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i got: Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket

Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket
Now or Never has been very good to me this season (It’s over for this season people). I managed to get this Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket for 75% off. It was the last one on the rack and it fit perfectly. I was in love. Initially, I walked away from the jacket and left the store, but I kept talking about it which was driving MJ nuts. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. A la Trent Reznor, it kept calling me, kept on calling me!

So, I went back and the rest is history. Afterwards, MJ informed me that this jacket sold out completely, everywhere.

Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket
This jacket fits amazing. The arms are a very slim cut but they are lined in silk so that it’s easy to put it on. The underside of the arms is made from a knit material which also adds to the sleekness of the arm. The double collar is drool worthy and I love how high it stands up. It’s like urban armour and I can block out humanity properly.

Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket

It’s funny because I almost bought this Rick Owens piece a TNT that day, but decided against it. However, fate would bring me back to Rick proper.