TEFW – Andy The Anh Spring 2010

TEFW - Andy The Anh Spring 2010

It was no way to view a show. There were hundreds of us packed into the Showroom at LG Fashion Week. We were here to see Andy The Anh. I wasn’t sure how anyone was going to see anything, it was packed like sardines. People were angry. I was angry.

TEFW - Andy The Anh Spring 2010

I saw a little bit of the show. Some things looked pretty nice. It was very body con with a colour palette of blue, black, grey and white.

TEFW - Andy The Anh Spring 2010

TEFW - Andy The Anh Spring 2010

TEFW - Andy The Anh Spring 2010

The showroom as a venue for a show wasn’t optimal for Andy The Anh. It would have been nice with a much smaller guest list or a static presentation.

TEFW – Barbie by David Dixon Spring 2010


After the David Dixon Spring 2010 collection was Barbie by David Dixon. I’m gonna be honest, Barbie and I don’t get along. I don’t have the same connection to here that many people had. She awakened no particular love of fashion in me. I didn’t go in thinking that I would walk out a fan. I was right.



I liked the first set of black and white looks and the sequined stuff. But overall it was too pink and too many polka dots. The pocket details didn’t grab me either. It was very accessible and lots of people loved it. It’s just not my style. David used coated tyvek, cotton, wool, organza, jacquard, bengaline, silk, taffeta and chiffon fabrics in the collection. The colour palette was black, white, grey, and pink of various shares. The men’s looks threw me for a loop. I liked the first look and thought the model was really beautiful. So out of the two collection I like the signature one more. It was directional and interesting to me.




Prior to both David Dixon shows there was a little press conference for the launch of the new articulating limb Barbie. I find them kinda weird and like Barbie more with stiff limbs. To celebrate the new freedom the doll has a new dance called The Barbie was created and we had a demo. It music, Barbie Girl by Aqua. I hate that song and wasn’t a fan of the dance either to be honest. I did like the full sized Barbie displays though.




TEFW – Dare To Wear Love at LG Fashion Week

Dare to Wear Love Pat McDonagh sketch
Dare to Wear Love Pat McDonagh sketch

I’m really excited about the Dare to Wear Love show on October 23th at LG Fashion Week. It’s one of my highlights.

Do you dare? For the first time ever, Hoax Couture and the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) are partnering with the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) to produce a fashion-forward, cause-driven and meaningful closing night show with Canada’s top designers at LG Fashion Week beauty by L’Oréal Paris. The goal is to leverage the power of the Canadian fashion and entertainment communities to raise awareness and funds for the SLF as it works to support communities that are affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Starting at 9 p.m. on Friday, October 23, a star-studded audience will experience the Dare to Wear Love show, full of beautiful fashion, dance and music inspired by Africa. The multi-faceted collaboration is the largest public dare of the SLF’s new fundraising initiative A Dare to Remember. Recently launched, the nationwide initiative challenges Canadians to take on dares of all kinds to raise awareness and funds for the grassroots organizations in Africa that are on the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic.

“The fashion and entertainment communities in Canada will provide a unique voice for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s new initiative with the Dare to Wear Love show,” said Jim Searle of Hoax Couture. “This show integrates high fashion and a truly important cause, and with the designers using gorgeous African fabric to create the garments, it promises to be a captivating evening.”

More than 25 top designers, including Lida Baday, Brian Bailey, Brose, Pam Chorley, Wayne Clark, Comrags, David Dixon, Evan Biddell, Farley Chatto, Greta Constantine, Izzy Camilleri, Linda Lundström, Lucian Matis, Ross Mayer, Jason Meyers, Price Roman, and many more, have committed to Hoax Couture’s dare to create luxe gowns made of rich, eye-catching fabrics sourced from African communities who work with the SLF. Each designer will be asked to have their own family, friends and supporters sponsor this dare with the goal of raising $50,000 for the SLF. Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell of Hoax Couture will also personally ask the fashion community to get involved by making a donation to this cause at http://www.daretowearlove.com .

I was send a digital package that contained some images of the prints that the designers will be using.

Dare to Wear Love PrintDare to Wear Love Print

Dare to Wear Love Print

Dare to Wear Love PrintDare to Wear Love Print

It also included some sketches from 4 of the 25 designers. I can’t wait to see these in person and what the others come up with.

