John & Jenn Spring Summer 2013

John & Jenn Collection Spring 2013
John & Jenn Collection Spring 2013

John & Jenn is the diffusion line from Line Knitwear designers John Muscat and Jennifer Wells. The collection features lots of stripes, bright colours and textured lightweight knits.

John & Jenn Collection Spring 2013
John & Jenn Collection Spring 2013

I’m loving the stripes and bright colours of this collection, nautical and a little 80s. The model is a little thin looking in these shots for me though.

John & Jen is available at TNT, Holt Renfrew and Mendocino. The price point is cheaper than Line Knitwear with nothing over $200.

images: courtesy of John & Jenn

Line Knitwear x Roots City Sweaters

Line Knitwear x Roots – Banff

My heart fills with Canadian pride when looking at the Line Knitwear and Root sweater collaboration. Line and Roots teamed up to create a capsule collection of four sweaters all based on iconic cities in Canada. The collection uses Line Knitwear’s top selling sweater styles with a bit of Roots Canadiana.

Line Knitwear x Roots – Vancouver

I’m a fan of all the styles and I think it’s fitting that Toronto’s is the most bland for some reason. I think it’s because I work in the financial district and all I see is shades of white, grey, navy and black. These sweaters will be available at Roots in the fall.

Line Knitwear x Roots – Toronto
Line Knitwear x Roots – Montreal

images: Courtesy of Roots

I want – I got’s Guest Editor Picks at

I’m not a huge online shopper. I love the tactile nature of shopping too much. The shipping fees and import duties really keep me away from online shopping. I like that there are more Canadian options popping up these days. One of my favourites is newcomer,  They support Canadian designers, have great sales, super fast shipping and an easy to use website.

Dealuxe Guest Editor - October 19, 2011

I was so excited when Erin Green of Dealuxe contacted me about participating in their Guest Editor feature. I selected 6 feature items and described how I would wear each piece. It’s winter and the list is heavy on the Smythe. I selected another 6 items to round out my selection Editor’s picks.  See all 12 of my picks.

Line Spring Summer 2011 Top Picks

Line Spring Summer 2011

I really enjoyed the Line Spring Summer 2011 collection at LGFW in October of last year. John and Jennifer decided that it was time to take Line forward and produce a whole collection of separates and dresses instead of just knits. The verdict is in, and they do a good bottom.

Line Spring Summer 2011

These are my top Line picks from the Spring Summer 2011 lookbook.

Line Spring Summer 2011

I’m really loving the leather shorts.
Line Spring Summer 2011

Line Spring Summer 2011

images: courtesy of Line

LGFW SS11: Line Knitwear Spring Summer 2011

LGFW SS2011 Line Knitwear-0431LGFW SS2011 Line Knitwear-9929

Line Knitwear is branching out and it’s not all about the knits anymore. This season brings separates and dresses in fabrics like leathers and silks. Typically Line Knitwear creates knit tops and leather jackets so I was surprised at this new development. Now I’m interested to see how John and Jennifer expand this already very successful company.

LGFW SS2011 Line Knitwear-0149LGFW SS2011 Line Knitwear-0362

The knits this time around looked crocheted. Spring Summer 2011 is about sheer knits without a lot of bulk. Line is expecting the midriff to return and there were lots of cropped knit tops for that purpose. The knits were only a small part of the story this season. Line brought out some high-waisted, pleated pants, shorts and culottes in leather and suede. Cloud like prints on silk were used for relaxed, loose-fitting pants and jumpsuits. The palette consisted of muted colours and I was glad it wasn’t a total camel fest. Instead it was olive, orange and rose.

LGFW SS2011 Line Knitwear-0204LGFW SS2011 Line Knitwear-0459

I wish more designers would leave line sheets on the seats for media and guests. It would have helped me to identify the materials used in the dresses that reminded me of 70s crocheted hanging planters. It was weird how those dresses brought back memories of family homes in the 70s.  Some of my favourite pieces include the printed pants and jumpsuit. The loose-fitting leather pants and shorts are a nice change to the typical bodycon we see with leather. I wasn’t feeling the culotte versions though as they look great on models but I’m skeptical about real people. We are just too short to make it look good.  I really liked a lot of the collection and can’t wait to see the lookbook.

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LGFW SS11: Holt Renfrew Presents Spring Summer 2011

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6734

So it’s LG Fashion Week once again. Toronto now has its own kick at the Spring Summer 2011 collections. The venue has changed to Heritage Court at Exhibition Place. It’s a lot roomier and there are lots of bathrooms. Getting into the runway room is alway a chore and that hasn’t changed. I love the exposed brick but I wish it was on both sides of the building. The non brick side could have used some extended curtains but I’m getting a little nitpicky here. Overall, decent except for the bad sun glare at the end of the night.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6996

Monday night saw Holt Renfrew bring its traditional media cocktail party to the runway. We saw some of the best of Canadian fashion in one runway show. Denis Gagnon, Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Line RUNWAY, Mikhael Kale, Pink Tartan, Smythe, Wayne Clark and Wings + Horns all presented several looks from their spring summer 2011 collections. This show was also a sneak peek at the upcoming Pink Tartan and Line Knitwear shows. The runway show didn’t have champers and nibbies, so it was a bit bittersweet. I stopped attending when they moved to the breakfast format started, work was beckoning at that time. Coco Rocha even attending wearing Spring Summer 2011 Greta Constantine and looking wonderful. She also gave a little speech at the beginning.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6236

