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Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

I’m loving the Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign. Kate, Mariacarla and Marina in one campaign, OMG. My favourite model Mariacarla Boscono is back with her baby in tow and looking amazing. Looking better than ever. Performance artist, Marina Abramovic, whose movie The Artist is Present is an absolute must see, is looking so incredible. I love this woman. The uncanny Kate Moss, she just doesn’t lose her touch. Check out the making of video. Photographers: Mert Alas & Marcus Biggott And Riccardo Tisci Models: Kate Moss, Mariacarla Boscono, Marina Abramovic, Jose Maria Manzanares, Jared Buckhiester images:

David Beckham Bodywear for H&M Film by Guy Ritchie

I can stare at David Beckham pretty much any day of the week. So if you can too, I present this fun film by Guy Ritchie for the Spring Summer 2013 collection of David Beckham Bodywear for H&M. The collection is available in H&M stores and online now. There is a lot of shirtless Beckham running around. What else can you ask for? The image: Courtesy of H&M

Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

I’m not the biggest fan of the Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign. The models don’t do much for me. I will admit that it’s pretty slick looking and if the models were different I’d probably be very excited. My thoughts about the campaign changed after I watched the adorable Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign video with Alber Albez talking about the collection on Skype. He is so cute. Photographer: Steven Meisel Make-Up:Pat McGrath Hair: Garren Models: Daria Strokous, Karlie Kloss and Saskia de Brauw image:

Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013

I raved about the Chanel Paris-Édimbourg Métiers d’Art Pre Fall 2013 show. It was a giant spectacle in a Scottish Castle and full of glorious knitwear. The Chanel Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture show doesn’t have the grand scale of the Scottish Castle but takes us through a stroll through a garden. Best of all, Karl had a black model. (Yes, I pay attention). And she’s Canadian!!!. I love some Grace Mahary!. Doesn’t she look stunning? As with all Chanel show’s you need to see the video. Here’s the full collection Chanel always does a great job of capturing close ups and beauty shots. The “Enchanted Interlude” is very pretty. I love the makeup. I tracked down this Making of a Chanel Haute Couture dress from Spring Summer 2013. The work is detailed and meticulous. The only thing I didn’t like about the collection was the shoes. I can’t deal with the shape of the open toe. If they were closed , I’d be all over them. images:

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013

The Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 collection sealed the deal. I’m drinking the Raf Simons at Dior koolaid and it’s delicious. This collection is a stroll through the gardens. Think the opposite of Galliano’s floral display of Fall 2010. This is subtle and wearable. The devil is in the details in this couture collection. I even love the shoes even though they look completely uncomfortable. I’m still trying to figure out the shoe tight business. Are they like thigh highs with a shoe attached. They look amazing regardless of construction. The video is out and it’s in HD. Everything about this is beautiful and it just brought such a smile to my face. Pat McGrath’s crystal lips was the cherry on top of this collection. The detail shots give you an idea of the incredible work by the atelier under Raf’s direction. I love these gold and emerald heels. images:

Balenciaga Pre Fall 2012 – 2013 Campaign Video

Really late to the game with this short campaign video for the Balenciaga Pre Fall 2012 – 2013 collection. It’s pretty awesome though. A Youtube comment had something actually insightful. It made reference to how Jem and The Holograms this collection is. Video: Steven Meisel Creative Direction: House and Holme Stylist: Marie-Amélie Sauvé Hair: Guido Makeup: Pat McGrath

Happy Holidays from I want – I got

Jenni Kayne has the best holiday greeting. It’s so damn cool I had to post. (Hat tip to Fritz Helder). Swans – Happy Holidays from Jenni Kayne Watch our holiday windows come to life as dancing swans take over the Jenni Kayne store in West Hollywood! The swans are dressed in one of our favorite looks this holiday season: the feather mini. Now available in white & black

Another Adventure with Dancing Phil

It’s hard to get me to smile at something these day but man Phil Villeneuve gets me every time. Phil’s public dances are well know and this little one to Solange at Bay and Bloor is so fun. Be sure to check out Phil dancing to Robyn in the Eaton Centre. So Good.

OPI – Instinct of Color

OPI created their first international “brand film” called Instinct of Color. The results are very well done for a completely bizarre concept: “a surrealistic dance-off between four female dancers and a gorgeous Thoroughbred, as trained by equestrian stuntmaster Mario Luraschi.” Umm, WHAT! OPI is owned by Coty so I wondered about the boardroom in which this concept was decided on. Did they choose horses because of their nail length or because typically chicks dig horses? Did the dance off idea come before the horse was decided upon? “I always say that nail lacquer can change your look – and your outlook,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director. “Today, nail color can convey feelings and emotions, expressing on the outside what the wearer is feeling on the inside. In this short film, four women communicate through dance and color. With a trained Thoroughbred who could replicate the dancers’ moves with very little digital enhancement, we were able to capture the unique, energetic and creative culture that epitomizes the OPI brand.”(source) The horse’s name …

Perfecto Mag #style #fw2012 #Toronto

Perfecto Mag #style #fw2012 #Toronto

It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the Fall Winter 2012 Perfecto Mag Street Style video. I’ve been dying for it to come out and here it is. It’s amazing how it all came together. There was hair and makeup, styling, still shots and video clips. Most of the clothing from the video is my own. I’ve taken some screengrabs to break it down. 80% of the time I’m wearing some kind of Prada sunglasses. Here I’m sporting the Minimal Baroque. Ahh the pants, a random Versace x H&M find. They look great on camera. One of my favourite clutches bought from my favourite (now closed) stores, Chasse Gardee. I can’t remember where I bought the ring, probably Obsessions. The Hermès bracelet is paired with one from Lia Sophia (courtesy of Lia Sophia). Nails are gold by Essie. The shoes are my replacement Camilla Skovgaard’s. They look really great in the video. I was standing on a small brick wall in the Front and Church intersection at the time. It was funny shooting there …