Dare to Wear Love Ines Di Santo sketch
Dare to Wear Love Ines Di Santo sketch
Dare to Wear Love Hoax Couture sketch
Dare to Wear Love Hoax Couture sketch
Dare to Wear Love Comrags Sketch
Dare to Wear Love Comrags Sketch

The creations that the designers present will be auctioned off at a later time. The money will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

images: Courtesy of Rockit Promo

TEFW – Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail


I always enjoy the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail and I think they might have put the best one on yet. The 3rd floor Contemporary space was more open. No more talking through the racks of clothing. The runway was nice and high so everyone could get good pictures.


Random celebrities showed up too. I was so angry that I missed Sam Neill in the flesh. I’ve been in love with that man since Jurassic Park. I was too busy running around talking to people and getting my picture taken. The Jeremy Laing dress I was wearing caused quiet the stir. Even Lisa Tant said she liked it. It was the first time she’s talked to me. I think of it as a personal fashion milestone. Yes, I am quite silly.


This season we saw designs from Jeremy Laing, Greta Constantine, Erza Constantine, Pink Tartan, Lida Baday, Smythe, Denis Gagnon and Mikhael Kale. They are some of our best designer talent in Canada. They are all available at Holt Renfrew. Yes, Canadian designers are available at Holt’s.



Denis Gagnon and his stylist did some DIY madness on Aldo shoes. They are so covetable. I’ve heard the rest of Denis’ collection is to die for. I need to find pictures stat. If you know of good ones, please leave a comment.


I’d love to step into Mikhael Kale’s brain. He comes up with some crazy stuff. He’s very inventive with the fabrication. Loved the bright blue and pink shoes.


This is one of my favourite dresses from the Jeremy Laing Spring 2010 collection. I love how the print converges to a point on the hip. Jeremy is so damn adorable. I knew I would see him at the cocktail and that’s why I decided to make sure I was representing him by wearing one of his dresses. I couldn’t believe that many people couldn’t figure out who I was wearing. I guess I’m just a little obsessed.





TEFW – Vawk Spring 2010

TEFW - Vawk Spring 2010

I was very excited to see the Vawk Spring 2010 show for LG Fashion Week. It was the only offsite show part of the program and it was held in AGO. I wasn’t in the glass-and-wood façade area of the building. That would have been a logistical nightmare but oh so fun. There was an open call for fan to show up for first come first serve seats. There was a pretty big line in front of the building and I was really glad for that Media/VIP entrance. It’s a life saver.

TEFW - VAWK Spring 2010

Leading up to the show, Sunny posted a series of preview videos for the collection. If they were embeddable I would have posted them here. He also streamed the show live for viewers that couldn’t attend the open call.

TEFW - Vawk Spring 2010

Reading the Vawk line sheet revealed a show full of luxurious fabrics: sand leather, silk cotton, crepe de chine, silk organza and silk chiffon. Sunny Fong was influenced by French Polynesia. This was seen with the bright red and orange colour palette which contrasted against the taupe. The hibiscus flower was a big motif in the collection. It was punched into smooth leathers and cutouts in chiffon. It was only a 12 look show but the looks were strong. A few separates, cocktail dresses and gowns. It was a soft and feminine collection. It wasn’t what I expected. I saw Sunny’s winning Project Runway Canada collection at LG Fashion Week last season and it was youthful and sexy with a harder edge. This was sexy but in a mature way. I enjoyed the collection and I loved all the leather to bits. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed with the direction. Vawk is stepping out into the real world and the freedom go crazy just isn’t feasible. Did I mention I find the leathers drool worthy?

TEFW - VAWK Spring 2010

My photos were complete crap. I’m glad my photographer friend Raymund Galsim send me some he took from the photographer’s pit. I was also disappointed with the model’s choreography. It was great for people in the pit but if you were sitting anywhere other than the front row it wasn’t easy. I really wish the models paused at the top of the stairs before descending onto the runway.

The video of the collection is available for viewing

Danielle from FinalFashion.ca is doing paper dolls this season. Check out her Vawk Spring 2010 paper doll.

