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Purseket – Organize your handbag

A Purseket is an organizer for your handbag. I carry a lot of things in my handbags. It’s always a bitch when it comes to find things like keys, wallet, lip balm…
This handy insert however gives more pockets to put all your gear in. This is especially good in the “digital era”, as I often find myself carrying my digital camera, iPod, cell phone and sometimes my Clie.

The only thing I don’t like about the Purseket is the colour options. However, I do like the cranberry.

If you are interested in buying a Purseket (they are only available online) click on the banner

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Shoppers get your hands on Toronto Life

A good guide to shopping in Toronto is published by Toronto Life magazine. I bought the 2005 Shopping Guide this year for the first time. You can find all kinds of shops to suit everyones style. For fashionistas, this guide is a must. It has a lot of entries and the catagories cover: fashion, beauty, home, garden, books and music. The guide should be available at your local magazine seller or online. There is an online version of the shopping guide, I am unsure of how much it differs from the print version. It is included in the City Guides section of the site. There is tons of great information that includes food, restaurants, fitness, kids, entertainment and getaways.

I also just noticed a great little monthly shopping column on the site called The City’s best loot.


What kind of designer handbag are you?

I was visiting Trent today and saw that he was an LV bag. So I decided to try this test out. Apparently I am Dooney&Burke bag. You can take the test here if you really want to.

I was kind of disappointed with this test, mostly because I had never heard of Dooney & Bourke. So I looked it up on the internet only to find out that the spelling that these people from zenhex.com use is wrong. It’s Dooney & Bourke, thank god for google. Anyways I decided to check out their website to find out if I truly am a Dooney & Bourke girl.

Signature Giant Sac

There is nothing like a giant bag to carry all your crap. I’m not quite sure what colour I would like, but I’m leaning towards the Sand/Red combo. The Giant Sac not big enough? Well they have the extra large version too!

Small Bucket

This bag is really cute. I would love it in the Marine as pictured or in green. Oh hell, the orange would be fantastic also.

Domed Zip Satchel

I love the shape of this bag and of course tons of colours to choose from. I really, really like this yellow one.

Medium Bucket Bag

One in camel please!

Suede Large Ring Hobo

I love the way these large hobo bags look hanging under an arm. I also love big bags because I always end up carrying a lot of stuff. Any bag you can carry your lunch in is a good thing.

Wide Crescent with Gusset

Beautiful in brown.

And finally the Medium O-Ring Slouch Bag. I can’t snag a picture of this bag, but the website has an appropriate use of flash for the description of the bag. You can zoom in on the bag’s details to get a better look. Beautiful bag too, I like it in orange.

Well, I guess this does make me a Dooney & Bourke girl!


i got: Classic Girl Rib Boy Beater Tank by American Apparel

Classic Girl Rib Boy Beater Tank

I love these tank tops, I have so many. They are the perfect cut and fit. The range of colours available is incredible. I have some in yellow, white, black, teal, crannberry, kelly green, red and orange. They cost about $15.00 at the American Apparel Store on Queen Street. But if you hit up Chocky’s on Queen you can get them for $13.75

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Places I like to shop in Toronto

In addition to the links I have on the sidebar, there are many other shops I like to visit that don’t have websites.

te koop 421 Queen Street West – map it!

te koop offers accessories, bags, sunglasses, clothing and watches. There is a great selection of Adidas and Puma bags. Other brands include Killah, American Apparel, and Parcel handbags.

Change Room 425 Queen Street West – map it!

Change Room is a great clothing store for both men and women. Brands you can find there are Triple 5 Soul, Gas (Beautiful jeans, but they don’t fit muscular legs. Speaking from experience, sigh), Betty Bush, Kitchen Orange, Fidel, Franklin and Marshall, OK47 and others

Da Zone 468 Queen Street West – map it!

This shoe store has great sales on brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike. The best thing about this store is that there is always something on sale. I got in every once in awhile and check things out. This is the place I got my Gerd Muellers from.

