i want: NAA P-51 Flight Kit Bag by Red Canoe

NAA P-51 Flight Kit Bag

I love this NAA P-51 Flight Kit Bag from the newly released Boeing x Red Canoe collection.

Red Canoe is the first licensed collaborator to gain access to all of Boeing’s historic and acquired marks, including the archival logos of Boeing, North American Aviation (NAA), Douglas Aircraft Co., The Boeing Stearman and many more. The truly one-of-a-kind collaboration celebrates aviation icons, says Red Canoe Founder Dax Wilkinson.
“The Boeing team was highly impressed by the design, quality and authenticity of our merchandise – the partnership was a natural fit. We were so excited to visit the archives and uncover amazing imagery – from flight manuals to old pins, flags to flight suits – and breathe new life into these symbols.”

Jim Newcomb, Director, Brand Management & Advertising at The Boeing Company says Red Canoe’s Boeing Heritage line has the potential to capture the hearts of an entirely new generation of aviation and fashion enthusiasts: “This line honors the achievements of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who worked for Boeing, North American and Douglas, and who made the game-changing aircraft of their day. All of these companies are part of Boeing now, and they help to make us who we are, so we are proud to see them presented in a way that is authentic, durable and beautiful.”

The collection is 15 pieces including bags, caps, jackets and shirts. It’s available online at redcanoebrands.com and BoeingStore.com. The Boeing Stores in the US will carry the line from September 27, 2010.

Ezra Constantine Spring 2011 Preview

Ezra Constantine Spring 2011

The Ezra Constantine Spring 2011 preview took place at the home of Michael Cooper and Krystal Koo. They are friends of Kirk and Stephen’s who generously made their home available for a great fashion experience.  The choice of forgoing the fashion show was a smart one as the garden party atmosphere was enjoyed by everyone and well into the night.  It’s hard not to love good looking men, Macallan Scotch, Peroni, great fashion, friends and beautiful weather.

Ezra Constantine Spring 2011

It was an eight look preview into the Spring 2011 collection. The boys promised their will be more to looks to come. The collection continued along with design treatments from previous season with cowl necks, slim and fitted pants with oversized pockets. I felt there was a touch of safari and military in the olive and khaki looks. I liked the draping added to the structure in those pieces. They even threw in some sheer pants and put them on beautiful Paolo.

Ezra Constantine Spring 2011

Standouts for me were the white shirt and khaki skort look and the khaki button up shirt with the built in scarf. That shirt looks fantastic on women too. I spotted Amanda sporting it at the Tommy Ton event.

Pic Me Tommy Ton

I was running around like crazy that night and only stayed for a little bit. It was a great event though. The common theme I’m hearing about good events in this city is that they make you forget that your are in Toronto. I’ve heard it a lot, hell I’ve said it myself. This was one of those parties.

There’s video too.

Check out all my photos in the slideshow. Drool over the shirtless men for a bit, I got lots of those pictures. Ha Ha.

Watch It: Philippe Dubuc Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 by Jason Last

I was trolling around vimeo while uploading LAX videos and I found this video for the Philippe Dubuc Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection. I heard his fashion show was held on a boat. I love that idea. You can see some pictures of the location on Fashion Television.

The video is by Jason Last. I enjoy his fashion films. He made videos for Complex Geometries that I’ve featured before. It’s a fun video, moody and brooding. Of course the clothing looks great.

You can find Philippe Dubuc in their Montréal retail location or online at www.dubucstyle.com/shop.

Boutique Philippe Dubuc
4451 rue Saint-Denis
Montréal, QC

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

Red Canoe Brands now has a brick and mortar store in the West end of Toronto. I’ve been a fan of Red Canoe ever since I stumbled on their website many years ago. I really enjoy the aviation and outdoor influence in the line. It’s been great watching them grow from a purely online endeavor to products sold in The Drake General Store to a flagship store in Whistler and now their own showroom in Toronto.