People are always interested in what I’m wearing and it’s a one of a kind Jeremy Laing dress. It makes me feel like a superhero.

images: Raymund Galsim

TEFW – Greta Constantine Spring 2010

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 taken by Jason Howlett
The clothing was one part of the huge fashion event put on by Greta Constantine and their slew of sponsors. The backdrop was the Audi Dealership on Bayview. That should have tipped me off to the scale of the event to come but I really didn’t think twice about it. It wasn’t until I stepped outside the cab. I arrived a little early and walked through the back entrance to the main floor of the dealership. It was full of an excited energy. people were running around everywhere getting everything set up.

I looked to the right and there was a huge wall of Greta. Huge images of Kirk and Stephen, Coco Rocha for Greta Constantine and Erza Constantine alternated with the Greta Constantine logo. I’ve gotten to know Kirk and Stephen over the years and it was a little emotional to see this display. I looked around at this massive production they have taken upon themselves and I was in awe. I was so proud and very excited to see how it played out over the course of the night.

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 taken by Jason Howlett

The crowd slowly began to arrive. It was a constant flow of fashion media, retailers, socialites, sponsors and fans. I met the old school supermodel Eve by Alan of Giovanni. I was swooning, she was so nice. She also recommended some espresso have. She was getting one at this DeLonghi espresso machine demo.

After drinks and appetizers, the crowd walked down the Holt Renfrew red carpet to the lower level parking garage. When I walked through the threshold to the runway room I laughed at the size of it. I heard the runway was 140 feet prior to the show.  I couldn’t picture it until immersed. The ceilings were enormous with exposed pipes and tall pillars. It reminded me of my youth, a rave I attended was in an empty warehouse in the west end of Toronto. The room had a vibe of secret underground party with a room full of well dressed people. It wasn’t as big as the tents at Byrant Park, but it the biggest runway room I had seen in Toronto.

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 - Tommy and Anita taken by Jason Howlett

I was sitting near to Tommy Ton who just returned from Paris. I got to give him a big bear hug and congratulate him on his current success. I’m so proud of that his talent is now recognized worldwide. I got to know Tommy on my trip to NYC for the Spring 2008 collections. I’ll always remember us standing outside of Rodarte and Proenza Schouler. I’m team Tommy all the way 🙂

The show opened silently with three models that were wearing seatbelt creations walking from the photographer’s pit to the beginning of the runway. They were milling around upstairs chatting up the guests and giving people a closer look. The runway music started which was an eclectic choice of different styles. Everything was going smoothly with the show then one of the ridiculously expensive (talking six digits I think) Bang and Olufsen speakers blew. It was really loud before but I wasn’t thanking the gods when it stopped producing sound. It really added a distraction to the show. I can’t remember any of the tunes now. I blocked the music when the speaker blew.

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 taken by Jason Howlett

Female and male models walked the runway in various combinations but with no set pattern. Black, white and grey dominated both sexes on the runway with splashes of colour by way of sunburst prints, bright yellow and red. Feathers, leather and jersey were the fabrics of choice. Shirts were draped and crotches were dropped. The women’s hemlines weren’t telling you anything about the stock market because they were short and flirty or long and lean. Fringe, masks and bondage belts accessorized both men and women. The collection’s streetwear influence was easy to spot. It was interesting how that tougher style was paired with feathers, flowing prints and colourful jersey.

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 taken by Jason Howlett

I had seen a lot of the clothing in the studio and was able to touch them and get a good look. I was surprised at number of looks that were new to me and ones that weren’t shown. There were a few jersey dresses to represent their signature style but I enjoyed seeing long skirts dominate. Separates were more plentiful than dresses. More than one person I talked to after the show lamented about the lack of jersey dresses in the collection. One of the finale pieces was a silver grey silk gazar dress that billowed as it walked. It reminded me of the Lanvin Spring 2008 finale dress, GC upped the sex appeal and made it shorter in the front.

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 taken by Jason Howlett

I was drooling over all the black outfits with the white piping. The sunburst print pieces were beautiful. The grey leather jacket was refreshing, in fact I loved it paired with the yellow jersey. I need the leather shorts for women, not sure how summer friendly they would be. I do know the leather is pretty light but I still doubt it’s comfort in 30 degrees. The leather jacket paired with the feather skirt was a big win for me too. In the men’s collection featured a lot leather, sheer and draping. I felt the sleeveless hooded poncho was the standout piece of the collection.