Heel Boy – 682 Queen Street West – map it!
Good selection of shoes. Brands you will find include Matt and Nat, Nine West and Steve Madden

Well you can imagine that I have a lot of shops to list, so I will be making more posts with my favourite places to shop.


i got: nCode N145 Squash Racquet

nCode N145 Squash Racquet

I love squash and I love this racquet. It’s once of the new 2005-2006 racquet line that uses the new nCode technology. Wilson claims that this racquet delivers 2 times the strength, 2 times more stability and 22% more power. I tried a demo of this racquet at the gym today, and I have to admit some shots that I normally don’t make the front wall were hitting today. And my serve, oh man, it’s never been so easy. So you can see it was an easy sell for me.

I play squash in a league at my great gym, The Wellington Club. They have leagues for everyone, including beginners. The Squash pro, Jamie Martel is a great resource and gives excellent lessons. Squash is a fabulous workout and a great sport to get involved in.

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Keen Sandals – Newport H2

So I didn’t get the Boulder version of the sandal, but I am pretty pleased with this purchase. The colour is great and they are very, very comfortable. I can’t wait to break them in on the trail. I did break them in on the street though. This morning I walked to work in them and they are so comfortable. I love how weird and funky they look too.

Edit (July 20, 2005): These shoes are incredible. You can machine wash them, how great is that.

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Deluxe iBall Ball Chair w/ Speakers

This would be perfect for chilling out at home. With the built in speakers you can be rocking your pod in this cool ass chair.

I also like the bubble chair. The colour selection is incredible. Hmmmmm, Lime Green 015. That would be nice.

Seems a lot of items from this inmod.com site are really freakin’ nice, check it out!

via Trendir – Trendir is an awesome, awesome site.


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fire fire!!!

So I was shopping (suprise, suprise) on Sunday (July 10, 2005) at Tap Phong. If you don’t know Tap Phong, where have you been, they have great housewares stuff for cheap. I bought 2 lawn chairs and a Parasole.

Anyways, I walk out of Tap Phong and there is a massive cloud of smoke in the sky. Apparently a big fire took out a bunch of townhomes (Reg req’d). It was pretty crazy seeing it on the street.
Spadina fire
Spadina fire

So Ryan started to have some fun
Ryan and the spadina fire

fun fashion blogs

There are many funny blogs out there about fashion. Here are a few I suggest you check out for laughs.

Go Fug Yourself
Heather and Jessica reprimand the fashion victims of the world and puts them on display for all to laugh at.

Give me spirit fingers dammit
Hilarious stuff from Hong Kong. Classic posts can be found here and my fave.

Manolo the Shoe blogger
Funny stuff wedged in between great shoes.

Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux
Just discovered this blog about a month ago. It is hilarious, I love Queens going off. I think Bryan is absolutely hilarious and I love reading his rants and things.

des chapeaux
Cute hats. This site isn’t funny or anything, just has some really neat hats.

Fashion addicts diary
fashion news and trends


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Here are a few things I’ve purchased recently.

Fidelity Demin

I got these jeans while on vacation in Vancouver in March. They are the perfect length for me (32 inseam). I wear more flat shoes, so getting a 34 inseam really sucks. I don’t want to cut them because they are perfect for heels; but I have to roll them up to wear them with flats. This drives me insane. So it’s nice to have jeans that fit perfectly. Apparently these jeans make your butt look really good; I’m not a very good judge of that though. The designer Jason Trotzuk is a Canadian and the creator of Dish Jeans. Fidelity is a little higher end than Dish jeans but only by about 50 – 70 bucks.

OK47 Muscleshirt and Halter Top

As a gemini, yellow is my colour. I love lots of colour, it’s helps that I have the complexion that allows me to wear all the colours of the rainbow. These 2 lovely items are from another great Canadian company OK47. They make funky printed clothing. I have this great lawnmower shirt by them from last season. The clothing is made from quality cotton and will last a long time. The prints are very good and do not wear off in the wash. I always hang my OK47 shirts to dry, so I’m not too sure about the dryer.

Dish Jeans demin skirt

Finally I found a demin skirt. I’ve had trouble finding ones that fit comfortably, but of course great Canadian demin company Dish Jeans have helped me out. I have also purchased some jeans from Dish. I can’t find any pictures of them so I haven’t blogged about it. They fit great though. Dish jeans are high quality and great fit without a massive price tag. Jeans are under a hundred bucks.

i want: Club Coupe 911 Limited Edition

Club Coupe 911 Limited Edition

God, look at that car, isn’t it freakin’ beautiful

I love these cars. I remember in high school having pictures of Porsches all over my locker and books. This beauty is a limited edition made especially for Porsche Club of America’s 50th anniversary. I’ve always battled with what colour my Porsche would be, but after seeing this one, I now know… Baby Blue. I’m a big fan of the targa, check out some beautiful pictures here.

