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i want: Octopus Necklaces by Lost Apostle

A few weeks ago, I went to an event for Etsy Canada. We were introduced to some of Etsy’s biggest Canadian partners and talked about their Affiliate program. I received a personalized gift bag at the end of it. It was curated with me in mind and featured some designers the Etsy folks we up my alley. That’s how I discovered Lost Apostle. Lost Apostle is based in Montreal and creates bronze and silver jewellery for the person who doesn’t want something dainty and feminine. We are talking animal skulls, anatomical hearts, flying picks, syringes, feathers and hand grenades. I received the Human Skull necklace in bronze from the Etsy Canada gift bag but I’m kinda obsessed with Lost Apostle’s Octopus pendants. They come in Silver and Bronze and there is also a choice of leather straps instead of gunmetal. Too adorable. If that isn’t enough, there are Lost Apostle Octopus earrings to match. I’m dying. Lost Apostle is pretty affordable also with prices starting around $30 and going up to $300. The Octopus necklaces …

Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013 – Paragon

I’m a sucker for anything Art Deco related so I was very interested in the Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013 jewellery collection. Toronto based, Emily Woudenberg is a self-taught fashion and jewellery designer with an educational background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. The spring summer 2013 season marks her fourth collection under the her namesake label, Woudenberg. The collection titled “Paragon” is inspired by the most eclectic and luxurious qualities of the Art Deco movement. A paragon, defined as “an immaculate diamond”, symbolized the frivolity that followed World War I. After the Great Depression and World War II, the opulence of the Art Deco era was out of place and a stark contrast to the sombre reality of the late 1930s. The 12-piece collection incorporates rose gold, opalite, copper industrial materials, rope and hand-sculpted pendants. Staying true to the Woudenberg aesthetic, Paragon is avant-garde and androgynous with each piece as experimental and effortlessly sophisticated as the next. “I wanted to capture the essence of the contrast between extreme frivolity and sombre frugality that was seen …

i want: Maryam Keyhani Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

Ever since reading Overdressed, I’ve been thinking about spending my money with a bit more caution when it comes to fashion. High on my priorities are well made, wearability and country of origin. I’ve decided that less is more and I want to stop those random H&M or Zara purchases and save for a couple of big ticket purchases a season. The fall, I want a Maryam Keyhani necklace. Maryam’s work is as stunningly beautiful as she is. I really feel like these necklaces portrays her aesthetic perfectly. And who doesn’t want a part of that. Maryam’s necklaces feature folded silks, structured metal and strands of pearls. Maryam Keyhani is available at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. images:

i got: Elaine Ho Jewellery

I bought the cutest pendants from Montreal based, Elaine Ho at The Coveterie 24 hrs Boutique. I have a strong love of all things cute and round so I purchased three pendants: a cat, bunny and skull. You can find Elaine Ho Jewellery at: Labour of Love 242 Carlton Street Toronto Propaganda 686 Yonge Street Toronto Elaine Ho’s Etsy site

Bijouxbead Holiday 2009 Interactive Pop Up Show Community Reception

I attended the Bijouxbead Holiday 2009 Interactive Pop Up Show Community Reception to get a look at the collection of necklaces influenced by Canadian Designers David Dixon The show will kick off with a unique interactive display of eight one of a kind necklaces, all of which happen to be eight stranded, designed to pay homage to eight Canadian Fashion Designers. Evan Biddell Paul Hardy Each piece was a thrill to design; I studied these designer’s spring summer 2010 collections at great length, that were shown at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week. I came up with colour, texture and scale for these pieces based on my interpretation of the clothing in their collections that were most notable to me. Vawk Unlike my previous collections, this collection is exclusively glass, crystal and sterling -a big departure for me. All together, I incorporated over thirteen thousand six hundred pieces of glass and two thousand four hundred pieces of crystal into these eight necklaces. Also, for the first time in Bijouxbead history, I will be introducing crystal and sterling …

i want: Onyx Indian Necklace

I’ve discovered a lot of beautiful things on CoutureLab and the Onyx Indian Necklace is one of them The lave stone and black onyx beads of this necklace originate from India. Two antique engraved brass amulets are symmetrically strung above the abounding torsade of beads. The necklace fastens with a brass hook and eye clasp at the back. image:

