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|FAT| 2009 Day 2

I attended [FAT], Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, at the Distillery District last week. It was four days of music, art and fashion. It was a long week, so very long. I thought of bailing on many days of FAT, but I never want to miss any of the fashion shows. It’s always an internal battle.

There are a lot of designers to get through. So most of my reviews will be brief using word association. I’ll expand on a collection when necessary. Each day will get it’s own post.


Amanda Rose – Felt like two collections as the second half of the show turned into jersey lingerie which I didn’t enjoy. I did enjoy the knits and linen pieces.


Cherry Blossom – 80s, Rad Hourani, Rodarte, I really enjoyed the shredded leggings


Romandin by Cristina Sabaiduc – Woven fabrics, rope and dresses with magnets and iron filings details, amazing!


Deadly Nightshades – Cycling theme that fits with their girl gang. Best colour scheme, best use of man meat for the runway.


Paper People Clothing – Drinking and Dreadlocks follow by death and rebirth. I loved the finale to this show. Jennifer comes to revive her dead doppelganger at the end of the runway.


Elizaveta Yankelovich aka Kameleon – larger than life necklaces, pop art


Meet My Art by Baby Steinberg
– True Earth Day collection, recycled materials (plastic, luggage tags, cellphone covers), woven materials


Too Hot Too Wet Too Dangerous by Karey Shinn – Infusing dance and fashion, this show was the showstopper of the week. I was sold when the polar bears came out and started dancing.

Top Shows of Day 2 – Too Hot Too Wet Too Dangerous by Karey Shinn, Paper People Clothing

Day 2 Gallery will complete looks from all fashion shows attended.

All Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got,