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|FAT| 2009 Day 3

I attended [FAT], Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, at the Distillery District last week. It was four days of music, art and fashion. It was a long week, so very long. I thought of bailing on many days of FAT, but I never want to miss any of the fashion shows. It’s always an internal battle.

There are a lot of designers to get through. So most of my reviews will be brief using word association. I’ll expand on a collection when necessary. Each day will get it’s own post.

For Day 3 you’ll notice a significant decrease in the quality of the photography. Well that’s because yours truly was taking the photos this day. My photographer, Paul Baik, was taking the day off. My picture are horrible, even more horrible than normal because I was using a Nikon S230 loaner which I’m not enjoying all that much. Don’t worry, Paul is back for Day 4.

Day 3 |GUTTER|

Unsettling. Shifting. Extreme. How do we survive in these volatile times? |FAT| explores art & fashion through the current social, political and economic aspects of a place on the edge.


Breeyn McCarney – Yelling Ringmaster, acrobat tumbling


NEVA – bold colour, shoe coverings, patchwork


UND – Aviatrix, Dominatrix, military, sexy, bright tights, statement cuffs, fringe, strong shoulder.


Harsh Designs – military, dirty, tough


Tassoni Brasil – Had a team full of Elmer Olsen models. The women had legs for days, days I tell you. Very Brasil, tiny bathing suits and short shorts. Clothing for the heat of summer


Jet Exhibition – Was the Maison Martin Margiela of the night.


Magpie – Cabaret, Liza Minnelli, french, tophats, canes, sexy, striptease, sheer, exposed zippers. I really missed my Photographer for this collection πŸ™


youth. in Asia – jagged seams, black patent, film, Fluevog boots that Carolyn wants, abstract


Kirsty Mckenzie – Lena Love, flowered shoes, patterned leggings,


Salvation: By Asphyxia/Magdelina/Empire – guns, knives, gothic, platform shoes, creepy kid with the grenade.


IMAGOzine – Jessica Biffi feathered dress, horror theme, BDSM. The show was way too long and the woman who stuck hooks through her neck really disturbed a bunch of folks. I wasn’t one of them, I was able to sit through Mr. Lifto back in the day.

Top Shows of Day 3 – Magpie, UND

Day 3 Gallery will looks from all fashion shows.