i want: Classic Interlock Hoodie by Bench

Classic Interlock Hoodie by Bench

Classic Interlock Hoodie by Bench

I don’t feature hoodies that often on I want – I got anymore. It’s getting to the point where you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. I do like the crossover detail Bench has added to this hoodie.

You can find Bench in Toronto at The Eaton Centre.

Update: I’ve been told Bench is at Yorkdale too. Thx elanacamille

images: bench.co.uk

geekiviews: Cougar Boots

Matchstick sent me two pairs of Cougar Boots to review. One pair of rainboots and one pair of winter boots. There were a few styles to choose from and I was lucky to get my first choices.

Cougar Boots - Fall 2010

I was getting pretty bored of my Hunters so I was thinking of buying a new pair of boots. I’ve been looking around and thought about a big obnoxious yellow or purple pair. When I saw the Regal rainboot from Cougar, I needed to own them. They are rubber with a polar fleece lining. They are comfortable, warm and rated from 0°C to -24°C. I’ve only used them in above 0°C situations so I can’t comment on how they work in that weather. They are a sturdy boot, better made than my hunters. Most of all I love the motorcycle boot style. They look great. Regal’s retail for $85.

Cougar Boots - Fall 2010

The winter boot I selected is Ringo Star. I haven’t worn them outside since we have no snow yet. I can’t tell you about function but I love they way they look. They have a polar plush lining and nylon exterior. They are rated from -10°C to -30°C. The faux fur is nice feeling and looking. I probably won’t fold them over to expose the faux fur because then the boots come up to the knee. That feature will be very good in the winter, almost total coverage. Usually my 3 year old Stella’s are my goto winter boot but I think the Ringo Star will take over. The boots are lighter and the shaft is taller. The Ringo Star are easier to lace up than the Stella’s. They retail for $200.

I was surprised at how much I liked the boots when they arrived. I had totally written off Cougar, they weren’t making my childhood boots anymore so I didn’t care. The packaging was very nice and the green plaid liner paper was a nice touch.  I’m looking forward winter and the Ringo Star’s might come to Whistler with me.  They are easier to pack 🙂

Update: September 14, 2011 – I should update my review of these boots since I’ve had a whole winter and spring to use them.

The Ringo Star is an amazing winter boot. I wore them a lot the past winter and I expect the same this winter. I used the Stella McCartney boots infrequently and only used them on the very, very cold days. The Ringo’s were not warm enough. That’s the only weakness of the Ringo Star boots.

The fate of the Regal rainboot wasn’t so good. They weren’t waterproof and I went back to wearing my wellys. I did love the look of them though.

Holt Renfrew x Canada Goose Toque x Polar Bears International

Limited Edition Canada Goose Toque for Polar Bear International

Holt Renfrew has partnered with Canada Goose and Polar Bears International to created a limited edition toque. A portion of the proceeds goes to Polar Bears International. The Toronto Uniform crowd will probably want their matching Canada Goose toque in either black or red. It retails for $50 and are available at Holt Renfrew stores across the country. Previously, Holt Renfrew x Marc by Marc Jacobs x VisionSpring came together to create a limited edition tote with a portion of proceeds going to VisionSpring.

Just got my Canada Goose toque from @HoltRenfrew. It's super warm

Holt’s sent me a black toque and even thought I don’t own a Canada Goose jacket I think the toque is nice. It has a merino wool exterior and a fleece interior. It has a good shape on my head for a beanie type toque. I don’t really wear that style because you need hair to pull it off. The toque is very warm and I can’t wait to see how it does in colder weather.

Limited Edition Canada Goose Toque for Polar Bears International

The Bloor Street store has a large in store display for the toques that is pretty cute.

Limited Edition Canada Goose Toque for Polar Bear International

Lanvin x H&M Fall 2010 Illustrations

Lanvin x H&M Illustrations

The Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Preview gave me access to the H&M press site which had all kinds of multimedia to download. The illustration above was part of the invite I received for the preview. I found two more illustrations from Alber Elbaz on the site.

Lanvin x H&M Illustrations

They call them illustrations but it looks like Alber used pieces of fabric from the collection to create people and clothing.

Lanvin x H&M Illustrations

images: courtesy of H&M

Iris Clothing Fall 2010 – 2011 Motion Lookbook

Toronto based Iris Clothing is a locally made menswear label that is available online and at Uncle Otis in Yorkville. Merv Maranan is the man behind Iris Clothing. Merv cut my hair once. I cheated on my first and long-term barber with Merv because he was way closer to home at Mike Scissor’s. He’s also a friend of my brother’s who facilitated my infidelities. I attended the Spring 2010 launch party at Uncle Otis earlier in the year and really liked his collection of well crafted classics.

My brother is a big fan. I’m tempted to call my brother a muse to Iris Clothing as he gets special one of a kind styles that aren’t available to the public. That seems pretty muse worthy to me. My brother has great style and is immaculate in his dress. I’m sloppy while he is perfect. He’s a jeans, t-shirt, button up, hoodie, hat, jacket and sneakers person but looks really good.

