i got: Classic Girl Rib Boy Beater Tank by American Apparel

Classic Girl Rib Boy Beater Tank

I love these tank tops, I have so many. They are the perfect cut and fit. The range of colours available is incredible. I have some in yellow, white, black, teal, crannberry, kelly green, red and orange. They cost about $15.00 at the American Apparel Store on Queen Street. But if you hit up Chocky’s on Queen you can get them for $13.75

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  1. does the store Chocky’s on Queen str. sell the Baby Thermal Long Sleeve from American Apparel store?

  2. I don’t believe so. I did see one type of long sleeve shirt by American Apparel there, but I believe it was just a plain one, like the Fine Jersey Long Sleeve. Chocky’s doesn’t actually carry a lot of American Apparel’s stuff, which is too bad since they are actually cheaper than AA. The good thing is that if you are going to head to AA on Queen, Chocky’s is so close you could stop there also to check their stock

  3. american apparel sells some stuff for wholesale (not everything), that’s why other stores are getting their hands on their products. Pull sold american apparel stuff too, but they usually carry size small. some stuff in american apparel is nice. i’m totally in love with this long sleeve shirt i got there and i wash it all the time and it just never fades or ages. so i guess it’s well worth the money for some items. i shop there often, but i don’t think i’ve seen any major sales in that store 🙁 which really sucks. there as one though, the tanks mentioned in this post…it was 2 for $25! so it’s cheaper than chocky’s. but on regular, go to chocky’s for those tank tops. also, there’s another american apparel opening up on Yonge St. (& Dundas).

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