The Last Gay Bash

It was the end of an era, the final Gay Bash was held on June 28, 2009. Gay Bash was the party where everyone from the House of Helder got together and danced, drank and ate. It was always fun seeing what the kids were up to style-wise and catching some impromptu dance routines. The last installment was no different. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

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Fashion House From Runway to Hallway

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Fashion House From Runway to Hallway

Fashion House is a condo building that is located around Brand and King Street West. It has housed a couple fashion parties in the past. They asked 11 Canadian designers to create interiors for the floors of the building.

Celebrate the best in Canadian fashion in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District. Eleven of Canada’s premier fashion designers have added their personal touches to the floors of Fashion House and will be on hand to toast Toronto’s first, award-winning fashion / condo project. This is your chance to mix, mingle and immerse yourself in all that is made-to-measure and ready to dwell. Fashion House – impeccable style from the inside, out.

The party was a mix of designers, media, Holt Renfrew staff, unit owners and developer friends. The Holt Renfrew connection is through the Unit Holder contest. If you buy a unit you have a chance to win a $100,000 shopping spree at Holt Renfrew. That’s some serious coin to go through.

Beckerman Fashion House
Bustle - Fashion House
Joeffer Caoc Fashion House
Joeffer Caoc
Jenny Bird - Fashion House
Jenny Bird
Greta Constantine - Fashion House
Andy Thê-Anh - Fashion House
Andy Thê-Anh

I loved Andy Thê-Anh board. The dress is made from wood. It’s beautiful.

Jay Godfrey - Fashion House
Jay Godfrey
Jeremy Laing Fashion House
Jeremy Laing

I’m very intrigued by Jeremy’s print choice.

Smythe - Fashion House
Dean Davidson - Fashion House
Dean Davidson
Mikhael Kale Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Mikhael Kale

I also have a couple people snaps

Beckmans and Jay Godfrey
The Beckermans and Jay Godfrey

Fashion House From Runway to Hallway
Natalie and Me

I felt that Dean Davidson, Jay Godfrey, Jenny Bird and Greta Constantine boards were the most clear. Many of the others were very conceptual and I couldn’t get my head around how it would translate. I felt all the boards needed some labeling. It was hard to figure out whose was who and it was only after talking to some of the designers I figured it out.

The best part of the night was when Yasmine Warsame introduced herself and her son to me. I was in total shock! She’s amazing.

Check out the slideshow, I have some more photos of the designer boards.

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine held a Trunk Show in Toronto on Friday and Saturday. I stopped by Saturday and grabbed some snaps of the crew.

Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup - The Greta Constantine Crew
Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup - Cutest photo ever.

Kirk and Stephen were on hand to meet with customers and fans. I’m told the event was successful.

Check out the back of this Greta Constantine dress.
Greta Constantine Trunk Show Roundup

Greta Constantine is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew. Holt’s is also carrying the Anita Dress in Navy Blue and Red Belt.