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

Red Canoe draws on these ideals to create unique quality apparel. Tough, comfortable outdoor clothing built to be worn. Dedicated to the promotion of historic and cultural icons, it is classic clothing that, like the symbols it honours, will stand the test of time.

President and Founder Dax Wilkinson came by his adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors honestly. Growing up in Northern Ontario, his time was spent flying in the legendary DeHavilland Beaver into remote hunting and fishing camps. Aird Island, his family retreat on the North Channel of Georgian Bay, has been his source of inspiration since 1973(source).

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

I got to meet Dax Wilkinson briefly at the showroom launch party. We chatted about the business and I congratulated him on the opening. It’s really a beautiful showroom and the Red Canoe aesthetic permeates it. You can see photos of the attendees of the launch including me in the post called Party People! on Red Canoe Brands Blog. I also got a good look at the Canadian Summer Flying Jacket, which is a replica of the classic RCAF and Canadian Armed Forces version.  It’s a want of mine. They didn’t have a small kicking around so I could see the fit.

Public Showroom hours are Thursday / Friday 9 – 5 and weekend by appointment only

Red Canoe Brands Showroom
1356 Dundas Street West

geekiviews: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil 2010 Redux

Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil
This post is part old and part new. I had my friend The Grumpy Owl review Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil back in 2009. It’s an awesome review which is reproduced in it’s entirety below. Cromwell and Cruthers have re-branded the product and I like the new slick look. I also like that Philip Sparks and Mackenzie James are involved in the advertising campaign. I have behind the scenes footage.

geekiviews: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil
Originally Published: 2009/01/02

This edition of geekiviews features a guest blogger, The Grumpy Owl. He’s a guy and the Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil is for men. So it made sense that he review it instead of me.

I hate oiling up my body. It’s the sort of the thing that one should have a person for. Preferably young, buxom and foreign. So, when Geekigirl gave me a plastic vial of Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil, I viewed the product with some trepidation.

Oil is bad enough but shaving is worse. The last time I combined the two, I spent an entire weekend cleaning hair, blood and assorted perfumes from my sheets. It was not an experience I was looking to repeat.

But geekigirl quickly explained that I was to use this product to shave myself. Specifically, my face. While alone.

I might not like oil or shaving but I do love my face. So I decided to give this shaving oil a whirl. Having used it for the past few weeks, I now feel competent to review the stuff.

It’s pretty good.

At four dollars and fifty cents a vial, it’s reasonably priced. Certainly much cheaper than hiring a barber to shave your face and not much more expensive than a can of foam. Although it lacks the proto-erotic thrill of having a man stroke your throat with a razor, it smells quite nice and provides a close shave. It also lasts quite a long time.

But I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe mere words. After all, I’ve been bribed with a five dollar vial of shaving oil. A lot of bloggers come cheaper than that. So I’m providing you with photo evidence.

Ryan Oakley Before Using Cromwell And Cruthers Shaving Oil

Ryan Oakley Before Using Cromwell And Cruthers Shaving Oil

Ryan Oakley After Using Cromwell And Cruthers Shaving Oil

Ryan Oakley After Using Cromwell And Cruthers Shaving Oil

I expect you can draw your own conclusions from that.

Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil (a Canadian Company) can be purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart and PharmaPlus

Versace Menswear Spring Summer 2011

Versace Menswear Spring Summer 2011

I received an email with some photos of the Versace Menswear Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 show from a person at enternewmedia.com. I guess Versace has contracted them for their social media campaign. I skimmed through the photos but didn’t really pay much attention. It’s almost a month later and I was looking through some images and rediscovered the Versace collection. I’m really liking the ’80 rockabilly style Donatella Versace was channeling this season.

Versace Menswear Spring Summer 2011

I found a video of the collection, it’s not the best quality but it has the original soundtrack (which is kick ass).

