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i got: Lumieres de Paris a Scarf by Hermès

So I’ve been drooling over Hermès scarfs for a long time on I want – I got. Containing 65 grams of silk from 250 cocoons, 90 centimetres square, the Hermes scarf has become a standard for good workmanship and discreet luxury. It requiring up to two years of work to produce one of these wearable art that is an expression of its style and luxury. From 1837, Thierry Hermès made harnesses and saddles for a privileged clientele. Boots, jewelry, home decor items, and silk scarves were added to the company’s range. In 1920, his grandson Emile included luggage. The first scarf square to accompany the Hermès collection was produced in 1928, inspired by that worn by Napoleon’s soldiers. It was a big success that resulted in a workshop, then a factory, for scarf production being set up at Lyon in 1937. Each Hermes design requires: * nine to twelve months of research and development; * fifty-odd designers, * ideas drawn from styles such as baroque, * contributions from artists such as Matisse. Six to eight …

The easiest way to my heart is through a Hermes Scarf

I posted about my lust for Hermes scarves way, way back in 2006 and I’ve decided to revisit that. The Fall Winter 2008 – 2009 collection is influenced by India and there are lot of elephant motives everywhere. My Mom would be dying, she loves elephants. I’ve reposted the history of the Hermes scarf and some facts. It takes 2 years and 250 silk cocoons to make a 90 centimeter square scarf. The details are behind the cut if you are interested.