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UFO Stovetop Espresso Maker

So, I got my espresso maker. Making those first cups of espresso was such a major pain in the ass, I can’t believe it. I blame the instructions, there were piss poor. LOL! I did manage to figure it out eventually and had a cup. I was happy. Here is a picture of it on my stove.

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What a weekend…

Wow, this was a busy weekend in the city.

Friday I celebrated birthdays with another Gemini friend of mine. I was born on June 6th so the party was a little late, but it was a lot of fun. Here are a few choice shots; you can view the rest here

The Birthday Boy

I went to the Ribs festival at the Distillery District. It was a lot smaller than I expected but the ribs were good good. I got some ribs from Camp 31, a Canadian outfit from Paris, Ontario. The ribs were nice and tasty. A full rack is much to big too eat oneself, so I split one with my friend Paul. I didn’t take any pictures of the Distillery District, there were just too many humans walking around.


And now Sunday, the final day of Pride in Toronto. Pride to me is an excuse to party. I was there as an ally to the community and to hang out with some friends. I didn’t watch the parade. I don’t care much for them, and seeing the TD Bank float was not on my list of things to do. On that list were
1. Drinking
2. Eating
I accomplished both missions. We set up shop at O’Grady’s
at about 1:30pm and left around 7:30pm. It was a long hot day. We had a sweet spot on the patio. Our first waitress shared a name with me. I rarely meet any Anitas. Anita mentioned the same thing. It was quite strange. Anyways you can view my photos here, but here are a few shots.

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Prada Sunglasses
Me in prada shades

That’s me with some loaned Prada Shades. This was taken at my birthday celebration on Friday. You can see the rest of the shots here. These sunglasses are very nice. A friend let me try them on and then complimented me on how they looked. I have to agree; unfortunately these sunglasses cost about 300 bucks. Not a very good investment for someone who loses sunglasses all the time, hence why I buy cheap.

Me in prada shades


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Another lamb burger from the Seldom Seen/Seldom Heard farm.

So I finally went to the Dufferin Grove Farmer’s market. It was small, but had a lot of good fresh organic veggies and lots of organic meat. I got some of the first ontario strawberries too, can’t wait to eat those. Here are a couple pictures from the market.

I was about to leave when I stumbled across the lamb burger stand. I ordered one up because I was curious. It was fucking fantastic.

So, I want a half of lamb from Seldom Seen/Seldom Heard farm. And while I’m at it, I want a rack of lamb prepared for me (I don’t want to do anything except eat) using this recipe and with mint jelly on the side. I’ll just have to make room for the other parts in my freezer.

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My Shure headphones.
I’m enjoying the sound that these earphones have. Much, much better than my Sony’s. I am quite impressed with the thickness of wire they use. My Sony’s used a much thinner wire which apparently couldn’t stand up to task of being my headphones and broke. So, I splurged on these Shure headphones. And I’m quite happy about it. It’s taking some time getting used to the thicker wires. The configuration of the ear pieces is different from my Sony’s also. Overall, I’m happy.


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An Endless pool

I’d probably need a house first to own an endless pool, but they are very sweet. I don’t like public pools that much and I’ve never been very good at making those turns at the walls. This would be perfect for fitting more exercise into the day.

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UFO Stovetop Espresso Maker


Bruno Bardazzi’s polished stainless steel machine brews two perfect cups simultaneously atop the stove. Includes a pair of ceramic cups and saucers. Exclusive to SFMOMA. $70.00US.

The funny thing is, I’m going to have this little wonder in my hot little hands next week. WOOT!!


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I want a new purple iSkin for my iPod. The one I have now is broken and needs replacing. I hear from the local computer shop that iSkin have been pretty bad at sending out stock so there were no new 3G skins to be bought. Boo iSkin boo.

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i got: Adidas Gerd Mueller Sneakers

Adidas – Gerd Mueller
Gerd Mueller Adidas Shoes

These are the new funky Adidas I bought. I love Adidas, it’s one of my favourite brands. I wanted a new addition to my collection as I had to retire a pair of Adidas that I owned.

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