There are a couple men’s styles that I gravitate to. Rockabilly is one. It all starts with the pompadour, what a great hairstyle. Hello, creepers, so kick ass. I also love the slim, lean silhouette. I love a straight up suit on a man. The only requirement is that is fits well. It could be a Zoot Suit or a boxy Armani gangster suit. It’s one of the reasons why I love working in the financial district. Even though you see more ill fitting suits than excellent fitting one.

images: courtesy of Versace

Alexander McQueen Menswear Spring Summer 2011 Video

This is the first collection by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen since the designer died. I saw the photos initially and wasn’t sold. However after viewing the Alexander McQueens menswear Spring Summer 2011 fashion show my attitude turned around. I like the collection, very subdued. I’m very curious to see what these means for the womenswear collection.

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Girl Skateboards

Sanrio 50th Anniversary

Here is some Sanrio 50th anniversary goodness from Girl Skateboards. It’s a Hello Kitty skateboard along with matching t-shirt and wheels. Hello Kitty for the guys seems is the focus of this collaboration.

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Girl Skateboards

You can see more details about this collaboration on the JapanLA blog. They are also selling everything from the Sanrio x Girl Skateboards collection.

Sanrio 50th Anniversary – Sanrio x Girl Skateboards

As a “thank you” to their ever-loyal fans, SANRIO plans to unveil special co-branded collections, starting this summer with SANRIO x Dr. Martens. Signature Dr. Martens 8-eye boots & mary jane strap shoes will be bestowed a trademark Hello Kitty bow for this limited edition collection. Collaborations with a diverse group of brands including Brunswick, Girl Skateboard Co., Aerial7, Lomography, Demeter Fragrance, Mimobots, and Build-A-Bear Workshop will launch a plethora of amazing products at retail partners worldwide, featuring an assortment of SANRIO characters. A benchmark of SANRIO’s 50th Anniversary will include iconic characters appearing together for the first time ever (outside of SANRIO’s Harmonyland and Puroland theme parks in Japan), on products including the 8-eye Dr. Martens boot, a Brunswick bowling ball, iPhone cases, apparel, accessories and many other unique products. There will be plenty of signature “small gift” items at market as well, including pens and notebooks, coin purses, key caps & lunch cases, all carried in the 95+ SANRIO stores located across the country and at www.sanrio.com. “Our retail partners and licensees are equally as excited to be part of our 50th Anniversary celebration,” says Ms. Hsu. “We are working with each on targeted programs to mark this special occasion.”(source)

image: freshngood.com and japanla.com

Playing with the Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Collection

Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Work kept me from catching the tail end of the Todd Lynn trunk show and personal appearance. I was a little bummed as I really wanted to meet Todd. He looks so cute in his photos. He also reminds me of Rick Owens so I’m drooling a little.  I think it’s the long black hair, le sigh.

Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010 - 2011
This is one of my favourite jackets in the collection. The sleeves are removable

I missed the designer but I got to play in his designs.  On Saturday I made a quick trip to the private shopping area at Holt Renfrew and played dress up.  Every leather jacket made my waist look tiny.  They totally fit like a glove.  The fur was outrageous.  I like the androgyny of both the mens and womens lines.

Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Todd Lynn price points are relatively cheaper than other brands doing leather with the same aesthetic.

Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

I even was recruited to model Todd Lynn for a customer. She was trying to decide what items to pick up from the trunk show.

Todd Lynn Fall Winter 2010

G-Shock and G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010

G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010
G-Shock X-Large Combi and G-Shock X-Large Vivid Colour Combi

There are a few items I associate with my youth: Neon, Oakleys, Converse and G-Shock watches. I loved my old G-Shock watch, it was a man’s version but I didn’t care. I loved it’s chunkiness and digital display. I think women’s watches are a bit to delicate; I need the feeling of the huge watch on my arm. I’ve been slowly acquiring these old artifacts of youth and now that these G-Shocks come in bright colours I think I’m going to have to buy in again.

G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010
G-Shock Mini

Casio created the G-Shock Mini for women. They feature the same G-Shock style in smaller size for women’s proportions.  They are cute too but I love all the bells and whistles that come with the men’s G-Shock.

