Lanvin Spring Summer 2011

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Womens

It seems almost impossible to dislike anything Alber Elbaz touches. The Lanvin woman is a bit softer from spring 2011. The Klingon warrior women from fall 2010 is taking the season off.

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Womens

I’m not salivating over the shoes and jewellery like I normally do. I guess I’m not feeling the butterfly theme. I really like the bags though. They are those small to medium structured handbags that are all over the runways right now.

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Womens

I’m pretty much a sucker for full skirts that billow when you walk. I’m all over anything with movement. It’s dramatic and explains my love of this collection.

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Womens

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Womens

There isn’t any full fashion show videos out yet, but here are a couple to give you a taste


By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog ā€œI want ā€“ I got.ā€ She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.

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  1. I think the collection was pretty nice and i agree that the long skirts looked pretty cool on the runway.

    But I was really DISGUSTED with what the designer did!! What person in there right mind would group the black models at the end? It was definitely not to show ethnicity because the Asian were not thrown at the end! Was the brand making some kind of obnoxious statement like:
    \ There! You wanted black people well there they are!\
    I’m Caucasian and was very disappointed by what Lanvin is representing.

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