virus. There was also an advanced preview of Nike’s Motion Capture Court Force. Yes, it was a shoe opening, LOL. Free booze and nibbles though.

I spent most of my time looking at people’s shoes. Let me tell you there was a lot nice sneakers in the place. Nike was the dominate shoe of choice. It was also funny to see grown men get upset when they noticed someone else wearing their shoes or choice accessory of the night. LOL, guys can be just as bad as chicks.

Now on to the shoes. I’ve mentioned that I’m not much of a Nike fan. I like some of their shoes in theory, but would never purchase them. The new Motion Capture Court Force shoes are nice, my favourite being the black pair. I just love the details on the laces. You can view more about the shoes here and here.

Edit: I found an article in Sneaker Freaker magazine about Goodfoot’s Joga Bonito installation.

Wanna Frock Holiday Party

Wanna Frock Holiday PartyHoliday Decoration
Friday I was invited to the Wanna Frock Holiday Bash. It was lots of fun with drink and eats for everyone.

I purchased this fun shirt from Amie Scott
Monkey Shirt by Amie Scott

I have way too many hats but this one from Amie Scott is very very cute.
Amie Scott Winter Hat

Pictures from the event
Mannequin with Amie Scott designsAnother Mannequin

Wanna Frock Accessories tableWanna Frock party revellers

Amie and DarylWanna Frock party revellers

Wanna Frock party revellers

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Wanna Frock Grand Opening party

I was invited to a grand opening party for Toronto’s newest retailer, Wanna Frock. Situated in the Beaches, Wanna Frock carries only local designers. This was my first invite to a store opening and it was a fun time. The store space is fabulous and for you local film buffs it was a location in this movie.

Here are a few choice pictures; you can view the full set here

Wanna Frock carries accessories, clothing and jewelry. Designers include Amie Scott, Denise David, Bjoolz – Insanely Cool Jewelry and Untitled Clothing.

I picked up 2 items that I will talk about later.

Wanna Frock – map it!
1378 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 1C9

EDIT: Wanna Frock is closed