You can find G-Shock watches in Toronto at The Bay, Livestock, Solestop, Wal-mart, Sears and Little Burgundy. You can find G-Shock watches online at Zappos, Bloomingdales and Karmaloop.

images: courtesy of  Casio

Video – Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb

John Lobb
The Grumpy Owl posted this wonderful video from The Guardian about Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb. It’s a fascinating look at how shoes are made.

At John Lobb, one of Britain’s last remaining bespoke shoemakers, little has changed since 1849. Perri Lewis unlocks the door to a lost world of craftsmanship.

I also found another video about John Lobb that gives you a more detailed look at the shop

image: johnlobb.com

Dior Homme – The White Room

Dior Homme - The White Room
I like this moody short film for the Fall 2010 – 2011 Dior Homme collection.

Kris Van Assche’s fall 2010 Dior Homme collection is a triumphant affirmation of the house’s aesthetic for the new decade: clean lines, translucent layers of fabric, deconstructionist touches and oversized silhouettes. Quietly iconoclastic, it’s a tempting and elegant proposition for men who have grown out of their skinny jeans. The standout piece of the collection is the floor-length trench, a deceptively light garment that undulated elegantly down the runway in Paris in June. Unveiled under a ring of fluorescent lights, accompanied by the Sisters of Mercy’s “Temple of Love,” the piece mixes bold 80s power dressing with the swaddled folds of fabric Van Assche had witnessed in Indian dress on a trip to the country last August. The collection’s sensuous feeling of movement provided the inspiration for today’s film, created to mark the occasion of Dior Homme’s first UK flagship, which opened this week in the Westfield Center, London. The entrancing vignette is styled by Robbie Spencer and directed by photographer Sharif Hamza, who conceived it as “something like a fashion show that never happened,” setting it in a mysterious, bleached corridor (recreated from a Polaroid of an anonymous interior that had been lying on Hamza’s desk for some months). According to Hamza, the film creates a “dialogue without words,” in which nuanced glances and a slowly advancing zoom lens come together for a mysterious, cinematic experience.( NOWNESS).

The Smooth Co. at Holt Renfrew

Smooth Co at Holt Renfrew

I went to the launch of The Smooth Co. for men at Holt Renfrew. The Smooth Co. looks to fill the void that Modern Amusement left in the store when they went belly up. The price points are lower and more accessible.

Smooth Co at Holt Renfrew

Born in the sand and saltwater, TSC effortlessly blends modern style and wearable ease. We are inspired by love for a lifestyle that spans from the most private of beaches to the busiest of cities around the globe. The line radiates a subtle casual air in every situation, while maintaining a strong tie to our roots in the ocean sides of Southern California.

Smooth Co at Holt Renfrew

The line is very casual. Everything has that aged washed look. I like the Oversized cotton hoodie and the Shawl Collar Chambray Summer Parka.

The Smooth Co. at Holt Renfrew

Yes, of course The Smooth Co. created a spring summer 2010 video:

You can see all my Olympus E-PL1 phots from the event:

Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

I really like the Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign. The images tie into the short film Prada created with Chinese artist Yang Fudong.

Featuring young men gathered in Shanghai, dressed in Prada meanswear, the black and white film portrays a timeless, dreamlike realm where anything is possible. Inspired by Chinese adage that “the whole year’s works depends on a good start in the spring”, it is a bold and beautiful film represents an exciting new direction for Prada’s visual communications at the start of the season(source).

Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

images: thefashionspot.com

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

Wow, this Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance by Diesel is a strange movie tie in for me. To celebrate the world and folklore around the Marvel character Ironman, Diesel has created a limited edition Ironman version of it’s Only the Brave men’s fragrance. Appealing to the comic book geek Diesel?

Planet Perfume is decidedly glum and gloomy this spring 2010. Who can save it from boredom? Only a genuine, full-blooded hero! IRONMAN has come knocking on Diesel’s door, or is it the other way round? To celebrate the release of IRONMAN2, Diesel pays tribute to the original comic book creation. The indestructible superhero has lent his famous iron glove to a limited edition of the ONLY THE BRAVE fragrance.