Greta Constantine Spring 2010 taken by Jason Howlett

All the clothing was beautiful, I loved it hanging off the racks and also on the models. There were a few presentation aspects of the show that I had some issue with. I felt the presentation was a little all over the place. I would have liked to see the men and women segregated. It would have allowed us to see the cohesive nature of the Erza Constantine collection. The women’s collection wasn’t as cohesive as the men’s. I was told this was buy design. There were some themes that I would have liked to seen grouped together like the prints and pieces with feathers. These comments say more about me than Greta Constantine. I really like themes and the execution of them. Many designers don’t keep things as cohesive as I like I felt Celine and Dolce & Gabanna achieved this season. Maybe I should get over it, but something about it makes me smile.

Well, my pictures really turned out crappy because of the lighting and I didn’t have my beloved Paul Baik with me to snap the good stuff. I did borrow some photos from my friend Jason Howlett who had a great view of the runway. It’s not the full collection. He’s got some great backstage shots of the show. I’ve included my photos in a slideshow just in case you want to look.

So, I’m some sort of Toronto Fashion Hero

I was honoured to be part of this season’s Toronto Fashion Heroes by Andrew Sardone in NOW Magazine. Prior to the piece coming out I had lunch with Andrew and we conducted a little interview. The next day at lunch I was standing at King and Bay with Michael Watier the photographer doing the photoshoot. That was a lot of fun. People stopped to gawk and little kids waved at me, like I was a famous person. A friend of mine, Jason Howlett, happened to be walking by at this point and snapped this behind the scenes shot.

Toronto Fashion Hero Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

It was pretty emotional to read Andrew’s words when the piece came out. The support on twitter was amazing. I want to thank all my readers and everyone who has supported me with my little blog. It’s been a hell of a year, both good and bad, with the good outweighing the bad. I have no idea how I’m gonna top 2009.

Check out the full story at NOW Magazine – Toronto Fashion Heroes – Anita Clarke.

TEFW – Philip Sparks Spring 2010

Philip Sparks was the unofficial start to what I’m calling Toronto Extended Fashion Week. TEFW for short. The venue was in the usual haunts of the Burroughs Building. This season they used the bigger section of the 6th floor. They also had a great setup for the lounge area, complete with cheese plates and a DJ.


I had a preview of the collection when I got to sit in on the Lookbook photoshoot. The collection included some pieces that I hadn’t seen which was a great surprise. The inspiration this season was cottage life and 1950s Canadian Pacific Railways gatewya ads. The collection featured fabrics like seersucker, cotton voile and ramie. Philip worked with textile designer Kerry Croghan to create his Gone Fishing print. It’s inspired from Thor Hansen fabrics and Canadian souvenir imagaery. These prints were used in shirts and ties.


I love the fact that Philip doesn’t shy away from his Canadian roots. He embraces them fully and I really appreciate that love for our history and culture. I’m a born and raised Richmond Hill suburb child and my love of Canadiana is ingrained. It’s wonderful to see this translated into clothing.


Philips show was very nautical. Waders (famously worn by Agyness Dyne), stripes and trenches we major staples. Typical Sparks basics, like button up shirts and henleys, complemented the staple pieces. The hooded windbreaker brought back memories to any person that were old enough to remember the 80s vividly. I’m totally bias but Philip can do no wrong in my book. I love his vision of a Philip Sparks man. He is relaxed about his appearance but appreciates the sartorial touches. The models in Philip’s show were really hot. I felt terrible for drooling as some of them are way too young.


My favourite pieces included the new Philip Sparks handbags. The hardware is all brass and handmade by Mennonites. I also love everything with the print that was designed by Kerry Croghan.


Overall it was a very well produced show with great models and clothing. The runway room looked fabulous and it was very roomy. Everyone got a good look at the collection. It was the best way to start Extended Fashion Week. Next up is Greta Constantine.


See the complete collection in the Philip Sparks Spring 2010 slideshow.

Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got, www.paulbaikphoto.com

LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oréal Paris is Coming

LG Fashion Week Beauty by L'Oréal Paris is Coming

It’s that time of year again. Extended fashion week in Toronto. I will be attending Philip Sparks, Greta Constantine and a number of shows during LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oréal Paris (beware loud obnoxious music autoplays) . I’m just finalizing my schedule with LGFW and will post it on the blog.

I’m having a real hard time with the name. LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oréal Paris is much, much too long. I wonder how this name came to fruition?