Fred Perry Subculture

Fred Perry held a preview of The Don Letts Subculture Films: The Unique History of British Music & Style. I love British style and music and this documentary covers it all. It’s available online too. Subculture Films is a unique project, documenting the evolution of street style, music and counter culture over the last 60 years. From the original Mods and Teds, the immense influence of Black heritage, UK punk and the worldwide impact the late 20th century’s cultural revolution. This is the first two episodes out of six, check the rest of them out (it’s totally worth it) on

Mulberry, Spinning a Yarn

This Mulberry documentary on the women who hand knit the chunky wool pieces from the Mulberry Autumn Winter 2012 collection is fashion porn. What a brilliant little film that takes you into the lives of those that make the clothing and their specialized skills. I love that Mulberry uses traditional British crafts. I’m now obsessed with getting myself a Mulberry sweater. Mulberry’s short documentary ‘Spinning a Yarn’ focuses on Margaret and Valerie – two of the women responsible for hand-knitting the thick, sheep’s wool pieces from the Mulberry Autumn Winter 2012 Catwalk Collection. Margaret and Valerie, knitting veterans with 70 years experience under her needles, speak about how they got into knitting, and what it means to them. Both women knit for Eribé, the Scottish knitwear design house who helped Mulberry find the perfect knitters for the complex and intricate pattern of its designs. images:

Smythe Fall 2012 – 2013 Videos

Smythe celebrates the fall 2012 collection with these great campaign videos. I love the rough and tumble outdoorsy women contrasted with the feminine outfits and beautiful silhouettes of the Smythe jackets. Smythe celebrates Fall 2012 with this film created by Toronto creative agency Open, directed by Christina Hodnet (Sons & Daughters) and with music by Apollo.

A Fall – Winter 2012 Hair Trends Video by Hair on the Avenue

Hair on the Avenue recently created a video showcasing the hair trends for the fall winter 2012 season. They called the film Anastasi. Toronto salon, Hair on the Avenue presents a short fashion film showcasing Fall/Winter 2012 trends in hair with a focus on four looks: tousled, atomic buns, fringe and braids. A film by Noam Kroll. Concept by Luis Pacheco. Hair by Kelly Araujo. Makeup by Robert Weir. Wardrobe styled by Tony Pham

Hudson Jeans Cabaret Collection Ad Campaign and Videos

I posted one of the three videos for the Hudson Jeans Cabaret Collection already. I loved their use of the running man to showcase the Leeloo jean. The rest of the videos in the campaign for the Cabaret Collection are just as entertaining. Georgia May Jagger is growing on me and I love her in the print ads. The Cabaret was a place where people felt comfortable. They did not have to stick to the usual rules of society. Shot in Paris, the birthplace of the Cabaret, the FW’12 HUDSON Cabaret campaign is a celebration of HUDSON Jeans’ 10 year anniversary in September 2012. Hosted by Georgia May Jagger, and featuring shows by the likes of human beat boxer Tez and Brooklyn electro pop band Au Revoir Simone, HUDSON creates a campaign that applauds self expression and an inspired free thinking attitude. images: courtesy of Hudson Jeans

The Redesign WORN Fashion Journal Project

WORN Fashion Journal is getting a makeover this fall and they are running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the project. Our readers have told us they keep their issues of WORN at record-breaking rates. Over 97% of WORN readers keep their issues forever. Our content is timeless and always relevant. We believe it makes perfect sense for our readers to want to hang on to their issues of WORN forever. We believe a thicker, perfect-bound edition reflects the true value of WORN. It’s a prestige object our readers should be able to stack on a bookshelf, keep safe in a purse, or display proudly on a coffee table. We believe this new format is a necessary step for WORN. We are no longer a group of friends working in a living room; we’re a real business that makes a product we believe in with all our hearts. We want the outside of WORN to reflect the inside. Where will the money go? WORN needs $5,000 to complete this project. The breakdown is as follows: …

Shop Like A Blogger: Anita Clarke

My friend Samra BBMed me with a video project involving Glow Magazine where she works as an online editor. I kinda get a kick out of doing video things so I said yes. The video is part of their Shop Like A Blogger series. Basically, I went to Shoppers and talked about my top beauty products which were nails and mascara (duh). They also gave me a $100 gift card to make those things a reality. The video turned out really well and I’m pretty pleased with it.

Lanvin Fall – Winter 2012 Ad Campaign

I love, love this campaign by Lanvin for the fall winter 2012 – 2012 collection. Alber Elbaz grabbed some unique individuals from New York ranging from 18 to 82 years in age. It looks great and I love the selection of people. I’m also loving the number of black people in the campaign, yay Alber. “I was interested to bring these clothes back to the street somehow, and seeing how they look on different ages, different sizes,” Elbaz told WWD. “It felt like a crazy family, and I like that.”(source) The accompanying Lanvin Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 ad campaign video is really good too. No dancing this time, the just people talking. You can see the rest of the campaign online at the Lanvin Facebook page. images: Lanvin Facebook