i want: Arien by Dr Martens

Arien by Dr Martens
Arien by Dr Martens

I really want a pair of Church’s shoes but I came across these Dr Martens that I could equally love. The Arien style is part of the Creeper collection with a pointed toe and low profile Airwair sole. They are sturdy looking too and would make a nice seasonal substitute for my Rokin derby shoes which can’t handle the winter.

Arien by Dr Martens
Arien by Dr Martens

The pink Arien’s are pretty sweet too and add a fun, quirky twist to the shoe. They are $149 available online or at the Queen Street store.

images: drmartenscanada.ca

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Dr. Martens

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Dr. Martens

Dr. Marten paired up with Sanrio to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I saw a sneak preview of the shoes at the Fall 2010 preview and I was freaking out. It’s just so damn cute. I’ve loved Sanrio characters for a long time in my life and to see them in Dr. Martens form is awesome. Just for record, Keroppi is my favourite character.

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Dr. Martens

As a “thank you” to their ever-loyal fans, SANRIO plans to unveil special co-branded collections, starting this summer with SANRIO x Dr. Martens. Signature Dr. Martens 8-eye boots & mary jane strap shoes will be bestowed a trademark Hello Kitty bow for this limited edition collection. Collaborations with a diverse group of brands including Brunswick, Girl Skateboard Co., Aerial7, Lomography, Demeter Fragrance, Mimobots, and Build-A-Bear Workshop will launch a plethora of amazing products at retail partners worldwide, featuring an assortment of SANRIO characters. A benchmark of SANRIO’s 50th Anniversary will include iconic characters appearing together for the first time ever (outside of SANRIO’s Harmonyland and Puroland theme parks in Japan), on products including the 8-eye Dr. Martens boot, a Brunswick bowling ball, iPhone cases, apparel, accessories and many other unique products. There will be plenty of signature “small gift” items at market as well, including pens and notebooks, coin purses, key caps & lunch cases, all carried in the 95+ SANRIO stores located across the country and at www.sanrio.com. “Our retail partners and licensees are equally as excited to be part of our 50th Anniversary celebration,” says Ms. Hsu. “We are working with each on targeted programs to mark this special occasion.”(source)

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Dr. Martens

I’m really smitten with the multi-print boot that features a plentiful cast of Sanrio characters. I might even have to add them to my growing Dr. Martens collection.

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Dr. Martens

Little Burgundy will be carrying the Black with Pink Bow boot ($175), Multi-Print Boot ($205) and Black with Pink Bow Mary Jane ($160) in Canada and they will be available on August 1, 2010.

images: www.freshnessmag.com, prnewswire.com, Sanrio facebook

Doc Martens turns 50

Doc Martens turns 50
50 years of Dr. Martens shoes. Everyone has their own story with Dr. Martens (if you don’t, you really should). My first pair were patent leather oxfords. I loved them to death and they were a major part of my “house uniform” in my early high school days. I soon moved on to the boots, increasing the number of holes and buckles. I had a brief period where I was Dr. Marten free but that changed with Final Fashion’s Docs (You can order the Final Fashion Docs online). Docs hold a special place in my heart. They were part of so much joy, angst and body surfing in my life. They are classics that will never go missing from my closet again.

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary Dr. Martens are launching a commemorative limited edition footwear collection.  The collection consists of two styles – the iconic 8-eye 1460 boot and the classic 3-eye 1461 shoe, both of which are presented in Black and Cherry Red colours – those synonymous with the Dr. Martens brand.  The leather used is a rich premium Polished Pebble that will feature exclusively on this range.  The trims of the footwear will make use of gold eyelets, lace-ends, heel-loops and a metallic gold footbed – all inspired by the long-established traditions of using gold when celebrating a 50th Anniversary.Each style will be restricted to limited runs of 1,460 pairs per colour for the boots and 1,461 pairs per colour for the shoes globally.  To add extra cache to the collection, a limited edition box will accompany the product, as will a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the brand founders/owners, a bespoke swingtag and gold footprint tissue paper – ensuring this collection establishes itself as a genuine collector’s item for those brand enthusiasts and aficionados alike.  Handcrafted in the original UK factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, the product will be positioned at $240 for the 1460 and $220 for 1461 respectively.   The product will launch on Dr. Martens 50th Birthday – 1st of April 2010 – and will be globally distributed through Dr. Martens stores and selected retail partners.

I got access to some vintage Dr. Martens Ads.

Doc Martens turns 50 - Early AirWair Catalogue Cover

Doc Martens turns 50 - Early AirWair Catalogue

This wouldn’t be a Dr. Martens celebration without music being involved.

Dr. Martens and music have been closely associated for 50 years. Now Dr. Martens has enlisted ten contemporary bands and ten film directors to help celebrate its birthday. On 1st April 2010 Dr. Martens will be releasing some newly recorded music and videos onto the internet. These tracks will be a mix of contemporary takes on ten cult classics songs. The musicians are a diverse group of talented artists from across the globe, representing different musical genres. The film directors, established or emerging, are known for their originality and innovation. The result is a collection of music and videos that reflects the broad range of groups who have adopted and customised Dr. Martens over the last 50 years.

There are 3 tracks and videos out now and you can see them on the 50 years of Dr. Martens website. I’ve posted the two I like.

You can pick up the 50th Anniversary Dr. Martens from Neon and Get Outside in Toronto.

Tell me about your Dr. Marten story in the comments. What was your first pair?

i got: Final Fashion Dr Martens

Final Fashion Dr Martens are finally mine. I’ve been waiting for a year and it was totally worth it. As you might recall from this post Danielle Meder wins the Dr Martens Boot Design Contest.

I was so excited that I made a little video for this i got.

They are 14 holes. In all my years of owning Docs these were like the holy grail. I only did make it to 12 hole, but they had a buckle across the top of the boot that made them awesome. The leather on these are a little softer than your regular Dr Martens. I can’t express how much I love these boots. They remind me of my high school and university years. I’ve finally have a pair of Dr. Martens in my possession after years of being absent.

You can grab the Final Fashion Dr. Martens at Neon Clothing. There’s one on Queen West.

Danielle Meder wins the Dr Martens Boot Design Contest

Blogging mate and friend Danielle Meder has won the Dr Martens Boot Design Contest

Colour Puddle Jump by Danielle Meder

I’m so proud of her and I will be one of the first people in the Tdot to be sporting these boots when the come out. You can sign up here to be notified when they go on sale. This is totally perfect because I’ve been thinking about my old 12 hole Docs, I miss them so! Time for a new and updated replacement.

Everyone help me congratulate Danielle by leaving some kind words in the comments!