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TEFW – Dare To Wear Love Spring 2010

Dare to Wear Love - Pat McDonagh

There are times when I can’t find the words to talk about a topic. It can be a fashion show, event, etc. I end up sitting on the post until it comes to me and that is why this final LG Fashion Week show review on Dare to Wear Love is so late.

Dare to Wear Love - Peach Berserk

The Dare to Wear Love show, full of beautiful fashion, dance and music inspired by Africa. The multi-faceted collaboration is the largest public dare of the SLF’s new fundraising initiative A Dare to Remember. Recently launched, the nationwide initiative challenges Canadians to take on dares of all kinds to raise awareness and funds for the grassroots organizations in Africa that are on the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic.

More than 25 top designers, including Lida Baday, Brian Bailey, Brose, Pam Chorley, Wayne Clark, Comrags, David Dixon, Evan Biddell, Farley Chatto, Greta Constantine, Izzy Camilleri, Linda Lundström, Lucian Matis, Ross Mayer, Jason Meyers, Price Roman, Mercy, Thomas Chung, Ines de Santos, Peach Berserk, Pat McDonagh, Reva Mivasagar and Ula Zukowska, have committed to Hoax Couture’s dare to create luxe gowns made of rich, eye-catching fabrics sourced from African communities who work with the SLF. Each designer will be asked to have their own family, friends and supporters sponsor this dare with the goal of raising $50,000 for the SLF. Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell of Hoax Couture will also personally ask the fashion community to get involved by making a donation to this cause at

Dare to Wear Love - Reva Mivasagar

This was one of my highlights of the week. I was really excited to see what our Canadian designers would create using super colourful African prints. I walked in to find that I was placed in the front row, yay. When I got in the runway room I saw that I was sitting next to Jeanne Beker.   I was a little nervous to say the least but it was all for nothing as Jeanne wasn’t attended. I sat besides David Livingstone from The Star. I crudely introduced myself and told him I was a fan of his work.  Totally lame I know, I didn’t know what to say.  I will say this of David, he has the best “get the hell out of a show fast” technique I’ve ever seen. He gets full kudos for that from me.

Dare to Wear Love - Price Roman

The show started with some words from the Hoax Couture boys and Stephen Lewis followed by a choir. The show started after that. It was one of those designer celeb combos that are so popular at fashion week here.  There were a few models that totally hammed it up on the runway which was hilarious.  I particularly liked Jully Black and Jessi Cruichshank turns down the runway.  Natasha Rose had the most graceful walk as she flawlessly danced down the runway, it was quite beautiful.

Dare to Wear Love - Hoax Couture

25 designers presented their garments and many were true to their style, for example David Dixon, Greta Constantine, Mercy and Evan Biddell. Some designers pushed the boundaries like Izzy Camilleri, Pam Chorley and Comrags (pictured below).

Dare to Wear Love - Izzy Camilleri

Dare to Wear Love - Pam Chorley

Dare to Wear Love - Comrags

I’m bias in my favourite dress because I’m a huge fan of Rose, the model. She looked amazing in Ross Mayer’s creation. I loved the head piece and colours.

Dare to Wear Love - Ross Mayer

Dare to Wear Love - Ross Mayer

Dare to Wear Love - Ross Mayer

We were treated to a drum performance at half time. They had colourful outfits on too.

Dare to Wear Love Drummers

Dare to Wear Love Drummers

All the looks featured will be auctioned off at a later date and the proceeds will goto the Stephen Lewis Foundation. In the meantime you can donate to the cause on the Date to Wear Love website.