Stella McCartney Ready to Wear – Fall 2010

Stella McCartney Ready to Wear - Fall 2010

I don’t normally talk about Stella McCartney on I want – I got but the fall 2010 collection perked my interest. Stella McCartney has always been a collection that I love in person. She’s good but not someone I’ve vocal about.

Stella McCartney Ready to Wear - Fall 2010

That’s changing with Fall 2010. She went very minimal and sleek with the collection but managed to add some details I didn’t expect: sheer organza, paillettes, and embroidery. There are a few misses, I’m not in love with the fuchsia items and some of the jackets just don’t work. Not a fan of the jumpsuit either.

Stella McCartney Ready to Wear - Fall 2010
I’m noticing a trend with what I call the fashion mullet. Yup, that’s right people, it’s the short long dress. I first noticed it when Coco Rocha debuted that dress from her collection. I wasn’t a fan, it was a bit too costumey. I’m not sure I like the trend and I think it might be gaining speed. Stella wins me over with most of her fashion mullet pieces. I think that is what amazes me most about this.


By Anita Clarke

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