TIFF 2010 – Aveda Experience Centre

TIFF 2010 - Aveda Experience Centre

Some people have an immediate positive effect on me that usual end up with me having a huge crush. They can be men and women because it’s about the energy they radiate, the knowledge they hold and most importantly their passion. Ray Civello is one of those people. He is the President of Aveda Canada and has salons, spas and stores across the country.

I visited the new Aveda Experience Centre at 155 Cumberland Avenue. It carries the full range of lifestyle products, makeup, hair and skin care. Aveda is a line that is plant derived and natural. They’ve been around for 30 years and employ the top scientists in plant-based cosmetics to come up with their products. Guests are welcome to complimentary hand and scalp massages and makeup touch-ups. I had a hand massage and it was quite relaxing.

TIFF 2010 - Aveda Experience Centre

“We chose Yorkville because it is the epicentre of errand-running and multi-tasking for busy urbanites; our Experience Centre provides a refuge from the hustle and bustle with an opportunity to be nurtured and revitalized.”, says Ray Civello about the choice of location for this new Experience Centre.

The store is beautiful and uses reclaimed wood from a bowling alley in Toronto and a late 19th century (c.1880) barn in Cleveland. Lighting is stunning and features hand-blown pendants from designer Jeremy Pyles of Niche Modern in New York. They are a focal point hanging from the 14 foot ceilings.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Ray for about 45 minutes about Aveda and its history. I nerded out when he talked about the top scientists and the labs where Aveda formulas are created. I gravitate to smart, engaging people. There is nothing sexier than confidence with the smarts and personality to back it up.

TIFF 2010 - Aveda Experience Centre

Aveda created the TIFF Survival Kit which contains Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate, Hand Relief and Lip Saver, Peppymint for battling long TIFF days and nights. It retails for $39 and it’s a $52 value.

Aveda Experience Gift Bag favourites (These are products I found interesting. In some cases I’ve tried them and in others I’ve excited to try them):

  • Peppymint breath refresher – Place a few drops of this peppermint and anise mixture on your tongue for fresh breath.
  • Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate – Perfect for Blackberry thumb.
  • Hand Relief Moisturizer – This was used during my hand massage. It’s super hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin.
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