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

The Only The Brave fragrance will be launched in June 2010 to coincide with the Ironman 2 movie release.

Featuring the highly original ONLY THE BRAVE fragrance. As much an attitude as a perfume, the fragrance embodies above all self-affirmation.  A fusion of plant and animal kingdoms, it blends leather, styrax and labdanum. Lemon and violet express urban modernity, underscored by the strength and singularity of cedar and amber.

The raw materials of the fragrance sound interesting.  I guess I shouldn’t judge it until I’ve sniffed.  The bottle will be 75ml and will be available at The Bay, Sears and Shoppers Drug Mart for $85.00.

images: courtesy of L’Oréal Fragrances

TEFW – Philip Sparks Fall Winter 2010 – 2011

Didn’t get a chance to attend Philip Sparks’ Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 show? Well they have produced a great runway video of the show that includes close ups of the outfits.

I’m an unabashed Philip Sparks fan so it’s pretty hard for him not to please me. I love the Philip Sparks sailor and what great models to represent him. The presentation format was excellent. I like the half runway half installation idea and it was a nice change up. The attention to detail is always excellent and the Burroughes Building once again served as a fantastic backdrop.

I was so happy to see my favourite model David C from Elmer. The last time I saw him I was at Elmer Olsen’s Christmas party. David was going to Europe for the men’s collections. I told him I hoped to see him on my computer screen. I nearly spewed coffee over my monitor when he turned up in the Alexander McQueen fall 2010 collection. Holy Shit, David walked McQueen. I later found out that David also walked for Emporio Armani. He showed me a picture of him and Giorgio Armani on his blackberry. It was so adorable.

If you want to see some great photos of the event check out Jason Howlett’s blog, Compendium Daily and Joe is the New Black.

Steve Nash on the cover of Harry Magazine

Steve Nash Harry magazine cover - spring 2010

Harry Magazine, the award-winning publication by Harry Rosen Inc., will feature one of Canada’s top all-time athletes, Steve Nash – Phoenix Suns point guard and a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player – on its cover and in a six-page feature and photo spread in the Spring 2010 issue, being mailed today.

I have a weakness for Steve Nash. I didn’t know it when I first saw him years ago. I was a huge basketball head. I played in high school religiously. I loved amateur ball and March Madness was my thing.  I thought about trying out for York U’s team but decided to do Track and Field instead. I became a licensed referee during my last year of high school and did that for a few years. I still remember my little black and grey outfit, black runners and my Fox40 whistle. Rounding out my basketball knowledge resulted in learning the table, the scorekeeping table. I’ve performed all the jobs on a standard setup: timer, scorekeeper and statistician. The hardest job was the statistician by far. You really had to pay close attention in that position, there were no breaks. You recorded things like shot placement, shot percentage, fouls and free throws as the game was moving .  During stoppages of play you were still recording. In the old days, you had a piece of paper where you would draw the stats by hand. By the time I finished doing scorekeeping there was a touch screen computer with wired pen to enter stats. This is in the early to mid 90s.

I used to do scorekeeping duties for games that would involve the Canadian National team. I think they were part of this North American basketball league in which the Canadians were playing. This is where I first saw Steve Nash. He was young and I have to admit I didn’t think much of his playing. How was I suppose to know that 10 years later he would be running the NBA like no ones business and so turn out hot.  I think it’s great and he’s great.

So, I wrote this post mostly for a reason to put up a photo of Steve Nash and to let you in on a little Anita History. 🙂

image: courtesy Harry Rosen Inc

Ask a Geek:Menswear Style Inspiration Sources

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it.

This question came from a Twitter friend for a friend of theirs. A man they knew was always lamenting about the number of magazines, stores and websites for women that can provide style inspiration. He wanted to know if their was anything like that for men.

I’m no expert but I’ve come up with a list of websites I goto when looking for men’s inspiration. Please add your own suggestions in the comments.