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geekiviews: LG TE365 Neon Mobile Phone

During LG Fashion Week I had the opportunity to test out one of LG’s new mobile phones the LG TE365 Neon. I love playing with gadgets so I accepted. A full QWERTY keypad for fast texting, quick access to your favourite social network sites, and threaded SMS keeps you in touch wherever and whenever you want. It also comes with a 2.0MP camera, a music player that supports 4GB of music, and a trim design that easily slips into any pocket or purse. Dimensions :101.6 x 50.8 x 16.8mm Weight :08 grams (3.65oz) Battery Life Talk Time :Up to 4 hours, Standby Time :Up to 250 hours Camera :2.0 megapixel Digital Camera Messaging Type :QWERTY keypad for text entry Ringer Type :64-chord polyphonic ringer Voice Recording and Memo :Yes Scheduler/Calendar :Yes I’m a Blackberry user so going to a plain messaging phone is always a step down for me. However, the phone itself is compact and small. The slide out keyboard felt pretty sturdy and not flimsy. The screen was a good size and the …

Okay Steve, I take everything mean I ever thought of you back.

I attended the Motorola RAZR 2 Party last week at Kool Haus. I have to thank Ian from Hill & Knowlton for the invite. I brought Danielle from Final Fashion with me. The venue was draped with white cloth and had weird ethereal lighting. We drank, ate and chatted with the Motorola models. The crowd was a little strange at first, mostly suits and their significant others. The atmosphere changed once our friends started to slowly stream in. The music was great from the start and DJ Steve Aoki was coming up. I admit that prior to him hitting the decks I haven’t had anything nice to say about him; another L.A. hipster blah, blah. However, I had a change of heart after he begun. He played great music, seemed unpretentious and professional. No, I didn’t talk to him, just observations. Anyone that can make me dance my ass off with great friends around is amazing in my book.