i want: Luxury Vintage from Shrimpton Couture

Through twitter I discovered a locally based online vintage store called Shrimpton Couture. They focus on luxury items and but there are many beautiful dresses and accessories that start at $125. In addition to vintage pieces Shrimpton Couture sells reworked vintage and one of a kind jewellery. Expedited shipping is free in Canada! Shrimpton Couture also writes a vintage column for Herald de Paris. Here are some of my i wants from Shrimpton Couture, seriously drool worthy stuff. The one I covet most is the Restored Couture Flapper. This is a truly stunning couture level 1920s dress that has been fully restored. All the seams and beading have been re-inforced and the collar has been refinished with a silver silk satin ribbon edging. The main body of the dress is the original fabric but each panel was meticulously replaced and the fabric matched exactly. 2006 McQueen Dress – need I say more. Check out the embroidery on the back of the dress. 1950s Lace Illusion Dress – I love 50s style skirts. I’m currently obsessed …

Adventures in Moonrox – One of a Kind Edition

So I worked the Moonrox booth at the One of a Kind Show this past Saturday. I’ve always thought of myself as a piss poor salesperson. When it comes down to it a salesperson has to like people and I’ve never been a big fan of people. However to my surprise I was a selling machine that day. I also managed to score some jewelry in the process. MJ picked this necklace out for me before I even arrived. He knows my style so very well and even told Monique (MoonRox designer) that I would totally buy it. He was right. I was telling people that this necklace is right on trend for Spring 2009 and most gave me a blank look. If you’ve been to the One of a Kind Show, you’ll understand. I have always loved the MoonRox Charm bracelets. They are chunky, loud and colourful. I think they are the perfect addition to a LBD ensemble. MoonRox is in booth Y-4 and will be at the One of a Kind show till …

i got: Shema Yisrael Necklace from Topaz Jewelry

Shema Yisrael Necklace from Topaz Jewelry Amalgam of Hebrew letters spelling Shema Israel with circular leather backing on silver plated ball chain. unisex Shema Yisrael are the first two words of a section of the Torah It is considered the most important prayer in Judaism, and its twice-daily recitation is a mitzvah (religious commandment). This was one of the goodies I picked up from the Smashbox Gifting Lounge experience from TIFF. Topaz Jewelry is a local shop. 2554 Yonge Street Toronto 416-480-0040 EDIT: The picture would help wouldn’t. Jeez Anita, get it together.

i want: Mirjana Scepanovic Handbags

Mirjana Scepanovic handbags If I went to the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Press Breakfast like I was suppose to I would have seen this stuff in person. I love to see more local handbag designers getting out there. Her jewelry is pretty cool too, very Marni-ish Mirjana Scepanovic is found at: Finn 1 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, M4W 1L1 Tel: 416 961 0101 Shoesette 1566 Yonge Street, Toronto, M4T 1Z7 Tel: 416 920 6122 Shopgirls 1342 Queen Street West, Toronto, M6K 1L4 Tel:416 629 2344

i want: Madame Fortuna Jewellery

Madame Fortuna jewelry These two necklaces feature hand blown glass with a peacock feature and a rose inside them. Inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry and their fascination with the “object” I have created a modern version. Each RELIC consists of an approximately 1″ handblown glass globe on a 24″ gold fill chain with a spring ring clasp. The Peacock feather is the essence of art nouveau and especially timely now with the resurgence of popularity of Paul Poiret, the brilliant designer who outfitted Josephine Baker among many others. Inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry and their fascination with the “object” I have created a modern version. Each RELIC consists of an approximately 1″ handblown glass globe on a 24″ gold fill chain with a spring ring clasp. This particular necklace features an antique petit point rose. The workmanship of this rose is exquisite, a window into the past and a sample of the love that went into craft. I’ve left the globe empty in the back so that you can see “behind the scenes” the way …

i want: Radiolaria Jewellery by Nervous System

Radiolaria jewellery by Nervous System I’m loving this jewellery by Nervous Systems. The designers are a pair of MIT grads and their jewelery is influenced by sciency goodness like math and biology. Radiolaria necklace is made from silicon rubber, it comes in white also. Radiolaria brooch is made from stainless steel. You can only buy Nervous Systems online. images: via