I loved Jeremy Laing. His clothing is just so effortlessly cool on everyone I see. Now I’m even more excited to see the stuff in the studio. I knew I would see the entire collection from Pink Tartan and Line Knitwear the next day so I didn’t read anything into the looks shown. I would make judgments on the whole show. I liked what I did see though. I’m pretty bang on with my CBC Radio One trend predictions of colour blocking and stripes. Pink Tartan knocked that prediction out of the park.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-7193

I was glad it wasn’t the real Line Knitwear show because all I could focus on was the models and the shoes. It wasn’t pretty even though the knits and printed silks were. I’m usually the biggest Mikhael Kale fangirl and it really pains me to say that I only liked the finale dress and the tan cropped leather jacket. The dress was so sparkly and beautiful. It memorized me as it shimmered under the lights down the runway. There is little left to the imagination because of the plastic which makes it a bit scandalous. 🙂 Lida Biday and Wings + Horns were both well made lines but didn’t grab me at all.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6848

I really like the styling for Smythe. It made me smile and it looked like fun. Plus I’m a huge fangirl. I also liked the styling for Pink Tartan. You work it George.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6957

I was gaga for Denis Gagnon again. I cannot wait for his show on Friday. Cannot freaking wait! He’s continuing the string thing which I love and doing something very cool things with stripes. It was my first Wayne Clark runway experience and he opened with Rose. I love Rose she’s cool. He did a series of long red gowns with bows, ruffles and roses.

So, my LG Fashion Week posts are sponsored this week. This doesn’t affect my editorial point of view and I get awesome pit pictures out of the deal (ya and money). Bloggers can also use these photos for free on their sites. Follow the Chick Advisor Flickr Feed to see the latest shows. Next up for me is Pink Tartan, Jessica Jensen + Alexander Berardi and Line Knitwear.

Sponsored Post – This is a series of posts on LG Fashion Week that are sponsored by Shick. Bloggers can explore the Chick Advisor Flickr feed and freely use LG Fashion Week photos provided by Shick and Chick Advisor on their blogs.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I visited Fawn Boutique on the same day I visited Chasse Gardée. I went crazy with the Olympus E-PL1 and took a bunch of pictures of the spring 2010 new arrivals.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I talked to Kasha about the new items. She pointed out great pieces from newly acquired label SHIN, the Line Knitwear leather jackets, the new Complex Geometries and [Blank] denim.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I was drooling over pretty much everything in the store. It’s my favourite store in Toronto and I love Kasha’s buying. She is such a great curator of clothing.

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

Fawn Boutique Spring 2010 Arrivals

I was wandering the streets with my friend Jaime Woo who captured some photos of me in Fawn .

967 Queen St W

TEFW – Line Knitwear Fall Winter 2010

Line Knitwear Fall 2010 Lookbook Photoshoot

I’ve been excited for the Line Knitwear Fall Winter 2010 fashion show since I learned about it from John Muscat and Jennifer Wells. I went to the Fall Winter 2010 Lookbook photoshoot a few months back. I spend the day hanging out with the crew and getting a great preview of all the Fall merchandise.
Line Knitwear Fall 2010 Lookbook Photoshoot

I was all over it, a full range of textures and weights in knits and the leathers jackets. The collection has all my favourite shapes and details: long, oversized, sheer, chunky and dramatic movement. All the pieces were stylish and functional. I wanted all the looks.

Line Knitwear Fall 2010 Lookbook Photoshoot

I wanted to see which pieces they would pull and use to present as a collection. They would be presenting a single message for Line Knitwear.  They shot over 100 looks that day, it’s a lot of clothing to edit.  I was also interested to see what underpinnings they would come up with to complement.

Line Knitwear Fall Winter 2010

The Line Fall Winter 2010 fashion show was at The Oasi at 99 Sudbury St.  A large warehouse space held the rectangular and raised runway.   You were sitting right up against the runway.  As the models walked out I kept saying to myself, “Why do I know that face?”  Turns out the models are  women with international experience like Alana Zimmer,  Amanda Laine, Addison Gill, Elise Hélène Gatschene and Tara Gill.  Some of them had just returned from fashion month.  I’d been flipping through their images for the last month and it was a minor shock to see them in up close.   I knew John and Jennifer wanted great models for the show and they got them. Hair and makeup were perfect complements to layers of textures.  I stared at knits of all textures: sheer, chunky, hairlike and deconstructed.  Everything was lush and comfy looking without sacrificing fashion.

Line Knitwear Fall Winter 2010

The underpinnings were brilliant.  The models wore slouchy, sheer knit leggings and thermal underwear like bodysuits with exposed full brief panties and occasional nipple.  Knits of all textures covered the shoes.  There were thigh high or little booties with chunky knits or Mongolian hair.  Scarves and wraps were so rich in texture they looked opulent.    I died over the cream and black long ruffled scarves again (I did it first at the lookbook photoshoot).  The clothing was a display of all the different techniques Line Knitwear has to offer in a variety of sweater dresses, cardigans, scarves, ponchos, tank tops, tshirts and sweaters.  The collection stuck to black, grey and crème for the most part but a few looks were in seafoam and coral.  They stuck to a single print which resembled tree branches.

Line Knitwear Fall Winter 2010

I really enjoyed the show.   John and Jennifer received a well deserved standing O.  Great models and amazing clothing you can’t go wrong.  I can’t think of a better way to introduce a Canadian success story to the Toronto fashion community.   I received a copy the final lookbook a few days before the show.   It was interesting to see what wasn’t shown.  The 40+ looks shown are less than half of what is available for buyers to purse.   Line also does great leather jackets.  I know that Fawn carries them.

See the full collection

Photos of the Line Fashion Show Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got