Merv directed two short fashion films for the Iris Clothing Fall 2010 collection and they are amazing.

Directed by: Merv Maranan
Video by: Ian Schwaier
Performance by: Marcel Da Costa
Music by: IRIS 88 by Gameboy

Directed by: Merv Maranan
Video by: Ian Schwaier
Featuring: BJ Diona and George Carijutan (Inner City Circle BMX)
Music: Dream by Gameboy

This video features my current barber love, BJ Diona. He’s got a wicked barber themed blog at http://tonsorialist.wordpress.com. BJ is popular with fashion bloggers. He also cuts Kevin Naulls of Dressed for Dinner and my old alma mater blogTO. BJ cuts at Mike’s Scissors.

Iris Clothing is available at
Uncle Otis
26 Bellair Street,

i want: Graffiti-print high-waisted jeans by Proenza Schouler x JBrand

Graffiti-print high-waisted jeans by Proenza Schouler x JBrand
Graffiti-print high-waisted jeans by Proenza Schouler x JBrand

The collaboration of Proenza Schouler and JBrand. The denim is high waisted and the print is hand painted on. They come in white on black, blue on black and black on black. I like the blue on black the best.

Graffiti-print high-waisted jeans by Proenza Schouler x JBrand

If you are looking to do a DIY recreation, check out nylonmag.com.

roenza Schouler x JBrand are available on proenzaschouler.com, net-a-porter and luisaviaroma.com.

images: net-a-porter.com, luisaviaroma.com

i want: Parachute Long Dress by All Saints

Parachute Long Dress by All Saints
Parachute Long Dress by All Saints

I love the Parachute Short Dress by All Saints and I’m glad they’ve made a longer version for fall 2010.

Inspired by an original wartime parachute, this double layered cotton dress took 75 hours to create. Consisting of 10m of fabric, this inspirational piece features 16 cotton ties to create a truly unique silhouette.

Unfortunately there are no Canadian retailers for All Saints clothing. The closest we have it New York City and online.

images: allsaints.com

Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Preview

Lanvin x HM

I attended the Lanvin x H&M preview this week at the AGO. I was given the opportunity to view the collection in person and get all touchy feeling. I’m very impressed with the collection. The fabrics are well done and there are more than a few pieces that I really like.

Lanvin x HMLanvin x HM

They’ve done a great job to translating Lanvin luxury to the H&M market. The collection is basically favourites from previous collections made at a mass market level. The clothing has shape and the right fabrics to hold and create it.  It’s mostly synthetic but that’s pretty much what Lanvin at the luxury level is too.   I ran into Tommy Ton at the preview and we browsed the racks together for a bit.  He was impressed with the fabric too.  He’s excited about the men’s pants.

Lanvin x HMLanvin x HM

I was impressed with the packaging. It’s beautiful.  Lovely boxes that are perfect for reuse.  The garment bags are cloth and beautiful. Sometimes the packaging is just as exquisite as the item it contains. Hermes certainly knows what they are doing.

Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Packaging

I was really skeptical of this collection at first but I saw a lot of things that I really liked. Here are my favourites.

Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 - 2011
Dress $249, Jacket $199
Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 - 2011
Sunglasses $29.95, Necklace $39.95, Earrings $19.95, Skirt $99.00
Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 - 2011
Dresses both $199
Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 - 2011
Dresses $199

I’m not sold on the shoes and I think some of the jewellery isn’t very nice and cheap looking. I dislike the handbags too. However, there is enough really great things that gives it a thumbs up in my book. I’m not lining up to buy this collection. It’s not going to happen as I’m way too old for this shit. I’m not interested in the frenzy, elbows to the head or bitter feelings that accompanies these kind of spectacles.

some images courtesy of H&M

Lanvin x H&M Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Video

Lanvin x H&M

You’ve probably heard the news, Lanvin is the next H&M designer collaboration. It’s a men’s and women’s collection by Lanvin’s artistic director Alber Elbaz and menswear designer Lucas Ossendrijver. There have been some photos to show up but finally here is a great video that shows a lot of the looks. I’m getting a preview of the collection on Wednesday and I’m super pumped to see this stuff in person. It’s gonna be awesome or crap.

I still think that their is a lot of potential in the jewellery department. I’ll be paying close attention.

You can see Lanvin for H&M Women’s Lookbook images on nitrolicious.com.

i want: UES Fall & Holiday 2010 Sneakers

UES Fall & Holiday 2010 Sneakers

Studs really should be on their way out as a trend but I can’t help but like it when it’s done well.  I think it’s the combination of that Chuck Taylor classic sneaker look and the not so obnoxious studding that help in their appeal.

UES Fall & Holiday 2010 Sneakers

Upper Echelon Shoes (UES) was started in New York by Seth Campbell and Nick Cohen in 2005. Their family backgrounds in footwear and jewellery are combined in the UES design style. They have coined it “Shoewelry”. In early 2010 they partnered with Steven Madden in order to advantage of their production and distribution and expand the business. Seth Campbell handles the brand’s design.

There are no Canadian Retailers but Zappos.com andSaks.com carry them online.

images: courtesy of UES